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Beachhead - #440 – August 2018

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Beachhead - #437 - May 2018 -

Beachhead - #436 - April 2018 - Venice Black History Continues with the Fight for the Oakwood Church (Jon Wolff); Venice Dogz Threaten to Protest Future "National Chains" on OFW; Photo: Laddie Williams (Margaret Molloy); First Baptist Church: Statement of Significance (Dr. Naomi Nightingale); LETTERS: Obit: Pam Emerson 1942-2018; Two Poems by Pam Emerson; Photos: Brendan Glenn Memorial; March For Our Lives (Henry Rosebuds); Graphic cartoon: Past, Present, & Future of Venice (Jon Wolff); True Fake News (Henry Rosebuds); The Three-Minute Passover Seder (Ron Birnbach); Why I'm Fighting For the First Baptist Church of Venice (Mousie Jr.); Photos: Venice Black History Event (Margaret Molloy); A Man for All Seasonings...Carlos Haro, Jr. (Suzy Williams); Photo: Women's Day Celebration (Jim Smith); Art: International Women's Day; Ad: Moonlight Glass of Venice; Graphic cartoon: Snapchat pissed down the drain (Jon Wolff); Snapchat sublease properties; Photo: Free Venice Beachhead Collective, 1979;

  • POETRY: Still I Rise (Maya Angelou); Aint I A Woman? (Sojourner Truth); Ode to Moe Stavnezer (Emily Winters); friendly (alan rodman); can't laugh anymore (alan rodman); Two Lovers (Majid Naficky); Down and Out in Venice (marty liboff); The Great Wall (Moishe Smecklehead);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque, Laughtears, The Unurban Coffeehouse; LA Louver; Ongoing Events; Location Guide; Community Forum: Health & Safety; Photo & Quote: Tom Morello; Ad: Venice Domains For Sale; Los Angeles Tenants Union; Back page: Photo: Commemoration of Venice Japanese American Memorial Monument; VJAMM Fundraiser at Hama Sushi; Ads: Well Baby Center; Larry Hankin: How To Be Homeless Show at Fanatic Salon; Magickal Mystery Tour Through Spirituality Art Show at Safe Place for Youth (SPY)


Beachhead - #435 - March 2018 - Snapchat Moving!!!; VNC Logo Contest Entries; Venice Black History and the Oakwood Church (Jon Wolff); Graphic: Venice Dogz Logo (Mike Bravo); LETTERS: Dear Mike Bonin & Tricia (A Concerned Citizen); Snapchat Thornton Lots for Sublease; Sustainers; Mr. Venice Sez...; Beachhead Bash (Lisa Robins); Photo: Sam Clay & Suzy Williams (Margaret Molloy); Ad: Folkroots Festival; Political cartoon: Evan Spiegel Spoof (Jon Wolff); LETTER: Susan Weinberg watercolors (Steve Weinberg); Venice Japanese American Memorial Monument (Phyllis Hayashibara); Phillip Melnick - Presente (Jim Smith); all you need (Shep Stern); Photos: Beachhead Fundraiser Party at Beyond Baroque (Margaret Molloy); Poster: I Stand With Emma; Poem: Percy Blythe Shelley; Ad: Sam Clay Design & Construction;

  • POETRY: careful wish (alan rodman); Pop at P.O.P. (Alan Rodman); Curse the Gun! The Empty Place of Eddie (Majid Naficy); I Love My Gun (Moishe Mishehgoss); Pro-Lives (Hal Bogotch); Venice Is My Kind Of Town (marty liboff);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque; Laughtears; The Unurban Coffeehouse; Venice Local Coastal Program: Sea Level Rise Planning; Photo: Black History Display Case at Venice Library; Mystic Journey Bookstore: Mikaela Jones: Book of Light; Ongoing Events; Location Guide; Silver Anniversary of LA Women's Theater Festival; Venice Art Crawl Honors Legendary Women; Back page: Photos of OFW: What will happen to these properties now that Snapchat is Leaving?

Beachhead - #434 - February 2018 - The Love for the Oakwood Church Continues (Jon Wolff); Venice Valentine (Lisa Robins); Jerde leaving Venice! Snapchat Moving in?; LETTERS: Pollution (Teresa L. Mason); Beachhead Sustainer Check for $100 (Steve Effington & Tina Morehead); Graphic cartoon: 4 out of 5...(Jon Wolff); The Crowd at the Women's Revolution (Henry Rosebuds); The Hack Living in Your Car (Pat Raphael); Poster reprints from Center for the Study of Political Graphics; Mr. Venice Sez....Beachhead Fundraiser at Beyond Baroque; In Memoriam: Community Activist Roxanne P. Brown; Poem: "Promise" (Jonny2Tumt); Valentine's Day Mixtape (Eric Alberg); One More from The Heart (Larry Hankin); Ten Things to Hate About Love (Ron Birnbach); Ads: GreenSceneGardens; RevLIFE: Plant Based Living;

  • POETRY: In the Age of Trumpism (B.B. Shapiro); Fog One Morning (Eva Duran); California Here I come! (marty liboff); untitled (Hafiz); 4 Poems by Rumi; Aloha Hawaii (Moishe Shmuck); be most free (P. & A. Rodman Hirsch); Questions (marty liboff);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque; Laughtears; The Unurban Coffeehouse; LA Poet Society & Soapbox Poets Anthology Party; The Love Uninhibited Orchestra; Ongoing Events; Location Guide; LA Louver; Back page: Valentine's Day valentines

Beachhead - #433 - January 2018 - The Fight for the Oakwood Church Continues (Jon Wolff); In Memoriam: Moe Stavnezer (Arnold Springer); March for Humanity on MLK's Birthday!; Photo: Oakwood Community Church Supporters (Margaret Molloy); Letters: Local Businesses to Save the Beachhead (Pat Raphael); A peeve or Two (Ted Wray); SPY Break-in (Alison Hurst); Factchecking (Kevin Keresey); Beachhead Sustainers; Draining Ballona Wetlands Stopped by Coastal Commission (John Davis); Graphic cartoon: What Does Venice Think of Snapchat? (Jon Wolff); The Trans-National Alliance Constitution (Pat Raphael); Tacos Por Favor (Docta Eatz); Saving Our Urban Forest (Shep Stern); 20 Reasons Why Snapchat Is Just Not Cool At All: Photo: Benches on OFW; Full Page Commemoration for Moe Stavnezer, Activist and Former Beachhead Collective member; Moe Stavnezer, Your Spirit Is Free (Olga Palo); Al Franken Post Mortem (Lisa Robins); Legalized it: Happy CAnnabis Diy! (Henry Rosebuds); Ads: Hoagie's; GreenSceneGardens;

  • POETRY: A Shopping We Will Go (marty liboff); Happy New Year Fear (marty liboff); everybody's faking (rex butters); some tell (alan rodman); Trees (Joyce Kilmer); step lightly (alan rodman); Azad in Dubai (Majid Naficy);
  • Calendar: Beyond Baroque; Laughtears; The Unurban Coffeehouse; Mystic Journey Reading: Krista Schwimmers; Stop Senoir Scams Acting Program; Ongoing Events; Location Guide; LA Louver; Back page: Poster: Sanctuary Everywhere (American Friends Service Committee)


Beachhead - #432 - December 2017 - The Fight for the Oakwood First Baptist Church; Photo: Save Oakwood History!; Ocean Front Walk artists speak out against Snapchat; SPY Holiday Report (Lisa Robins); LETTERS: Beach Bathrooms Curfew Law (Marty); Ten Things To Be Thankful For in Venice (Ron Birnbach); Beachhead Sustainers; Graphic cartoon: When Snapchat Goes Bankrupt (Jon Wolff); Mining the States of City Minds: 11 (John O'Kane); How to Help the Homeless (reprint: Venice Paparazzi); "Reach Higher. Reach for your Spirit." (Fehmi Yildirim); Photo: Venice Beach Poets Monument; Missed Opportunities: Youth Homelessness in Venice; Ads: Hoagie's; GreenSceneGardens;

  • POETRY: Untitled (Rumi); You Be the Judge (P.S. Barber); Exstinktion (marty liboff); Thus Spoke the Poet (Majid Naficy); Rumi's Seven Pieces of Advice; we asked that king (alan rodman); a leaf a bird p&a (alan paula rodman); Go Ask Alice (marty liboff); The 12 Daze of a Trumped Up Christmas (Moishe Cockamoon);
  • SPARC: To Protect & Serve? 5 Decades of Posters Protesting Police Violence; Calendar: Beyond Baroque; Laughtears; the Unurban Coffeehouse; Ongoing Events; Review: Only In Venice: A documentary album; Notes about "Venice Beach is not a Campus" (Rob Mullins); In Memory of "Gene Griffith" (submitted by his pal Sam); Back page: Poems from SPYZine (Safe Place for Youth kids)

Beachhead - #431 - November 2017 - #EvictSnapchat; VDP Housing Project Implementation of HDD (Lisa Robins); Lies and More Lies...What Is This Bonin Recall about? (Suzanne Thompson); LETTERS: First Baptist Church (Laddie Williams); Plans to Demolish Santa Monica HS (Marty Liboff); Loves Beachhead (Karen Jones); Take a knee for Justice, Take a knee for Peace (David Silva); It's My Hat! (Tony Mac); Update on the Carl Lambert Problem; Graphic cartoon: GhostAway (Jon Wolff); To Tweak or Not to Tweak (Pat Raphael); Burned by Burns (Marty Liboff); Ad: Consultant, Dr. Bradley Bobbs; Private Flood Control Called Public Wetlands Restoration (John Davis); Ads: Hoagie's; GreenSceneGardens; Black History Photo Exhibit with Focus on Venice Families, The First Baptist Church of Venice; Reprint: LA Times: It's Been 70 Years Since Anaheim Booted Clan; Arthur Reese: The Wizard of Venice; Reprint: LA Times: An Intimate Look at Oakwood History;

  • POETRY: Word to MNM (Hal Bogotch); Imposing Democracy (Mark Lippman); Tomorrow May Never Come; A Broken down Old Man (Marty Liboff); From the Lord Byron Apartments (Roger Houston); cat is the gift (alan rodman);
  • Ad: Tarot with Krista schmimmer and Michael Wamback; Calendar; Ongoing Events; Moby Dick Beach Reading; Back page: Poster Collage; Ad: Nutritional Warehouse

Beachhead - #430 - October 2017 - Snapchat Report (Jon Wolff); Venice High School Students: Under Siege (P.S. Barber); VNC Owned; LETTERS: I Can Hear You (Deborah Thomas); Seeking New Home for the Freakshow (Emily S.); Graphic cartoon: The People chase Snapchat far away (Jon Wolff); Meet Musashi: A Japanese Samurai Peacewalker (Logan Mote, Eartheart); 1000 Cranes Presented Between Japanese American and Muslim American Community; Give Us Your Books (Pat Raphael);

  • POETRY: This Paper Is A Poem: Your Life The Beautiful Gift; The Strength of a Woman; The Poet Speaks (Deborah S. Thomas); Untitled (Roger Houston); Place; Extinguish (S.A. Gerber); Poetry (marty liboff); Friday Mornings at Venice Beach (Moishe Putz); Noah's Ark: An Allegory for our time (B.B. Shapiro);
  • Art: Two Drawings by Deborah S. Thomas); Calendar; Location Guide; Ongoing Events; Hearing October 6 - Beach Curfew (Mike Bonin); Free event: Robert Scheer with Jere Van Dyck; Join the Los Angeles Tenant Union!; Back page: Photos: We Love the Abbot Kinney Festival!!! (Eric Alberg)

Beachhead - #429 - September 2017 - Venice Tenants Unite! (Mairym Llorens y Jon Wolff); Photo: Venice stepping up and out to oppose fascists (Margaret Molloy); LETTERS: Snap Out Of It! (Marty Liboff); Anti-Megan Cox article (Ian McIlvane, B. Meade); West Nile disease (Jerome P. Helman,); Rebuttal (John Davis); Free Legal Housing Clinic; Transcription: Abbot Kinney's Ghost meets Snapchat's Ghost; Can Venice hold onto its Magic? (Boyce Buchanan); Graphic cartoon: Snapchat Bottom's Out (Jon Wolff); Venice High School Teacher's Statement Against Fascism; Ad: Hoagie's; Graphics" The Road to Youth Homelessness, The Stats on the Homeless, The Real Costs of Homelessness; EMBARGO: A Film by Jeri Rice; Biological Weapons Prohibition a Joke (Janet Phelan); Ad: Nutritional Warehouse;

  • POETRY: Once Upon a Time (Marty Liboff); Diarrhea from Trump and North Korea (Marty Liboff); Women's Lib = Men's Peeve (B.B. Shapiro); unappetizer (alan rodman); snacking on mackerel (alan rodman); Ocean Avenue, Fall, 1977 (David Fewster);
  • Calendar; Worldwide General Strike Sept.17th (Adbusters); Kick-off for Judy Branfman's Documentary; Public Work's Improv: Anna Broome; Affordable Housing and Rent America's only true economic problem (Phil Ghee); Ongoing Events; Sara Omari's column; Back page: Poster: Abbot Kinney Festival

Beachhead - #428 - August 2017 - Art:: Venice Canals Painting: Frank Strasser; Would violence push Snap out of Venice? (Megan Cox); The Architects Have A Bad Day (Jon Wolff); A Long Kiss Goodbye...(Frank Strasser; LETTERS: "Lit Show" (Emily Winters); 60's over (D. Schraier); Rebuttal (Not-the-editor, Eric Alberg); Ad: Mr. Venice sez....; Graphic cartoon: Inside Snapchat HQ (Jon Wolff); Red pill or Blue pill? (Pat Raphael); Fish and Wildlife versus Coastal Commission (John Davis); Review: "Rhinoceros" at Pacific Resident Theater (Suzy Williams); Fighting Fleas and Ants (Eric Alberg); Ads: Nutritional Warehouse, Steak & Hoagie Company; Tribute: Suzy Williams & Brad Kay: The Lit Show: Songs by Literary Lions; Photo: Pink Bromeliad (Eric Alberg); Painting: K. Wolff; Pandemonium at Beyond Baroque (Lisa Robins);

  • POETRY: By the Polluted Sea (Marty Liboff); Trump Ideology (B.B. Shapiro); The Blind Man and the Anosmati (Majid Naficy); Untitled (Roger Houston); Enlightenment (Marty Liboff); I Do Not Write Poetry for Eternity (Majid Naficy);
  • Beyond Baroque & UnUrban Calendar; Maureen Cotter's 13th One-Woman Show; Ongoing Events; Ad: Venice "Now & Then Art Show; Back page: Poster: Venice Beach Music Fest

Beachhead -#427 - July 2017 - Photo collage: Summer Fun in Venice, Snap Map and greed in Venice; Heroes At Spy (Lisa Robins); The Carl Lambert Problem (Jon Wolff); LETTERS: Against SPY (Neighbors of Safe Place for Youth); Rebuttal (Not-the-editor, Eric Alberg); Ad: Mr. Venice sez...Support Your Beachhead; Abbot's Habit - Goodbye Party (C.J. Gronner); Neptune Festival On Venice Beach (C.J. Gronner); The Venice/Dell/Pacific Housing Project (Marty Liboff); Chart: Snap Corporate Office Properties; Playa Del Rey Gas Storage Facility is a hazardous threat (John Davis); Photos: Neptune Festival (Paul Gronner); Map: Confirmed Snap Inc. Properties; Ads: GreenSceneGardens; Dale Newman Landscape Design; Bruce Langhorne's Memorial (Suzy Williams); In Memoriam: Bonnie Yvonne Modugno; Walter "Dutch" Heilman; Ads: Nutritional Warehouse, The Great Western Steak & Hoagie Company;

  • POETRY: A Final Order of Removal (Moishe Kibbitizer); The Donald Trump Club March (Moishe Fahcocktah); Untitled (Roger Houston); A Good Death (the human); Darkness Matters (Hal Bogotch); porcine perspectives (alan rodman); forget it (alan rodman);
  • Beyond Baroque Calendar; Ongoing Events; From SPARC; Sara Omari column; Location Guide; Back page: Poster: The Fall of Snapchat (Jon Wolff)

Beachhead - #426 - June 2017 - A Death in Venice (P.S. Barber); John Reed's Glass Windows (Jon Wolff); Safe Place for Youth "Heroes" Gala (Lisa Robins); Beachhead Collective Staff; Beachhead Sustainers; LETTERS: untitled (not the editor); Election of Donald Trump Heralds the Arrival of the TNA (Pat Raphael); untitled (Sara Omari); Cartoon: Tami Pardee (Jon Wolff); Lincoln Place Stalwart Carol Beck Dies (Jim Smith); Photo: Carol Beck; The Sunshine Maker, Nick Sand Dies (Jim Smith); Pano Left Us, But He Lives On (Greta Cobar); Painting: Pano Douvos (artist and subject); Photo: Pano Douvos with brother, Angelo, in 2013 (Greta Cobar); Photo: Pano at his own memorial (Greta Cobar); Cartoon: anti-Snapchat (Jon Wolff);

  • POETRY: Unfadeable to the Ignorance (Mike Sonksen); The Candle and Shooting Stars (Larry Li); The Din from my Den (Mira Wlider); Sandy (William Moore); Child of the Ride (Joanna Silva); oh you (Alan Rodman); Nothing Can (Miro Wilder); We Serve Our Watch in Silence (Roger Houston);
  • Calendar; Back Page: Photos: Venice Spring Fling (Eric Ahlberg)

Beachhead – #425 -- May 2017 - VJAMM: It's finally here! (Alice Stek); There's a Monolith at Venice and Lincoln (Jim Smith); Photo of monument (Margaret Molloy); Drawing of Trump (Gerta Lind); Presidential Peter Principle (P.S. Barber); Beachhead Collective Staff; Beachhead Sustainers; LETTERS: Untitled (Yasmin Solomon); Snap employees! How can you sleep at night? (unsigned); Untitled (Sara Omari); untitled (AAW); Cartoon: The Adventures of Techie Timmy (Jon Wolff); Melissa Diner Is Open For Business (unsigned); Actor's Gang Harlequino: On to Freedom (Lisa Robins); VNC Public Safeety Townhall (Matt Kline); Photo: Freak Show; Allan Holdsworth Report (Gerry Fialka); Photos from the Dedication Ceremony of the Venice Japanese American Memorial Monument (Margaret Molloy);

  • POETRY: The Son's Proof (Majid Naficy); noting nothing (Alan Rodman); What is America to Me? (Kyana Morgan); Song of the Times (Marty Liboff); Marching in Lines (Marty Liboff); Venice By The Sea (Mike Sonksen); War Pigs 2 (Moishe Tochis); once sigh (Alan Rodman);The silence gently whispers in the dark (Roger Houston);
  • Photo: ??; Drawing: Venice Triumphant (Jon Wolff); Calendar; We Love the Unurban Cafe (Phil Kimball) Photo: ??; Back Page: Venice Spring Fling

Beachhead #425 - April 2017 - VJAMM (Venice Japanese American Memorial Monument) Dedication Ceremony; Black Legacies of Venice Ignored: City Letting Historic Irvin Tabor Family Compound Be Destroyed; Letters: Elderly Assisted Living - Marty Liboff; Letter to California Coastal Commission - Judy Esposito; Eric Darling Resigns from the VNC; Photo: The Arts and Cultural Bridge Foundation's International Women's Day Celebration at Beyond Baroque; David Busch on his Fast For Venice; Political cartoon: Snapchat Meets Its Neighbors (Jon Wolff); Chart: Venice Lobbyist $ & Influence; If George Francisco Could Speak (Jon Wolff); Poem (Von Paul); Africa Agonistes (P.S. Barber); Venice-Dell-Pacific Planning; Chagall Evicted From Venice (Marty Liboff); POTUS's Forward to "The Art Of The Lie" (Larry Hankin); Theater Review: Harlequino: On to Freedom (Lisa Robbins);

  • POETRY: Fabric Cocoon (Dee Allen); untitled (Majid Naficy); get ready because tomorrow (Alan Rodman); Psalm Isadora Tribute (Vessy Mink); Venice: A Hippie Seadna (G.K. Spain); Feed (Dee Allen); Better Days (Marty Liboff); Casualty (Lynette);
  • Community Calendar; Ads: Hoagie's; Nutritional Warehouse; The Chambers Brothers; VJAMM: Supporters and Major Donors; VJAMM Fundraiser at Hama Sushi; DiS ARM: California African American Museum; Back page: Photos: Art Exhibit: Peter Carr: Pioneer of Protest (Eric Alberg); Photos: Dogtown Z-Boys, Venice Surfers, and Artists hold benefit for Alliance Morgan McKinzie High School's arts program

Beachhead #424 - March 2017 - Save Venice! Get Out Snapchat!; Manifesto Against Snapchat; Are We At War Yet?: Interview with Native Venetian Sky (Jon Wolff); Cartoon: Venice Gives Snapchat the Boot; Photo: Evict Snapchat! (Margaret Molloy); The Evil in the World: High School Rants of Presidential Advisor Steven Miller (Winston O'Boogie); Beachhead Collective Revival; Political cartoon: Jim Morrison Returns to Venice in 2017 (Jon Wolff); Photos, Article: Dedication of Venice Japanese-American Memorial Monument planned for April 27th (Phyllis Hayashibara); It's me again, Sara Omari; In Memoriam: Joshua Patrick Wells; Community Calendar; Voice in the Well; Ads: Hoagie's; Nutritional Warehouse;

  • POETRY: Pointless (Rachel Michelle); Act Now (Alan Rodman); Art Is More Important Than Math (Kristine Gloviak); A short history of our times (Jim Smith); the Time (Joanna Silver); lunatics have taken over (Alan Rodman); Venice Is My Kind Of Town (Marty Liboff); Make Love (Moishe Shlemiel);
  • Ongoing Events; Ad: International Women's Day at Beyond Baroque; Photos: Venice Locals Expressing their opinions about snapchat (Margaret Molloy)

Beachhead #423 - February 2017 - Photo: Wavecrest Art Tile; Bonin's Ballona Bid (John Davis); Ikeya-Seki (Helene Wolff); Save Dogtown! Get Out Snapchat! (Mark Rago); Letters; Oppressing Homeless (Church Without Walls); Fake News Story: Mark Ryavec; Graphic: New Businesses on Abbot Kinney (Jon Wolff); Election Hell (Eric Alberg); Old Ocean Park (Marty Liboff); Sara Omari Column; Graphic: The Last Man Standing (Jon Wolff); Ad: Parenthood is a journey (Well Baby Center); Photo: Wavecrest Mural; Calendar; unurban cafe; Love Song Sing-along; Ads: Nutirional Warehouse, Hoagie's ; Ongoing Events;

  • POETRY: In a Rain of Califa (im.human); Words Wanted (Kristine Gloviak); venice is (alan rodman); for the Deeds of Men Live on (Mark Lipman); a word (alan rodman);
  • Back Page: Photo collage of Women's Day March (Eric Alberg)

Beachhead - January 2017 (no paper)



Beachhead #422 - December 2016 - Feed The People Turns Three (Eleuterio Navarro); A Memorial Tale of Venice (Marty Liboff); CHANGES (Jon Wolff); Letters; LA Settles Brendon Glenn Lawsuit; Venice BID approved by LA City Council; Letters: Planning Commission Denies Project; Graph: Homelessness Increase in Downtown LA; Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying, and Love the Nazis in Venice; Graphic: No More Tax Breaks for Corporate Panhandlers (Jon Wolff); The End of the World (Moishe Farblondjet); The Election From Hell (Eric Alberg); Code Enforcement Sweeps (Jim Smith); Graphic: Celebrate Venice (Jon Wolff); City Council Seats; Listen Up, "Eliterati" - Venice Residents Hire Law Firm (Imagine Venice); The New Venice (Imagine Venice); Long-term Prospect for Venice Property not so good (Guillermo Gomez-Pena); Memoriam: Iadollah Salarvand; Snapchat Buzzkill (Bryan Brogers); Ad: Well Baby Center; Graphic: USA Map of Republican Gerrymandering; Book Review: Get Lit Rising;

  • POETRY: untitled (Rhianna McGavin); The Negro Brother (Walter Finnie Jr.); Islands Adrift (Nick "Muay" Sena); Right of Way (Majid Naficy); who lives (Alan Rodman); That November Night (s.d.fletcher); Photo: She Never Looked Nice...; The Yellow River (I.P. Freely); I Should Fall (Rachel Robinson); Playing At Bridge With A Wall-Builder (Hal Bogotch); untitled (Roger Houston); Money at War on Worldwide News (Kristine Gloviak);
  • Calendar; Answer LA: Street Protest & March; Event: Orson Bean: A Christmas Carol; Event: Opening JFS; Ongoing Events; Holiday Season: Moonlight Glass; The Vitals Machine (Sara Omari); Back Page: Assorted Images: Feed the People; The Resistance; Stop the "Alt-Right"

Beachhead #421 - November 2016 - #NOVENICEBID; Update on Westminster Storage Facility (Jon Wolff); Presidential Election Analysis (Joe Delaplaine); Well Baby Center (Barbara A. Mastej); The State of the Beachhead (Not the Editor); Graphic: BID Wars (Jon Wolff); Stop the BID: What Can I Do?; The Peace and Freedom Party on State Propositions; LA County Measures; Photo: Painting of Deborah Groening (Barbara A. Mastej); Election Hell (Eric Alberg); The Journey to the Jerusalem Prayer Project; Photo: Stephen Longfellow Fiske; New Homeless Program with Proven Track Record Comes to Venice; Graphic: Ending Homelessness; Ad: Well Baby Center; Ad: Moby Dick Reading; Calendar; Family Connect Day; Ongoing Events;

  • POETRY: Let's Blow the Whole World Up! (Marty Liboff); Trigger Warning - Words! (C. Rules); I was sad.2 (Alan Rodman); let it drop (Alan Rodman); Back Page: Assorted Images: #NODAPL; Water Is Life; Pussie Against Trump; Get Out of Dogtown; Paintings: Gobble Venice, Snatchthat (Barbara A. Mastej)

Beachhead #420 - October 2016 - Photo: Venice Beach Sunset; Opposing the BID Round 2; The Theft of a Community (Mark Lipman); The Homelessness Meetings Continue (Jon Wolff); Vote November 8! (Alice Stek and Joe Delaplaine); Editorial: Why Oppose the BID?; What is a BID?; What Do BIDS Do?; Quote: Max Rivlin-Nadler; Timeline: The Path to the Venice BID; Graphic: Smash the System (Jon Wolff); By The Side Of The Road (Mary Getlein); Venice Crossword #1; Photo: Venice Monsters; Jon Wolff Graphics Potpurri; Full page Poster: Yes, We Can!; Venice Japanese American Memorial Monument - Moving Forward; Photos: VJAMM obelisk being polished; 2016 International Latino Book Award: The Border Crossed Us; Poetry: Assignment of Meaning (Rachel Wolfe); Holding to Still (Rachael Wolfe); Houseless in Venice (Maraty Liboff); Ocean Photos (Rachel Wolfe);

  • POETRY: don't fold (Alan Rodman); Sunset Strip (Chas Jackson); blood and sand and sunsets (Alan Rodman); This Is The End My Friend (Marty Liboff); rustic (Alan Rodman); Vintage Menu: Lafayette Coffee Shop; Calendar; Folkworks Folk/Root Festival; Ads: Nutritional Warehouse, Steak&Hoagie Company; Ongoing Events; Unurban Coffeehouse; Laundry Love Venice; Mystic Journey Bookstore Event with Krista Schwimmer;
  • Back Page: Poster: Solidarity With Standing Rock

Beachhead #419 - September 2016 - Photo: Cornerstone Theatre Company: Ghost Town; Venice BID Reset by the City Clerk; The Short Version of the Homeless Committee Meeting (Jon Wolff); Letter to VNC from Carol Sobel; Photo: Join the Beachead Distribution Team, Letter: Bemoaning Beachhead Possible Demise - Marty Liboff; Graphic: Neptune (Jon Wolff); Not the Editor's Note: Beachhead Disclaimer; Photo: 2016 KPFK Elections; Review of Maureen Cotter's "In the Beginning" (CJ Gronner); Photos: Maureen Cotter (CJ Gronner); Ad: GreenSceneGardens; Pre-fab Development disaster on Brooks;

  • POETRY: We Are Trepassing On Indian Land (Marty Liboff);The First Things I Remember (Mary Getlein); "Hollywood users usually win" (Kristine Gloviak);
  • Photos (Cornerstone Theatre); Photo: Shame on Lighthouse Brooks LLC; Photo: Memorial (#justice4jascentjamalwarren); Event: Los de Abajo Printmaking Collective; Ad: Jazz@Lincoln Place; Beyond Baroque Calendar; Ads: Laundry Love Venice; Pacific Resident Theater; LA Louver Gallery, G2 Gallery; Ongoing Events; Photos: ellyn&robbie, Skywriting with Glitter; Ellyn and Robbie's CD Release party; Photos: Cafe Fifties Signs from Patrons; Back page: Poster: Abbot Kinney Festival

Beachhead #418 - August 2016 - A Guide to Stopping the Business Improvement District; Photo: OFW; Notes from the Neighborhood Meeting Against the BID; Beachhead Call For Involvement; Warning: Impound; The Theory of Evolution Is False (Jon Wolff); Graphic: Wanted:Carl "The Leach" Lambert (Jon Wolff); Graphic: Venice Secession (Jon Wolff); What Are BIDs?; Form Letter to Mike Bonin; Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign; Sample Letter To Oppose the BID; Listen! Really Loud Alarm Bell! The BID is Coming (; Graphic: Venice, Home; Running VenICE (ICE); Photo: ICE with Endangered Species Mural (M. Saffron); Map: Proposed Venice BID; Photo: UFO's; "40 mgs. of bliss" review (Minister Saffron); Graphics: Homeless Bill of Rights, Poverty Laws; Book Excerpt: Eli Elliot's "You Can Check Out"; Ad: Poetry Book: Jim Smith's "If The Dead Had Email";

  • POETRY: Venice, Yes! (Jim Smith); untitled (Emma Lazarus); Lost (Marika); Mothers Are Cryin (Marty Liboff);
  • Graphic: Dignity WIthout Bigotry (Ronnie Goodman); Beyond Baroque Calendar; Event: Ron Kovic and Roberts Scheer in Conversation; Photos: GhostTown (Eric Alberg); Ongoing Events; Sara Omari column; LCP Public Meeting; Back page: Poster: Venice Beach Music Fest

Beachhead #417 - July 2016 - Chamber of Commerce Trumps Venice; Serial Violators on VNC's Newly Elected Board; Graphic: Peace Is Matriotic; Time for a Vexit from our Overlords (Jim Smith); Election Graphic: Word Cloud; Editorial: Free Beer; Photo: Farewell to Allan's Aquarium; Graphic: Venice Gentrification Council (Jon Wolff); Pjoto: Campaign Platform for Pro-Business Slate; Ad: Ilana Marcosi; Community Activist Petition to Oppose Business Improvement District; VNC Election Collection; Canvas of Official Votes; Photos: Electric Light Parade; Bicycle Safety; Hinano Cafe is a Venice Institution; Photos: Hinano Cafe (Carol Gronner, Minister Saffron); The Beachhead Burger (M. Saffron); "Miracle Salve" Review (M. Saffron); Graphic: Scooby-Doo; Drama Review: A Wilted Mint Julep (Suzy Williams); A View From The Bottom (Pat Raphael); Photo: Ibrahim Butler; Photo: Grafitti: Gentrification in Progress;

  • POETRY: haiku (Devakinanda Das); Bang-Bang You're Dead! (Marty Liboff); Peace Is Crying (Marty Noel-Nivoli); I (Mary Getlein); The President's Women (Tina Catalina Corcoran);
  • Community Calendar; Beyond Baroque Events; Laundry Love Venice Beach; Citation Free Clinic; Art Exhibit and Sale; Lit Show; Ongoing Events; Sara Omari; Seeking Long-Term Solutions for Short-term Rentals; Ad: Steak&Hoagie Company; Back Page: Poster: If You Give Me A Fish....

Beachhead #416 - June 2016 - VNC Election; California Sued for Draining Ballona Wetlands (John Davis); My VNC President Candidacy (Lydia Ponce); The Sky Is Not Falling (Robin Rudisill; Letters; Graphic: Venice Tenants Unite (Jon Wolff); Propaganda 101 (Jon Wolff); Repeal The 80% Tax Break (Mark Lipman); Venice Spirit of Life: Cosmo Goffredo (Paul Tanck); A View From The Bottom (Pat Raphael); Graphic: Klik House Architects (Jon Wolff); Glow Flow: Light Artist (Bianca Ernano); Photos (Bryan Lyles); Crossword: Munchimonster; Will Venice Ever Be Shangri-La? (Mark Saffron); Welcome Back! Sara Omari; VNC Elections Campaign; Food Truck Review (M. Saffron); Occupy Venice Interview with Mike Chamness;

  • POETRY; i am here (Mary Getlein); The Death of Venice (Blake Abramovitz); [morning melody] (Yuan Changming); To Reach Venice Beach (Marty Liboff); Ode To The Rectum (Carol Easton);
  • Community Calendar, Ongoing Events; Back Page: Stop Gentrifying Venice Photo Collage (Mike Chamness)

Beachhead #415 - May 2016 - Motorhome Destroyed By Suspicious FIre; Photos (Molli Cody, Margaret Molloy); We Need an Interim Control Ordinance (Lydia Ponce); Business as Usual (Mark Lipman); Under Our Collective Shadow The Unhoused Sleep (Krista Schwimmer); Letters, Beachhead Sustainers, Beachhead Submissions; A View From The Bottom (Pat Raphael); 1969 and 2016 (Jon Wolff); Graphic: Tami Pardee (Jon Wolff); The Aliens Have Landed (Eino HIll); Whole FOods: A Snake in the Wheatgrass (Min. Saffron); Judge Garland Stumbles Over The Venice Post Office (Jim Smith); Graphic: Popular Resistance (Jon Wolff); Green Fences (Minister Saffron); Photo: Butterfly Mural (Krista Schwimmer); Graphic: Homage to Prince (Audrey McNamara); Tribute: Venice Beach Angel "Frankie"; Tribute: Robert Clifton Burket; Ads: Creative Learning Preschool, Mystic Raven; Roofless TV; Painting (Mark Lipman); Ad: Mark Lipman for VNC VP; Book Signing: Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.; Announcement: Venice Art Block; Review: Flaked (Eric Alberg); Ad: Trading Post Liquor;

  • POETRY; Adoption (Mary Getlein); Venice, CA 90291 (Jim Smith); dollar daze (c. purein); Until It is DOne (Mark Lipman); The Future Man (c. purein); A Perfect Balance (Chaya Silberstein);
  • Community Calendar; Ads: Westside Tenants Union, Art in the Afternoon, GreenSceneGardens, Steak&Hoagie Company, Nutritional Warehouse; Ongoing Events; Exhibition: Too Hot to Handle; Back Page Poster: Venice Spring Fling

Beachhead #414 - April 2016 - You Can't Fool Venice; Change is Coming: Tenants Unite (Mark Lipman); April's Fools Quiz (Roxanne Brown); It Matters (Jon Wolff); Graphic: Housing Is A Human Right (Jon Wolff); Ad: Westside Tenants Union; Letters; Beachhead Sustainers; Local Psycho Predicts Future; Graphic: Carl Lambert (Jon Wolff); A View From the Bottom (Pat Raphael); Crossword (Jon WOlff); Japanese American Memorial Monument (Phyllis Hayashibara); Fundraiser at Hama Sushi; Photo: Proposed Japanese Monument; Photo: Street Art (Krista Schwimmer); Photos: Ayotzinapa Exhibition; Ad: Roofless TV; Graphic: Peacecmaker; Photo: Street Art (Krista Schwimmer); Crossword: Munchimonster; Poster: Power to the People! Bernie For President (Earl Newman); Film Review: North Starr (Matthew T. Stanton); Dear Dr. Karma; Ad: Trading Post Liquor; Book Review: You Can Check Out, by Eli Elliott (Min. Saffron); Graphic: Authority of the Sovereign (Daniel G.); Graphic: Burgled (Jon Wolff); Community Calendar; Ongoing Events;

  • POETRY: City Lights Hymn to the Homeless (Suzanne Verdal); Dump the Drumph (Moishe Specklehead); Photo: Fuck Trump Grafitti; September 1, 1939 (W.H. Auden); Sweet Suicide Serenade (Marty Liboff);
  • Back Page: Venice Coalition Lawsuit; Save Venice Community Event

Beachhead #413 - March 2016 - Graphic: Venice, Mother of Art, Music, Poetry (Jon Wolff); That Special Place In Hell On Sexism and the Rsace for the Presidency (Krista Schwimmer); Mike's Big Headline (Mark Lipman); Coastal Commission: Gov. Jerry Brown's Legacy Drowned (Roxanne Brown); Letters; Bayard Johnson Crosses Over (Greg Foisie); Graphic: Fartee Properties (Jon Wolff); Krista's Mini's; Two Cat Paintings (Mary Getlein); Crossword: Munchimonster's; Photo: No More McMansions; Two More Cat Paintings (Mary Getlein); Did You Know? (Jon Wolff); Book Review: Room, by Emma Donoghue (Mary Getlein); Community Calendar; Ongoing Events; Ad: Trading Post Liquor;

  • POETRY: Hello From Venice Beach (Marty Liboff); The Siren Song - in the key of D (Tina Catalina Corcoran); untitled (Kaysang; "In the Beginning" (Grace Downing); Our Own Vermont (Ivan Smason); Mantra (Lynette); Unbridled Joy (Lynette);
  • Back Page: Help Elena Popp: Fighting Evictions; Basta De Dasalojos

Beachhead #412 - February 2016 - Connecting Communities: VNC Comunity Bridges Initiative; Mobilize to Stop the TPP (Anthony Castillo); Gjusta Continuance, Venice Art Crawl, Vandalism (Roxanne Brown); Letters; New World Agreement; Graphic: Beachhead Sustainer; Graphic: Garcetti (Jon Wolff); Ending Police Brutality (Michael Wambeck); My World Race in America (Ronald K. McKinley); Violence (Jon WOlff); Mining the States of CIty Minds: 2 (John O'Kane); Graphic: Gentrification (Jon Wolff); Passings: Carter Riley Irwin (Krista Schwimmer); Silicon Beach Restrictions FInally In Court (John Davis); Photo: Snowy Egret (Krista Schwimmer); Danny Brookman: Fighting to Make a Difference; Photos; Danny Brookman; Crossword: Munchimonster; Ads: Mystic Raven, Creative Learning Preschool; Logan Mote: Peacewalker; Ayotzinapa: A Roar of Silence; Where Are the New Young Dudes/Glitter Kids? (Anthony Castillo); Ad: Trading Post Liquor;

  • POETRY: Winter in Venice, 2016 (Mary Getlein); The Rottenness of the Poetry Business (David Fewster); Snaggletooth's At Abbot's Habit (David Fewster); untitled (Jared Essig); Love in Venice (J D); The Eyes of Fate (Rachael Robinson); [morning melody] (Juan Changming); Venice Love Report;
  • Community Calendar; Graphic: Drowning (Alisha Sophia); Ad: Westside Tenants Union; Ongoing Events; Pacific Resident Theater, Ad: Nutritional Warehouse; Photos: Venice Beach, 1926-30; Back Page: Move to Oust Coastal Commission Director; California Environmental Logos

Beachhead #411 - January 2016 - Beachhead Declares State of Emergency for Unhoused Citizens in Venice; Fakery, Gjusta and Garcetti (Roxanne Brown); Formerly Hot Venice Real Estate Goes Cold (Eric Alberg); Some Resources For Shelter; Letters; Free Clothes (Jon Wolff); Baseline Mansionization Ordinance; DOCCUPY; The Beachhead Needs You...Now (Anthony Castillo); Scoop on Submitting to Beachhead; Graphic (Alisha Sofia); Interview with Mark Lipman:Poetry Is The Consciousness of This Planet (Krista Schwimmer); Graphic: The Border Crossed Us; Graphic (Jon Wolff); John Trudell Walks On...(Anthony Castillo); Photos: John Trudell; Poem:Change Is Inevitable (Mark Lipman); Ads: GreenSceneGardens, Mystic Raven, Steak&Hoagie Company;

  • POETRY: [thirty-eight word idioms] (Yuan Changming); [you have a dream] (Yuan Changming);
  • Ongoing Events, Pacific Resident Theater, Ad: Nutritional Warehouse; Quote: Subcommandante Marcos; Back Page: Photos: Venice Beachhead Party (Ronald McKinley); Photos: Venice during 1984 Olympics (Regina Barton); Ad: Creative Learning Preschool, Community Calendar



Beachhead #410 - December 2015 - Photos: Community Not Commodity (Anthony Castillo); An Indictment On Homelessness (Mark Lipman); The Nude Beach (Jon Wolff); Photo: Art Tile: Venice Nude Beach; Invite: Free Venice Beachhead's Annual Party; Letters; Monae, Monae (A Love Song for Petr) (Tina Catalina); Critical Mass Flyer; Photos: Burnt RV; Ad: Book:Art Tiles at Venice Beach, 1904-2001; Graphic: Peace in Venice (Jon Wolff); Photo: Suzy Davis arrest,1986; A Question of Mental Health (Mark Lipman); Graphic (Eric Drooker); Memory Lane of 1984 Olympics (Regina Barton); Graphic: Surfer Girl (Alisha Sophia); Graphic: Reward for Apprehension of Jesus Christ (Art Young); Photo: Gerry Fialka and Solomon, OFW; Graphic: Planned Parenthood (Jen Sorrensen); Graphic: Gentrification Bingo; Photos: #StopTheKilling; Graphic: The Pen Is Mightier (Jon Wolff); Images from Adbusters; Crossword: Munchimonster's; The Raving Raven: Books for the Conscious Revolutionary (Krista Scwhimmer).

  • POETRY: Everyday is Christmas - In Venice (Tina Catalina Corcoran); Fall (Steve Goldman); The Christmas Axis (Ronald K. McKinley); Sand Castles (Paul Beethovan); Program Note (Steve Goldman); Where I'm From (Mary Getlein); Murder by CO2 (Jim Smith);
  • Graphic (Banksy); Community Event Calendar; Photo: Robert Scheer; Ongoing Events; Ad: Nutritional Warehouse; Chee-Wah-Wah, Notes From The Birds; Back Page: Assorted Graphics

Beachhead #409 - November 2015 - Photo: Ongoing Protests Against Police Violence; A Cup of Coffee and Bagel for 15 Cents (Marty Liboff); Graphic Art: Venice Breaks Free (Jon Wolff); Update: Gjusta (Roxanne Brown); Flash: Eviction Defense Network; Photo: Feed the People Sundays; Letters; Letter from Laddie Williams to Police Chief and Captain; Letter from Lisa Green to LAPD; Beachhead Sustainers; Do You Live Here?- De Facto Hotels; Warning: Know Your Rights; The Fucking COPS Are At It Again (A Concerned Citizen); Graphic: Chief Beck: Oops (Jon Wolff); Event: KPFK in Crisis; The Dark Side of Comedy: George Carlin (Jack Neuworth); Rachel Sorsa Sings! (Suzy Williams); The Venice Oceanarium Celebrates 20th Anniversary Reading Moby Dick; Photos Oceanarium Reading (Suzanne Thompson); Art: Moby Dick (Rockwell Kent); Postcard: Ocean Front Walk; Photos: Collection Marty Liboff; Crossword: Munchimonster's Treehouse; A Tree Grows In Venice: The Red-Flowering Gum Tree (Krista Schwimmer); Book Review: Wide Awake: Poets of Los Angeles and Beyond (edited by Suzanne Lummis);

  • POETRY: Wars & Rumors of Wars (Marty Liboff); Wanda Why Aren't You Dead? (Wanda Coleman); Johnny Doe (Yvonne M Estrada); One Miracle (Bill Mohr); The Lady Takes A Powder (Jim Smith); How to Get to Heaven (Bill Hickock); Venice Beach When I First Knew It (Lisa Marguerite Mora); The Black Shirts (Ronald K. McKinley); X Swami X (Steven Alan Gerber);
  • Community Events; Photo: Panic Duo; Photo: X Swami X;Ongoing Events; Graphic (R. Cobb); First Thanksgiving Celebration (Arthur P. Bushnell); Back Page: Directive to Mayor Garcetti & LA Council

Beachhead #408 - October 2015 - Photo Collage: Demand Justice (Margaret Molloy, Eric Alberg); Sharing Economy with Potemkin Walls and False Market rates (Roxanne Brown); Racism Alive And Well In Venice (Greta Cobar); Confessions of X Swami X; Photo: X Swami X (Richard Mann); Swami X Has Left tthe Building (Jack Neuworth); Letters; Lost In The Belly Of The Beast (anonymous); Diagram: Beachhead Sustainer Drive; Graphic: Venice Secedes From L.A. (Jon Wolff); From Wikipedia: Swami X; photo: Illegal Ellis Act Eviction (Judy Branfman); Have You Been Evicted From A Rent-Controlled Venice/LA apartment?; Venice: Find Your Champions (Krista Schwimmer); Photo: Big Ugly Box (Krista Schwimmer); Photo: Shakespeare's Family (Greta Cobar); Graphic: Progress Is A Train (Venice Chamber of Commerce); Bonin's Plan for Ice RInk on Venice Beach is Back! Again! (Lydia Ponce); Bonin and VNC Support Demolition Derby (Michael Wambeck); Art: Aqua Es Vida, Water Is Life (Jesus V Barraza); In Loving Memory of Monae Lei Momi Hromadko (Greta Cobar); Poem: Monae...Watch (Lionel Powell Treeman); Poem: Monae (Marty Liboff); Photos: Monae, and Father Petyr Hromadko; Poem: child of the strand (Alan Rodman); Event: KPFK Elections; Cartoon: Munchi-Power (Munchimonster); Millie Mims Has Passed Away; Poem: Millie Mims: Angel of Venice (Marty Liboff); Huge Victory for Prisoner's Rights in CA (Anthony Castillo); The Real Bill Of Rights (Marty Liboff); Graphic: George Carlin; Poem/Rant: Swami X;

  • POETRY: "Home" (Warsan Shire); The Art Of Homelessness (Suzanne Verdal); Photo: Home (Krista Schwimmer); Something Is Rotten In Venice (Moishe Meshugge); Black and Blue Blues (Mary Getlein); untitled (Sanatra);
  • Community Event Calendar, Ongoing Events; Fodder Scareya (Martin Sampson); Ad: Nutritional Warehouse; Back Page: Photo Collage: Summer Festivals; Photo: Venice Vintage Pin-ups Contest; Photos: Memorials of Shakespeare and Monae

Beachhead #407 - September 2015 - Photo Mash-Up: Creatures For Change At CYCLAVIA (Eric Alberg); A Tree Grows In Venice: The Pomegranate (Krista Schwimmer); Is It All Fakery? Gjelina's Gjusta (Roxanne Brown); Follow the Money: The Political Will of Creating Homelessness (Mark Lipman); Kim's Market turns to blight (anthony Castillo), Photos: Kim's Market (Anthony Castillo); The Golden Door Countries/The Planetary State (Steve Goldman); Graphic: Venice Cityhood Now! (Jon Wolff); From the Blog of Russell Brand: Death Takes Small Bites; No Comb-Over Presidents (Betty Rexie); Report to Venice from the Ulan Bator Foundation (Arnold Springer); Photos of Global Health Physicians to Ulan Bator; Remarks to Mongolian Doctors (Arnold Springer); Photos: CYCLAVIA (Anthony Castillo); Photos: Pomegranates (Krista Schwimmer); Poster: Venice Beach Music Fest: Photos: Gjusta Encroachment (Roxanne Brown); Graphic: Airbnb: The Vampire (Jon Wolff); Announcement: Jazz At Palms Court;

  • POETRY: growing damp spot (Alan Rodman); untitled (Roger Houston); Photo: Jason Davis Memorial (Ronald McKinley); Hail, the Picket Line (Mark Lipman); I play Music (Ronald Keith McKinley); New on the Market, Serene and Tranquil (Talapeya); X Swami X (Author uncertain); Photo: Swami X (Jan Deen);
  • Community Events; Announcement: Poet Godzilla vs. City Hall; Photos: Collage-O-Rama at the Cadillac Hotel; Ongoing Events; Local Activist, Mark Lipman, To Receive Joe Hill Labor Poetry Award (Krista Schwimmer); Excerpt: Joe Hill; Event: Night of the Living Word; Ad: Nutritional Warehouse; Back Page: Poster: Abbot Kinney Festival

Beachhead #406 - August 2015 - The Sunshine Is Free: Aftermath of LAPD's Beating of Samuel Calhoun Arrington (Krista Schwimmer); Photo: Samuel Calhoun Arrington (Cleo A. Battle); Venice, The Garden of Eden? (Charlotte Purein); Attention: Welcome to Occupied Venice; Black Beast Fakes Parking (Roxanne Brown); Letters; Beachhead Interviews Cleo Battle, Sister to Samuel Calhoun Arrington; Letter: Encampments (David Busch); Graphic: Developers (Jon Wolff); Graphic (Thomas Nast); The Golden Door (Steve Goldman); Photo: Cleo Battle; Ad: The Great Western Steak & Hoagie Company; Photos; Gjusta, The Black Beast (Roxanne Brown);Painting: You Are A Terrorist (Audrey McNamara Garcia); Book: Chemo:Secrets to Thriving; Event: Philomenian 8; Ad: Mystic Raven; Photos: Suzy Williams-Brad Kay Lit Show (Pegarty Long); Announcement: Maurenn Cotter's One-Woman Show: Moe's Nuts; Photo Panorama: Rally to Save Venice (Eric Alberg); Graphic: Venice 2020 (Jon Wolff);

  • POETRY: Venice 90291 Fact or Fiction (John Davidson); Venice (Dolan Andrews); Untitled (Lynne Bronstein); Heart's Cup Is The Communion Of Habits (The Monkey King); Safe Passage Makes A Hall (The Monkey King); untitled (Ronald McKinley); untitled (Philomeme Long); untitled (Roger Houston); John Doe (Steve Goldman); They're Wrong To Call ITt The Little Death And To Hell With The Here And Now (John Thomas); untitled (Alan Rodman); Shot (Austin Strauss); Excerpt From Queen Of Bohemia (Philomene Long);
  • Community Event Calendar; Ongoing Events; Ad: Occupy Venice Film Series; Ad: Nutirional Warehouse; Back Page: Poster: Venice Beach Music Fest

Beachhead #405 - July 2015 - Venice's 110th Birthday
Saving Venice One More Time (Jim Smith); Fake It Till You Bake It (Roxanne Brown); In Praise of Rachael Dolezal (Steve Goodman); Letters; Ad: Suzy Williams and Brad Kay: Lit Show; Letters: Re: Cobar's Resignation; Graphic: Carricane (The Beehive Collective); Archives: 1969 Interview With John Haig (Jim Smith); Ad: T-Shirt: Venice where art meets crime; A Tree Grows In Venice (Krista Schwimmer); Tree Photos: (Krsta Schwimmer); Play Review: Family-Dysfunction, Pinter Style (Suzy Williams); Photos: Oakwood Barbecue 2013 (Eric Alberg); LAPD Memorial "End of Watch" (Joe Delaplaine); Thug Beats Houseless Man (Jessica and Ben); Cartoon (Boardwalk Bob); Graphics (The Beehive Collective); Cartoon (R. Cobb);

  • POETRY: Emmanuel AME (Ronald McKinley); Venice is sinking (Jim Smith); Fear (Majid Naficy); Possession Is Dispossession (Anthony Fiorillo); Cost of Learning (Lulu Carmone); "Opposition of Ideas" (Miles Krumpak);
  • Photo: OFW Panorama (Eric Alberg); Community Event Calendar; Photo: Fialka Funny Farm (Coast Calligraphy); Ongoing Events; Keeping Jim Morrison's Spirit Alive: Peace Frog (Jack Neuworth); Photo: Art Plaque; Back Page: Save Venice Fundraiser; Photo: Supporters of Free Venice Beachhead; Ad: Nutrition Warehouse

Beachhead #404 - June 2015 - A High-Tech Squeeze and Gridlock Threaten to Take Venice Down (John Stein); LAPD Murder Is Followed by Bonin's Retaliation (Greta Cobar); Photo: May 20th Memorial (Louis Minotti); Letters; Cobar Resignation (Greta Cobar); Support of Cobar (Marty Liboff); T-Shirt Fraud on OFW (Rachel Bloomfield); Attention: LAPD (Shane Williams); Lagoon Killers (John Davis); Bonin Unable to Solve Venice-Centric Issues (Nick Antonicello); Ad: Electric Lodge: Kristina Olsen; A Yen For A Hen In A Pen (Marty Liboff); Cartoon: Marty Liboff; Photo; Venice Plunge (1924); Six Degrees of Separation (Sayne Maza); The Rosa Parks of Venice (Deborah Lashever); Photo: Cary Lopiccolo); Greta Says: Re:Mark Ryavek and Vehicular-Housed Residents; Photo: Bonin: People Need Toilets: #Let'sCutTheShit; Brendon Glenn and the Teen Project (Morgan Stewart); Photos: Brendon Glenn, Brendon Glenn Memorial; Historic OFW Houses to Be Demolished (Greta Cobar); Poem: First They Came (Pastor Martin Neimoller); An Artist's Journey (Jack Neuworth); Photo: Eddie De La Barca: Hand-Painted Skateboards (Julie White); Photo; LUPC meeting (Louis Minatti);

  • Poetry: Her Poetry Lives On Bathroom Walls (David Fewster); A Stirring Underfoot (Mark Lipman); City of Angels (Marty Liboff); Pale Life (Joanna Silva); untitled (Roger Houston); Community Event
  • Calendar; Ongoing Events; Ads: Dr. Bradley Bobbs, GreenSceneGardens; Art: The Greed-Power Saber (Anthony Fiorillo); Photo Essay: The Oil Spill Reaches Venice (Great Cobar and Ray Rae); Back Page: Photos: Tom O'Neill's Accidentally Demolished Home (Nick Smith); Photos: Lost Mural, Bike Racks (Greta Cobar)

Beachhead #403 - May 2015 - Photos: Nationwide Killing Spree Hits Venice; The Venice meeting concerning the murder of Brendon Glenn (Jim Smith); That Dark Parade: Protestors Take to Venice Streets (Krista Schwimmer); Only Black Cops Go to Jail (Greta Cobar); Letters: A Matter of Class (Brad Kay); Mike Bonin, "Technically Doing His Job (Krista Schwimmer); Marty Liboff cartoon; We Must Stop The TPP (Anthony Castillo); 758 Sunset PLUM Hearing (Ivonne Guzman); Adding More Fakery: Update; Gjelina's (Roxanne Brown); Ad: Beyond Baroque Experimental Theater; Photos: Community Rally Die-In (Krista Schwimmer); Photo: Memorial (Greta Cobar); When Will Mike Meet with Venice? (Mark Lipman); SMPD Profiling of Venice Homeless (Brian Connolly);

  • POETRY: untitled (Enaj Pitchford); Mama (Chaya Silberstein); Sticks and Stones (Mark Lipman); A Rain Prayer for California (Majid Naficy); Breasts (Mary Getlein); untitled (Roger Houston); untitled (Jaclyn A. Zepnick); Chief of Police Occurrences Log;
  • Photo: Bonin vs. Busch; Quotes: What was said at the meeting:; Tami Pardee: Evictor; Community Event Calendar; Ongoing Events; Graphic: The Beehive Collective; Back Page Poster: Venice Spring Fling

Beachhead #402 - April 2015 - Photos: Bathhouses in Venice; Take A Bath Your Stinker! (Marty (Shtunken) Liboff; Venice Fights Back: NO Short-Term Rentals (Mark Lipman and Greta Cobar); Time to Take Back Our Post Office: Joel Silver Runs Out of Money (Greta Cobar); Staff Box, Sustainer List; Letters: No Title (Therese Daniels); No Title (Tina Catalina Corcoran); My Solution: Build a Wall (David Moeller); The Law of the Land (Rene Kraus); TedX Event Review and Feminism (Teresa Carney White); Where Have All the Neighbors Gone? (Krista Schwimmer); Ad: Fundraiser at Hama Sushi on April 23; Vietnam, Viet Nam (Jim Smith) Poem: Peoples' Victory (Jim Smith); Update: Venice Japanese American Memorial Marker (Phyllis Hayashibara); Think Community and Grow It (Eric Ahlberg); Lyrics: Demo (Sam Clay, Suzy Williams and Eric Ahlberg); No More Fiesta, thanks to Greedy Developers (Joe Delaphaine); Homeless but far from Hopeless (Jack Neworth); Photo by Julie White; Obit: Evans Haas - Fair Winds and Following Seas (Ken Haas); Community Ferments As Alcohol Licenses Multiply (Krista Schwimmer); Councilmember Mke Bonin Takes Jurisdiction (Ivonne Guzman); --

  • POETRY: For Juan Carlos (Della Franco); The Price of Doing Business (Mark Lipman); u deserve 2 - *2 fight 4 U (bETO tREE sUN); Love Chat (Eric Ahlberg); untitled (Roger Houston); Shopping Cart Lady (Steve Goldman); I Rejoice - When I Hear Your Voice (Tina Catalina Corcoran); me & d (Rex Butters) -- Bed and Beer {reprint from July 1989 Beachhead] (Carol Fondiller); Calendar

Beachhead #401 - March 2015 - SPECIAL WOMEN'S ISSUE
Long Live Millie Mims! (Suzy Williams); Deborah Lashever: Shero of Venice (Greta Cobar); Rock On, Lisa Green! (Greta Cobar); Letters; In Memory of Philip Edward Lord (Sam Abbes); VNC's Questionable Motions (Aura Goldburg); Venice Beach: The People's Beach (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Grunion Party!; Inside the TEDx Conference - A Speaker's Perspective (Brad Kay); Mechanical Car Lifts in Venice? (Ilana Marosi); Net Neutrality Update: WE WON!!! (Anthony Castillo); Print: Pro Choice (Medusa); Update: Gjelina's Gjusta, Sauce, Kim's Market, Rose Cafe (Roxanne Brown); Not An Interview With Paul Beethoven (B. Meade)

  • POETRY: Poem to Philomene Long; Indian Paintbrushes (Paul Beethoven); Earl Newman 85th Birthday!; Poetry: I know a woman (Mary Getlein); Silent Bells (Lynette); untitled (Ashkii Newton); Mind Your Mind (Ronald McKinley); untitled (Roger Houston); Greetings From Slab City (Dusty P. Greenhaus); Poleece in Venice (Moishe Shmendrick); Black Buddha In A Dark Alley (Philomene Long); A New Beginning (Hal Bogotch); "Abstractions on a Reoccuring Theme" (Miles Krumpak);
  • Photo: Rose Cafe Entrance (Pegarty Long); Song: (We Rally Around) The Old Beachhead (Clay, Williams, Kay); Drawing: Chee Wah Wah! (Marty Liboff); Community Events; Photos & Collage: Beachhead's 400th Issue Celebration (Margaret Molloy & Eric Alberg)

Beachhead #400 - February 2015 - 400TH ISSUE
The Beat Goes On! (Marty Liboff); Historical Venice OFW Homes Destined To Be Axed (Pegarty Long); Letters; Tree Massacre at Oxford Lagoon (Charlotte Purein); Sewer Project Broken (John Davis); The Politics of Painting Pagodas (Krista Schwimmer); Je Suis Beachhead; Charlie Hebdo: Not So Much (Jim Smith); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Update: Kim's Market, Gjelina's Gjusta, and Sauce Appeal Hearing (Roxanne Brown); The Illusion of Crime and Enforcement of Poverty (Mark Lipman); Bird Totems of Venice: The Gull (Krista Schwimmer); Poem: Cold Ellison VI (Philomene Long); Poetry: The People's Doge of Venice (Jim Smith); Bringing Home The Beachhead (Brenda Harvey 1978 reprint); The Beachhead and Me (Suzy Williams); A Reminiscence (Jim Zane); My Mom, Anna Haag-Ricci (Thomas Duggan);

  • POETRY: The People's Doge of Venice (Jim Smith); Hybrids (Mary Getlein); My Pain Is Never Borrowed (krista schwimmer); Centurion's COmplaint (John Haag); You deserve to fight for you (bETO); Two Thousand to Twelve (Roanld Keith McKinley); whole world eye (Rex Butters); Homeless I? (John Davis); A Philosopher's Memories of Venice Apartment (John Thomas); untitled (Roger Houston); This Paper Is a Poem (Marty Liboff);
  • Community Events; As Venice Falls, Who Will Hear Her Appeal? (Krista Schwimmer); Get That Filthy Rag Out of My Yard! (Carol Fondiller 1978 reprint)

Beachhead #399 - January 2015 - Happy New Year Venice! (Eric Alberg); Google Fiddles While Net Neutrality Burns (Anthony Castillo); Painting: Venice Sign (Audrey McNamara-Garcia); Letter response from Family Services (Nika Cavat); Bins Are In At Gjusta (Roxanne Brown); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Bird Totems of Venice: The American Coot (Krista Schwimmer); The Christmas Massacre of Trees - 2014- Oxford (Marcia Hanscom); Venice Stories: William Attaway (Jason Hill);

  • POETRY: A Visit (mary Getlein); The Blind Waltz (Miles Krumpak); The American Dream Scheme (Marty Liboff); Yo Saturnalia! (Jim Smith); untitled (Roger Houston);
  • Harry Drinkwater Remembered; 12th Annual Venice Film Fest; Californai Coastal Commission Meeting; Beyond Baroque Calendar; Poster: The Future Is Peace (Asela Perez)




Beachhead #398 - December 2014 - Happy 46th Birthday, Beachhead!; This Paper Is A Moebius Loop! (Erica Snowlake); Invasion of the Afflu-Hip (Carol Fondiller 1974 reprint); Letters; Open Letter to the People of Venice (Yitzak Gersman); VNC President Mike Newhouse, Dictator of Time (Krista Schwimmer); First Venice Street Store For Homeless Smashing Success (Michael Wambeck); Do Not Co-Operate With Organized Crime (John Haag reprint); No Help For Jean - Life on the Streets (Jim Conn reprint); Venice Stories: Jim Smith (Jason Hill); Big Money Wasted on Airport Measure D (Martin Rubin); Women's Rights, Again (Mary Getlein); Update - 320 Sunset - Gjelina's Gjusta - Farce and Fakery (Roxanne Brown); Photo Collage: November in Venice (Vivianne Robinson); Bird Totems of Venice: The Cormorant (Krista Schwimmer); RIP Sunshine Baker; RIP Dr. Geek; Happy Holidays! A Tip Topper Christmas! And a Hoppy New Year!: Hopalong Cassidy (Marty Liboff);

  • POETRY: untitled x 2 (Roger Houston); Blossoms, Blossoms, and Blessings (Tina Catalina Corcoran); At the Laundromat Off Main and Sunset, Venice, 1999 (krista schwimmer); untitled (Alan Rodman); Diane - (Mary Getlein); I Too Bled (Ronald Keith McKinley); I Can't Breathe (Majid Naficy); A Sunset with Mary, Patty and Greta (Marty Liboff);
  • The Talking Stick Closes (Eric Alberg); Poster: Stop Racism! Stop Police Violence! (Scott Braley)


Beachhead #397 - November 2014 - The "Cleaning Up" of Venice (Deborah Lashever); Venice to Newcomers: SpareMe! (Greta Cobar); Letters; Asbestos Poisoning (Romero Matzalan); Moby Dick reading; Gjelina's 320 Sunset Update (Roxanne Brown); Book Signing: The Art Tiles of Venice Beach (Kay Brown); Bird Totems of Venice: The Pelican (Krista Schwimmer); Citizen's Speak to Save Trees - Lend Your Voice! (Kris Ellenberg); Hve a Hunger to Help? Join the People's Potluck (Mike Chamness); 'Homeless Bill of Rights' info; Volunteer for Free Storage Venice; Kidnapping in Venice (Unnamed Beachhead writer);

  • POETRY: Fly Away (Mary Getlein); Scar Can You See the Scar? (Marty Noel-Nivoli); Manifestation (Ron McKinley); ..And When We Danced, The World Stood Still (Johnathan Leonard Mills); The Map of Your Hunger (B. Meade); untitled (Roger Houston); Trick or Treat - I Touched You Now Ya Got Ebola (Marty Liboff);
  • When The Music's Over (the Doors) (Marty Liboff); Venice Stories: Poster Artist Earl Newman (Jason Hill)


Beachhead #396 - October 2014 - Photo: Chalk Art: Abbot Kinney Festival (Greta Cobar); Watch Out: Cameras are Recording You: Bollards Won't Save You (Greta Cobar); Letters; Krista's Mini's; The Plot Thickens (Roxanne Brown); Bird Totems of Venice: The Snowy Egret (Krista Schwimmer); Drought Strategy: The Concrete Jungle (laura Shepard Townsend); We Could Have Danced All Night (Marty Liboff); New Petition Filed in Sale of Historic Post Office (Greta Cobar); Edward Bieberman and The Painting of the Post Office Mural (Suzanne W. Zada); Occupy Film Series Kicks Off Season (Krista Schwimmer);

  • POETRY: What's Wrong (Pano Douvos); Ways To Fill Holes (Chaya Silberstein); untitled (Roger Houston); Owed to the Children (John Kertisz);
  • Venice Stories: The Gas House (Jason Hill); Poetry: Who Pays for the Pigs! YOU DO!!! (Moishe Pupik); My Cat, Athena (Mary Getlein); Poster: Places The U.S. Has Bombed Since W.W.II (Josh MacPhee)


Beachhead #395 - September 2014 - Venice Celebrates The Life of Jay Adams (CJ Gronner); Letters; Photo: 40-yr Resident Pauline celebrates 100th Birthday (Greta Cobar); Boardwalk Beating: "Worse Than Rodney King" (Krista Schwimmer); Michael Brown (Marty Noel); SMO: A Park...or Biz As Usual? (Laura Shepard Townsend); Russ Baker: from Venice High School to Award-Winning Investigative Journalist (Anthony Castillo); Venice Stories: "Touch of Evil" (Jason Hill); P.O.P. by the Sea (Marty Liboff); Pangiotis Douvos is the Pano we all Love (Greta CObar); Poem: Not to Frown (Pano Douvos); History, Shmistory! (Laura Shepard Townsend); Todd and Theo Von Hoffmann - Two For The Renaissance (Suzy Williams); Don't 'Chekov' This From Your List (Suzy Williams); Kim's Market / 320 Sunset Updates (Roxanne Brown);

  • POETRY: Jay Adams (Marty Liboff); love hate venice (Della Franco); Waiting on the Muse (tom Beatty); Ferguson, Missouri, 2014 (Mary Getlein); untitled (Roger Houston); A Love Affair (Laura Shepard Townsend); About a Love (Virag Vida); Post Racial Ferguson (Ronald K. McKinley); The Great Cop Out! (Moishe da Kooken Cocker);
  • Photos: Beyond Baroque: "Bukowski in the Bathtub"; Abbot Kinney Festival poster


Beachhead #394 - August 2014 - It Struck! (Greta Cobar); Will Venice Become A City of Strangers? (Bruce Meade); I'm Not Pledging That! (Deborah LaShever); Letters; Venice Stories: Shogo Kubo (Jason Hill); Z Budapest: Feminist Witch Who Fights Back (Krista Schwimmer); Kim's Market and 320 Sunset Updates (Roxanne Brown); Venice Artist Stephanie Visser (Tina Lynch); Photos: 8th Annual Venice Community BBQ & Potluck (Greta Cobar); All Aboard the Tram (Marty Liboff); RIP: Carol Pomerantz 1933 - 2014;

  • POETRY: Hands (mina); Carol Pomerantz (Marty Liboff); Surfing the Breakwater (B. Meade); There Are Never Enough Ravens In A Poem; Love, You Are Green And Dark (Philomene Long); You Bring Me Apple Trees, Flowering Apple Trees (John Thomas); untitled (Roger Houston); Perhaps Now (Hillary Kaye); God Took A Photograph (Rus McCoy); To My Unknown Friend (Mary Getlein);
  • 7th Philomenian Presents: Bukowski In The Bathtub; How Far We have Come (Mark Lipman); Poem: One Love (Marty Liboff); Poster: Venice Beach Music Fest


Beachhead #393 - July 2014 - VENICE INDEPENDENCE ISSUE
Happy 109th Birthday, Venice!; Venice, Burning to be Restored (Jim Smith); L.A. Living in Vehicle Law Found UnConstitutional (Peggy Lee Kennedy); 320 Sunset Update (Roxanne Brown); California Coastal Commission's decision to Demolish 8 Homes Demoralizes Venice (Krista Schwimmer); Bonin Walks From Meeting (Mary Getlein); A Historytelling: Last Run (Delores Hanney); The Raft (Cal Porter); John Johnson of Change Links will be missed (Clay Claiborne); A Parade Was Planned (John Johnson reprint ); & Cancelled (Jane Gordon reprint); Batman of Venice (Krista Schwimmer); Wild and Wonderful Windward (Marty Liboff); Archival Postcards of Venice;

  • POETRY: A Song to Abbot Kinney's Venice (Marty Liboff); RIP: Eden Wingate Eastin Andes; Poem: for Eden (Mary Getlein); Eden in Venice (David Busch); Free Storage Venice: Homeless Sleeping Bag Fundraiser; LAPD Steps Up Harassment of Boardwalk Patrons (Clay Claiborne); Poetry: A Creation Myth (Laura Shepard Townsend); Sometimes (Pano Douvos); The Empty Aisle (Pasquale Trellese);
  • More Or Less? (Spirit of Venice); Property Rights (Mark Lipman);


Beachhead #392 - June 2014 - Front Porches or Fortresses: You Decide (Krista Schwimmer); We Are Venice - Get Up and Fight! (Peggy Lee Kennedy); OH RATS! (Carol Fondiller reprint); Letters; VEN-ICE (Jim Smith); Hate Crime on Glyndon Ave. (Mary Getlein); Maya Angelou: An Appreciation (Amanda Seward); Beware of Google's PR Whitewash (Anthony Castillo); Labor and the Environemnt (Mark Lipman); "Perceptions of Improprieties" Halt 320 Sunset (Krista Schwimmer); ENVIROGATE (John Davis); Free Venice (Marty Liboff); Photo Collage: Big Ugly Boxes (Greta Cobar); Henry V - Five Stars (Suzy Williams);

  • POETRY: Phenomenal Woman; Still I Rise (Maya Angelou); Working In Obscurity / Dying Outside Eternity (Jeremy Roberts); Words (Paul Beethoven); Venice Dreams (Marty Liboff); For Lucca Jazz Winston, 2014 (Mary Getlein); untitled (Roger Houston); Street Dancing (Lynette);
  • Between the Piers (Cal Porter); Photos: Venice Surf & Skate Fest (Margaret Molloy)


Beachhead #391 - May 2014 - What's Up With The Beach Curfew? (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Stopping Hyper-gentrification, One Conversation At A Time (Krista Schwimmer); Photo: Mural by Marioe (Greta Cobar); Letters; Showdown at Ballona Gap (John Davis); Venice Activists Mediate in Beach Cleanups (Eric Alberg); Grunion Festival: Topless Ladies Wearing Roses...(Marty Liboff); Beachhead Recommendations for VNC Elections; Endangered Species Mural (Emily WInters); Lawsuit Filed over "Brooks Avenue Painting" (Greta Cobar); "Story of Venice" Belongs in Venice (Greta Cobar); Kim's Market to become an 80-seat Restaurant (Greta Cobar); Monarchs Not Monarchy! (Krista Schwimmer); Venice Mosaic House: Let's Play House - with Dirt and Color (Greta Cobar); Michael Jost - He's the Most! (Suzy Williams);

  • POETRY: Touched (Franciso Letelier); the story (Pano Douvos); The Fulfiller of Expectations (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); What Style is so Diluted! (Paul Beethoven); Authentic Night (Laura Shpard Townsend); untitled (Devakinandana); The Rich & Famous and the Poor & Unknown (Marty Liboff); Love's Recovery (Ronald K. McKinley); untitled (Roger Houston);
  • Endangered Species: Venice Artist (Letelier & Fama); Laura Silagi & Dennis Hathaway: Activism, Art and Love in Venice (Laura Shepard Townsend); Electric Lodge Event


Beachhead #390 - April 2014 - VNC To Teague: 1414 Main Offensive, Not the Neigborhood (Krista Schwimmer); Construction Waivers Banned in Venice (Greta Cobar); Boxes Blight Brooks (Anthony Castillo); Letters, The Drum Circle and the Criminalization of Free Speech (Ronald K. McKinley); Drawing (Audrey McNamara); Santa Monica Airport to Become a Park (Laura Silagi); Ruthie in the Bakery (Marty Liboff); In Memoriam: Billie Harris: Serving the Highest Art 1937 - 2014 (Chuck Bloomquist); Not Another Gjelina at 320 Sunset! (Greta Cobar); New Bollards, More Yellow Than the Old Bollards (Greta Cobar); RIP: Mama Faith Santos 1953 - 2014; Photos: Return of Sponto's Party (Margaret Molloy); Sponto's partied like the good ol' days (Mary Getlein); Delightfully Ellyn... (Anne Alvarez); Beachhead Saves the Day in Japan for Hama Sushi (Phyllis Hayashibara);

  • POETRY: 7 Dudley (Rex Butters); The Moth (Philomen Long); Gaia (Ronald McKinley); Now It Is Long Ago (John Thomas); Haiku Venice (Keroac Style) (krista Schwimmer); simply (Frank T. Rios); Poem For Philomene (Stuart Z. Perkoff); poetry is the game (Tony Scibella); Venice as Mecca, or Jerusalem (John Haag); Home (Mary Getlein); Songs of The Gods (Marty Liboff);
  • Electric Lodge Events


Beachhead #389 - March 2014 - SPECIAL WOMEN'S ISSUE
Venice Community Activist Jataun Valentine (Greta Cobar); Dolores Huerta Homage; Interview of Mary Getlein (Mary Getlein); Letters; Google Is Trying to Bring Its Evil to Venice (Greta Cobar); Why is Land Use Committee facilitating Google? (Mark Lipman); VNC Fails to Represent Venice (Eric Alberg); Nightmare on 1414 Update (Krista Schwimmer); 758 Sunset Avenue Project: Twice Defeated But the Fox Still Circles the Henhouse (Krista Schwimmer); 320 Sunset Development (Greta Cobar); Abbot Kinney Boutique Hotel: the Devil You Know (Krista Schwimmer); Photos: Venice Mardi Gras; Photos: Return of Sponto and It Came From Venice Show; Photo: High Surf Closes Venice Pier (Steve Christiansen);

  • POETRY: Franceye, Again; Venice, 2014 (Mary Getlein); Venice Nights (Savannah B. Nolan); Epitah (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); Necessity (Hillary kaye); Remembering Amnesia (Suzanne Verdal); Venice Drumbeats (Marty Liboff); My Happiness Has Wings (James Stone); 1 Wanda (Pano Douvos); You Can't Play Music There (Ronald K. McKinley); Dudley Avenue Pagoda (B. Meade);
  • Letter Response (Shelley Luce); Open Letter to Councilman Mike Bonin (Mark Lipman); Response to Shelley Luce (John Davis); Women of Character, Courage and Committment (Krista Schwimmer); Electric Lodge: Your Solar-Powered Arts Facility!


Beachhead #388 - February 2014 - Local Coastal Plan to Become Law of Land for Venice (Greta Cobar); 1414 Mian Too Much For LUPC! (Krista Schwimmer); Painting: Eclectic Ave. (Frank Strasser); Letters; Bonin Mute, County Screws Ballona, Shelly Luce Is Fast and Loose (John Davis); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Hey, Google, Don't Be Evil! (Anthony Castillo); Guantanamo, Revisited (Mary Getlein); New Year's Day Venice Penguin Swim (Beth Allyn); Pete Seeger: Never Gone (Anthony Castillo); Original Silkscreened posters of Pete Seeger (Earl Newman); Book Review: Art Tiles at Venice Beach (Eric Alberg); Talking Stick Lounge presents Film: How To Become An Outlaw; The Roosterfish - Serving Gay Venice Since 1979 (CJ Gronner); Anthony Newley Hits Venice (Suzy Williams);

  • POETRY: The Venice Primer (Marty Liboff); Beyond All This (Aryn Youngless); Social Soul (Ronald K. McKinley); Homing in (bETO Perez); untitled (Roger Houston); Whole Life is Black (Jax Zepnick); Back Street Life (mt);
  • Never Forgotten: Amiri Baraka (Anthony Castillo); Artist Frank Strasser Reflects the Light and Fun of Venice (Great Cobar); Poem: Feel Like I'm Livin' A Lie (Frank Strasser); Electric Lodge Presents...


Beachhead #387 - January 2014 - Nightmare on 1414 Main Street (Krista Schwimmer); Monstrosity Hotel Proposed Across from Westminster School (Holly Mosher); Letters; Starbucks Brings Jim Crow to Venice (Brian Connolly); To Store and/or To Discard (Laura Shepard Townsend); Santa Monica Airport: Change IS IN The Air (Laura Silagi); Why I Prefer Gangsters Over Yuppies (Rene Kraus); Police Selectively Enforcing Vending Ordinance on OFW (Timothy Trygg); Emergency Services: Enabling Life (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Photos: Venice's Finest Poets Reading at Beachhead's 45th (John Decindis);

  • POETRY: Suffer (Ronald K. McKinley); How Far? (Tina Catalina Corcoran); The Heroic Age of Venice (Jim Smith); The River (Mary Getlein); Red High Heels (Pano Douvos);
  • Bonin, Supervisors Support Ballona Wetlands (John Davis); The Sun Is Coming Back (Eric Alberg); Google's Ghetto by the Sea (Theo Kirkham-Lewitt); RIP Nelson Mandela - 1918-2013; Poetry: untitled (Roger Houston); I Envy You, South Africa! (Majid Naficy); Photos: Beachhead's 45th AnniversaryCelebration.



Beachhead #386 - December 2013 - 45TH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE
Beachheads Write On The Beachhead (Gronner, Cobar, Getlein); Photo: Venice pier (Cary Lopiccolo); Letters; Murder and Mourning in Venice (CJ Gronner); Cruel, Unnecessary, Illegal and Immoral Harassment of Homeless by LAPD (Brian Connolly); Photos: Moby Dick reading (Je Stanford), Anti-fracking rally (Greta Cobar); GQ or not GQ (Eric Alberg); ventures on the way (bETO); Get to Know: Chuck's Briefs (Greta Cobar); Chuck's Briefs (Chuck Bloomquist reprint); And Further Out (Carol Fondiller reprint); Beachhead - inside to out (Rick Davidson reprint); An Interview with John Haag (Suzy Williams reprint); Abbot Kinney to be Christmas Host (Laura Shepard Townsend); Photo: Current Beachhead Collective; An Animal House For Our Zoo (CJ Gronner); Gregg Cruz and Peter Hromadko: Venice Street Legends (Great Cobar); Wanda Coleman: 1946 - 2013 (Richard Modiano);

  • Poetry: Observations On The Color Black (Philomene Long); About God & Things (Wanda Coleman); Bedtime Story (Wanda Coleman); For Luna Archer, 3 Months Old (Mary Getlein); Do You See! (Emily Wood); Notes From Venice (Michael McCoon); untitled (Roger Houston); Atomic Child (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); To live and die in capitalism (Roxanna Gomez Sequeira); Venice as Mecca, or Jerusalem (John Haag);
  • Community Events; Art poster: Beachhead's 45th Anniversary (Earl Newman)

Beachhead #385 - November 2013 - 50 Years After The Coup That Changed America Forever (Jim Smith); Letters; Town Hall: Venetians Say No To Bollards and Cameras (Greta Cobar); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); EPIC P&F Campaign: End Poverty in California (Eric Alberg); Dream Come True: Equal Access to Justice (Greta Cobar); The Townhouse: Drinking Up Venice History (CJ Gronner); Affordable Housing: Basic Human Right (Greta Cobar); Remembering Lou Reed: A Rock n' Roll Animal (Anthony Castillo);

  • Poetry: Miss Suzy - A Love Song (Mary Getlein); Forgetting (Emily Wood); untitled (Roger Houston); Haiku (Devakinandana); Cosmic Grandeurs and warfare (Laura Shepard Townsend); Lives Without Time (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); beats (Steve Tegel); Reflectionless (Arist Niciforos); Assault of a Neighborhood (Laura Shepard Townsend)The Prisoner (Jim Smith);
  • Photos: Halloween on Rialto, 2013 (CJ Gronner)

Beachhead #384 - October 2013 - It Takes a Village...To Keep A Village (CJ Gronner); Political Graphic: "Monument to the Death of Art and Life in Venice" (Carlos Callejo); Using Art in the Struggle for Social Justice (Eric Alberg); Letters; Historic Preservation Architect Says; Restore the Column! (John Ash); Calling on Venetians to get on board the Airport-to-Park Train! (Martin Rubin); Plane Crash; One More Reason to Close Santa Monica Airport (Greta Cobar); Menotti's Coffee Shop Opens On Windward (CJ Gronner); Zipline Leaves Juan Smelling BS (Greta Cobar); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); The Merchant of Venice (Delores Hanney); Change in Peace and Freedom Leadership (Jim Smith); The Venice Symphony Orchestra - Good Vibrations (CJ Gronner); Pondering the Difference: Thought vs Meditation (Francie Wong);

  • Poetry: Why is there always one? (Ronald McKinley); Boots On The Ground (D.J. Carlile); untitled (Roger Houston); Sunday Night (Mary Getlein); Time Is True, But Still (James Stone); Ode to Autumn (Michael Riley); The Blood (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); Only Me (Emily Wood); On Being Homeless in Venice (Brian Connolly);
  • Photos; Abbot Kinney Festival 2013

Beachhead # 383 - September 2013 - Our Oldest Mural Is Gone (Greta Cobar); A New Chapter in the History of Muralism (Suzanne Thompson); Letters; Cindy Sheehan Runs For Governor (Karl Abrams); Coastal Commission Reform, the First Step (John Davis); Third Annual Venice Community Sleep-Out (Mary Getlein); Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign;LAPD in the Spotlight for Racial Profiling (Mark Lipman); CA Prison Strike Exposes US Domestic Torture (Anthony Castillo); Increase Safety by Banning Police Cars on OFW (Greta Cobar); Poem: For Alice Gruppioni, who died here (Mary Getlein);Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Love Around the World (CJ Gronner); Photo: Memorial for Alice Gruppioni (CJ Gronner); Group Hug (Lisa Green); Photo: Venice Art Wall: In Memory of Alice Gruppioni (Vivianne Robinson); Banksy On A Now-Removed Garage Door in Venice; Sponto Lives Art Exhibit Party (Ronald McKinley); Sixth Annual Philomenian (Mary Getlein); Poems; Poems Are the World Asleep; The Hunger (Philomene Long); Book Review: Venice, Ca.: A City State of Mind by John O'Kane (Carlye Archibeque); Folksinger Fred Gerlach - Venice - circa 1969 (Michael Riley); RIP Alberta Albertano (P.S. Zollo);

  • Poetry: Tide/ Marea (Francisco Letelier); Beloved (Linda Albertano); The empty apartment (Constanze Fiebach); Chain Link Fences (Paul Beethoven); I have become earth (Jim Smith); Ah! But The Poem! (John Thomas); untitled (Tina Catalina); Like a dream (hillary kaye); Enlightenment (Ronald Keith McKinley); My mouse! (Majid Naficy); untitled (Roger Houston);
  • Community Events; Abbot Kinney Festival poster

Beachhead #382 - August 2013 - Artist Profile: Emily Winters (Greta Cobar); Painting: Seascape (Emily Winters); The Case of the Disappearing Benches (Carol Fondiller reprint); Letters; Prison Nation (Mary Getlein); They don't like Cheerios: Race in America (Ronald McKinley); Peter Lodato: Capturing Venice's Light (CJ Gronner); Big Trouble for Playa Vista (John Davis); Manny's Lowrider Bikes Keep Us Rolling (Greta Cobar); Parking, Traffic and Other Evils in Venice (Jim Smith);

  • Poetry: Venice Nights (Savannah B Nolan); Thoughts At The Beach At Night (Glen Fitch); Madman Driving (Arist Niciforos); Guilded (F. Craig Byers); Questions (laura Shapard Townsend); Job (Ronald McKinley); The Philomenian (Jim Smith); North on Robertson (krista schwimmer); untitled (Roger Houston); Litany For Pegarty (Philomeme Long); The Pool Hall (Paul Beethovan); The Void (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); Humanly Possible (Eric Alberg);
  • Sixth Annual Philomenian; Community Events; Suzy's Lit Show Lit Up the Night (CJ Gronner); Maureen Cotter at Beyond Baroque.

Beachhead #381 - July 2013 - VENICE INDEPENDENCE ISSUE
Venice and the Next One Hundred Years (Pano Douvos); Art: Lennie Canal, Venice (Earl Newman); Poem: Venice Vortex (Krystle Shannon); Letters; Sikh on Wheels: Harry Perry (Delores Hanney); $18 Dollars for 40 Seconds Will Do (Greta Cobar); Big Bill's Automotive Fearing Eviction (Greta Cobar); They're Driving Up Real estate on Lincoln (Greta Cobar); Big Boss Man vs the Indigent Children (Eric Alberg); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Beachhead Front and Center in NOPD Battle (Greta Cobar); This is what commissioner Jack Wickett had to say about Venice, Venetians and the Vibe; Photo: Mayor of L.A. Eric Garcetti, reading Beachhead (Anne Alvarez), How We Won The Third OPD War (Jim Smith), Poem: No Overnight Parking Districts (Karl Abrams); Our Community Efforts: Parking and Post Office (Greta Cobar); Keystone Pipeline: Ecological Disaster (Don Geagan); Photo: Fabian M.V. (David Healey);

  • Poetry: Changes (Marty Liboff); The Mockingbird (Laura Shepard Townsend); North on Robertson (krista schwimmer); The Abyss (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); No Longer (Emily Wood); Beyond (Aryn Youngless); Art or Poetry? (Mary Getlein);
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Rainbow Acres (Anne Alvarez); Community Events; Photo: Neptune Festival (Venice Paparazzi); Photo: Beth Allyn's Venice Bike, Poster: 5th Annual Summer Fest

Beachhead #380 - June 2013 - Keep It Free - Your Spirit and Your Parking Spot (Greta Cobar); Poem: NOPD, NOPD, a thousand times NOPD (Jim Smith); Letters; The Date Rape of Venice (CJ Gronner); Venice High School Getting Greased (Sara Roos); The Learning Garden Takes Root in Venice (Frank Strasser); The Half the Oil Plan (Don Geagan); Total Media Blackout (Mark Lipman); Ray Manzarek: Another Door Closes (Anne Alvarez); One More Time (Mary Getlein); The Rose Cafe Welcomes Back Local Artist Michael Temple (Kathy Leonardo); ARtwalk + Artblock + Artcrawl + Artists (Eric Alberg); Art Aficionados 'Google' the 34th Annual Venice Art Walk and Auction (Anne Alvarez); William Attaway Speaks on Artwalk (Eric Alberg); Francisco Letelier Tells Us How He Feels About the Artwalk (Franciso Letelier); Santa Monica Airport: The Fairness Factor (Martin Rubin);

  • Poetry: GMO, WTO, G.I. Joe, OMG (Mark Lipman); Memorial Day (hillary kaye); Face The (Ronald McKinley); Going Home (Mary Getlein); untitled (Roger Houston);
  • Community Events; NOPD poster

Beachhead #379 - May 2013 - NO OPDs ISSUE
Venice Loves You - NOPDs (Greta Cobar); Letters; Venice Stakeholder OPD Pain in the Ass (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Tell the Bullies to Seek Help (Lisa Green); The Truth About Terrorism (Mark Lipman); VNC Forum Regarding Santa Monica Airport (Martin Rubin); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Barnyard Bullies (Ian Dean); the ballerina clown turns 25 (Delores Hanney); Happy Mother's Life (CJ Gronner); Family Literacy Day (Krista Schwimmer);

  • Poetry: Beware The Poem (Jim Smith); Untitled (Emily Wood); order of merit (Christopher Mulrooney); Study of Marigolds (Aryn Youngless); Oakwood Mothers (Mary Getlein); untitled (Roger Houston); Like an Animal without Faith (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); A Few More Arguments Against OPDs (Nancy Williamson);
  • Community Events; Poster: Venice Spring Fling

Beachhead # 378 - April 2013 - Keep Venice Free - No OPDs (Greta Cobar); Photo: Venice Oceanarium (Greta Cobar); Poem: To Be A Poet (Mary Getlein); Letters; Venice Japanese American Memorial Marker Fundraiser (Phyllis Hayashibara); Poverty and the Profit Motive (Mark Lipman); March Venice Neighborhood Council Meeting Overview (Greta Cobar); Sidewalk and Bus Stop Taken Over by New Owner of Venice Historical Post Office (Greta Cobar); Failed Boardwalk Ordinance Leads to Abuse of Power (Greta Cobar); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Crawling For Art in the Snake Run (CJ Gronner); Annenberg In The Dog House (John Davis); Getting Around (Delores Hanney); Happy 25th Birthday, Hal's Bar and Grill (CJ Gronner); Food for the Soul (Anne Alvarez);

  • Poetry: Abbot Kinney's Confession (Jim Smith); Pink Cloud Poem (Philomene Long); A Night in the Ruins (John Thomas); Packaged By Me (Ronald K. McKinley); untitled (Roger Houston); Of Philomene Long (Kristine Mary GLoviak Ferry); Water Fasting (Majid Naficy); What I See (Emily Wood); The Light (Lynette);
  • The Venice Oceanarium: Grunion Party; Photo: Venice Surf and Skatefest (Venice Paparazzi); Community Events

Beachhead # 377 - March 2013 - SPECIAL WOMEN'S ISSUE
Carol Tantau is Just Tantau (CJ Gronner); Writing the American Dream...ON A Grain of Rice (Anne Alvarez); International Women's Day (Yolanda Miranda); Letters; Abbot Kinney to Venice: Bring Me Back Home (Greta Cobar); Taxing Big Oil Could Mean Big Money (Don Geagan); Get Out and Vote (Peace and Freedom Party); Ballona Back Story (John Davis); Women's History: Calling Forth the Fourth Wave (Nike Wind); Little Free Library; Jingles at Bill's (John Davis); Another Nail in the Coffin of Venice (Ian Dean); Venice Filmmaker: Pegarty Long: "An Irish Vampire in Hollywood" (Herbert B. Fishberg);

  • Poetry: Trees (Mary Getlein); Emptied Cup (Arist Niciforos); Hurricane Carla As A Bedtime Story (Paul Beethoven); Elegy for an Immortal (Nike Wind); Simply Passing (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); She (Ronald K. McKinley); World of Gray (Jim Smith); untitled (Roger Houston); HEY! Where's the Sidewalk Cafe? (Tina Catalina Corcoran);
  • Community Events, Painting (Lisa Audino), Old Glory Barber Shop

Beachhead # 376 - February 2013 - VNC Monthly Meeting: The Great Storage Bin Debate (Jamie Virostko); El Bordello Alexandra (CJ Gronner); Letters; Letter: Declare A "Shelter Crisis" in Los Angeles (Barbara Peck); Chuck Cheats at Ballona (John Davis); A Consequence of Being Human: Homelessness and Human rights (Daniel James Keegan O'Connell); The Gun Control Debate (Mark Lipman); SOme Will Never Be Gentrified (John O'Kane); Obit: Nick Lenin Conn (Tina Morehead); Jazz in the Canals (Anne Alvarez); Edward Bieberman Mural (Delores Hanney); Venice Artists Profile: Barbara Mastej and John Ransom (Greta Cobar); Must_See Art at the Rose Cafe (Nike Wind); Photos: Storage Containers for Homeless; Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib);

  • Poetry: I Sing To My Wild Biology (krista schwimmer); My Great Religion (Daniel J. Kaufman); untitled (Roger Houston); Sleep (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); Rattle Moan (Aryn Youngless); False Hopes (Mary Getlein); Moonlight Porch (Majid Naficy); Old in Venice (Lynette);
  • Community Events; Venice Freakshow: Normal Is Dead (CJ Gronner)

Beachhead #375 - January 2013 - Photo: Venice Skate Park (Ray Rae); Venice Homeless Person Not Guilty - For Erecting a Toilet (David Busch); Letter: LA City Wide Mural Ordinance (Emily Winters); Billboard Blight Banned (Dennis Hathaway); Penmar Park Project Lacks Public Hearing (John Davis); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Our Venice Skatepark: A Diamond in the Rough (CJ Gronner); Mural Illustrating Abbbot Kinney Should Be Moved to Abbot Kinney Library (Greta Cobar); Silicon Tsunami Wipes Out Free Venice (Jamie Virostko); The Killings in Connecticut (Mary Getlein); Sticking ti Their Guns (Jack Neuworth); John Mooney Blows Moonlight Glass in Venice (Greta Cobar); Swami X Speaks; Party for Swami at Bill's (Anne Alvarez);

  • Poetry: Debt Crisis Limerick (TravelinMaam); Where Silence Becomes Light (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); untitled (Roger Houston); The Empty Place of Eddie (Majid Naficy); Xavier (Mary Getlein); Here we Stand (Aryn Youngless);
  • Community Events; Circumstance and Opportunity (Ronald McKinley); Photo: Venice Sign with Touch of Evil mural in background (Todd von Hoffman)



Beachhead # 374 - December 2012 - Venice - Where Art Meets (White Collar) Crime (CJ Gronner); Stand Still for the Apocalypse (Chris Hedges); Letters; Fair Voice on the Sanat Monica Airport Commission (Martin Rubin); California Coastal Commission Silences Pacific Gas & Electric's Airguns (Krista Schwimmer); Archival Photo: Venice Sign Holiday Lighting; The Venice Drum Circle (Free Expression) (Ronald McKinley); Commissioner Burke Speaks to Beach Curfew (John Davis); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Swami X Speaks; Photo: Swami on Ocean Front Walk (1973); Being Thankful on Thanksgiving, and Always (Anne Alvarez); Happy 44th Birthday, Beachhead!; A Beach Head wries About the Beachhead (Carol Fondiller reprint); this paper is a poem....(Delores Hanney); Photos: The Other Venice Wildlife (Joe Stanford); Poetry: come see me, please (Aryn Youngless); untitled (Roger Houston); To Forget For The Moment (Gabriel Johnson); Oil Verbiage (Lynne Bronstein); A Good Mother (Mary Getlein); Haiku (TravelinMaam); Hope (Majid Naficy); Grunt (Suzanne Verdal); Exposed Root (Tyler Uhlenhake); Operation OXX Brigade (Mark Breza); Community Events; Photo: Moby Dick Reading on Beach; Beachhead Collective letter to Readers; Photo: Grafitti Wall: Happy Holidayz Venice

Beachhead # 373 - November 2012 - Life Creeping Back at Lincoln Place (Greta Cobar); Photo: Abbot Kinney Festival (CJ Gronner); Stop Flying Over My Head (Martin Rubin); Letter (Majid Naficy); Letter honoring Carol Tantau (Bill Rosendahl); Stealth Flood Control Project (John Davis); Cannabis Update (Anne Alvarez); Beachhead Recommendations for the November 6 Election; Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); VNC Election Results; People's Reactions while Canvasing for Proposition 37 (Yes! to Labeling GMOs) (Erica Snowlake); Joel Silver Holds Secret Press Conference Excluding the Press (Greta Cobar); Joel Silver Announces His Immortality at VNC Meeting (Anne Alvarez); Another Night at the Other Venice Film Fesitval (CJ Gronner); Sparkly Party for SPARC's 35th Anniversary Celebration (CJ Gronner); Book Review: The Lure of a Land by the Sea (Greta Cobar);Cats Crying for Your Help (Charles Thomas); The Snake Around Venice (Charles Dunn); Swami X Speaks; Poetry: So Here's My Work Day (krista schwimmer); Parturition (Ronald McKinley); The Old Vine (Majid Naficy); Chemical World (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); Bamboo (Mary Getlein); Beauty is the Outcome (Tyler Uhlenhake); untitled (Roger Houston); Moby Dick Read-a-Thon; Community Events; Abbot Kinney, thanks for the fun! (CJ Gronner)

Beachhead #372 - October 2012 - Don't Sell Out! (Bradley Bobbs); What Have They Done to the Rain? (Mary Getlein); Venice Historical Society Archival: Lennon Sisters Paper Dolls; Letters; Let the Sun Shine on World Peace and a Greener Tomorrow (Don Geagan); "John Steinbeck's 'Sweet Thursday'" (Suzy Williams & Brad Kay); Endeavor Doing Doughnuts over Venice (CJ Gronner); Roseanne Barr, None Other (Ronald K. McKinley); Campaign Song: Roseanne Barr None! (Woodbury, Williams, Kay); The Golden Age of Politics (Chuck Bloomquist); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Nothing Secedes Like Success (Philip Proctor); Sister Act...with Murder (Delores Hanney); Venice is Best when the Kids are Happy (CJ Gronner); Chicago Teachers Strike (Fred Owens); Swami X Speaks; Poetry: Poem For Autumn (John Thomas); Nervous Skin (Humberto Gomez Sequeira-HuGoS); untitled (Roger Houston); "Democratic Womanism" (Alice Walker); Fire in the Lake (Hillary Kaye); you've forgotten how to scream (Rex Butters); Community Events; Poster: Abbot Kinney Festival

Beachhead #371 - September 2012 - Skateboarding While Black (Ronald McKinley); Roseanne Barr Is Coming to Venice (Karl Abrams); Print: The Gas House (Earl Newman); Letters; Venice to Silver: It's Not Your Mural (Greta Cobar); Skateboarding is Not a Crime (CJ Gronner); Police and Selective Enforcement; Snake Man Cleared of All Charges; Roseanne Barr Visits Venice for Peace and Freedom Party; Earl Newman Goes From Venice to the Smithsonian (Greta Cobar); Skate Parks Cheat Environment at Malibu (John Davis); Cannabis Access Set to Vaporize September 6 (Anne Alvarez); Swami X Speaks; Poetry: Ancient Mothers (Mary Getlein); In Search of Love (Jacob Pryor); Woodstock Revisited (L.E. Mintz); Mosaddegh at the Hague (Majid Naficy); untitled (Roger Houston); Photo: Readers and Performers of the Fifth Annual Philomenian (Margaret Molloy); The Venice Sleep Out (Charles Dunn); New Healthcare Provisions Take Effect Amid Controversy (Roger Linnett); Community Events; It's Showtime for Venice Artist: Jaquelyn Fox (Anne Alvarez)

Beachhead #370 - August 2012 - Photo: Jim Morrison Mural (Greta Cobar); Venice Art Scene Heavyweights Square Off Over Propsed Mural Ordinanace (Roger Linnett); Mural Ordinance (Anna Siqueiros and Lisbeth Espinosa); Letters; Solomon (Carole Lee Walsh); Venice Is Bohemian (Sylvia Aroth); Soul Kitchen (Paul Tanck); The Fight to Save Our Post Office Continues (Greta Cobar); Photo: abandoned Property (Jim Smith); Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Future Up in Smoke (Anne Alvarez & Greta Cobar); VNC Meeting: A Study in Patience and Stamina (Roger Linnett); Community Improvements Projects Approved; Calling! 3rd Annual Beyond Baroque Poetry Contest; Event: 24 Hour Sleep Out for the Unhoused; Venice Is A Poem (Mary Getlein); Anonymous Talks tot he Beachhead (X); The Lit Show is a Hit _ With Suzy Williams (CJ Gronner); Venice - Where Art Meets Sublime (CJ Gronner); Hare Krishna Festival of the Chariots Coming to Venice (Greta Cobar); Ad: Maureen Cotter Show "OMG"; A Philomeme Rhapsody (Delores Hanney); Swami X Speaks; Tour de Venice (Katy Crenshaw); Ad: Fifth Annual Philomenian; Poetry: An Ancient Race of Queen (philomene Long); Independence Day (Majid Naficy); Venice Air (John Davis); untitled (Roger Houston); Venice Beach Inferno (Larry Mintz); For Philomene (John Thomas); It's Time (Kalahani); I Am No Longer Afraid (Philomene Long); Working For Money (Mary Getlein); After Aurora (Hal Bogotch); Photo: SPARC Demolished Mural: "Calle de la Eternidad" by Johanna Poethig; Ad: Diana Lang, Attorney; Calendar; Back page: Collage Photos: Venice Biennial (Great Cobar & CJ Gronner)

Beachhead # 369 - July 2012 - Venice Independence Issue.
Photo: Happy Birthday, Venice, 1905; Photo: Post Office Grand Opening, 1939, Poster: July 4th Parade; Photo: rally to Save Post Office; Letters; Thanks for the Metaphors (Jim Smith); Inspired (Cory Schumaker); Response to Patrick Frank (Alan Arch); Post Office Goes Private? (Jim Smith); Not Born on the 4th of July (Ronald McKinley); Bud Van Osdall Dies in His RV (Peggy Kennedy); The Life and Death of Mikey (Ian Dean); Art: Passion of the Punk; Photo: Michael Samuelson; The Prospects For Venice Cityhood (Jim Smith); Photo: Great Venice Assembly; Beach Curfew Violates Law (John Davis); Sun Exposure: Benefits and Cautions (Marisa Peck); Public Safety Uber Alles, says Nuch (Greta Cobar); Cannabis Is In The Weeds....(Anne Alvarez); Hammer Museum's Venice Biennial (Dean Henderson); Photo: Artist Arthur Moore (Greta Cobar); Photo: Juan's New Hat (Greta Cobar); Ad: Abbots' Habit, Dale Newman Design; $th of July in Venice, 1905 (Vanessa Cabello); Gone with the Transit of Venus: Ray Bradbury (Jim Smith); Swami X Speaks; Photo: Swami X (Ray Rae); Introducing the Venice Symphony Orchestra; photo: Fundraiser for Poetry Walls (Venice Paparazzi); Poetry: Transition (Jim Smith); For Jim (Hillary Kaye); Stream of Consciousness (Heather Freed); What (Ronald K. McKinley); Memorial, the decades roll away, I see you with (Roger Houston); Guevara (Nadja Tesiich); Oh Beautiful For Spacious Skies...(TIna Catalina Corcoran); Venice Desderada (Cameron Prior); Mitt: DOn't Run (With Scissors) (Hal Bogotch); the sound of cabrillo ( paul tanck); Photo: Bradbury on Venice Canals, 1963; Ray Bradbury and the Free Monorail System (Jim Smith); Make all those poor people go away, Daddy (Mary Getlein); Summer Brings Glimmer of Hope to Venice Skills Center (Charles Thomas); Cartoon: California Schools (Monte Wolverton); Evicted Family Camps Out At Former Home (CJ Gronner); Photo: Venice, 1924; Community Calendar; Back page: Photo: New Mural: Poets Stuart Perkoff and Philomene Long, by Franciso Leteltier (Jim Smith); Photo: Cafe Collage Mural Before White-Out; Ads: 4th Annual Summer Fest, Cairo Cowboy

Beachhead #368 - June 2012 - Special Summer in Venice Issue.
Painting: Independence Day - Venice Style (Frank Strasser); Summer in Venice, in 2062 (Jim Smith); everything is Normal in Venice (CJ Gronner); Letters; Surf & Skate Fest (Brady Walker); Even More Po'd (Patrick Frank); Venice Entertainer Framed in Santa Monica (Greta Cobar); About the Cover; Post Office Picket Planned (Greta Cobar); Defaced Mural to be Restored (Roger Linnett); Voting Like It Mattered (Jim Smith); Students, Teachers, Work to Save Venice Skills Center and Adult Education (Charles Thomas); Two Views of the Zip Line: Zipped, Not Taxed (Dean Henderson); Zipped or Unzipped? (Katy Crenshaw); Photo: Venice City Hall, 1969; Money Available for Venice Non-Profits; Ad: Pilates On Venice; Get To Know Vibul (Anne Alvarez); Ad: Abbot's Habit; What The Frack Is Under My Bed? (Suzy Williams); Cartoon: "Suspicious Character' (FJ Matson); Book Review: The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, by Michelle Alexander (Mary Getlein); Book Review: Lions & Gondolas, by Laura Shepard Townsend (Delores Hanney); Book Cover Art (M.T.) The Alleys of Venice (Fred Owens); Poetry: Every (francEye); I Love My Homies (Mary Getlein); Breaking Through (Jim Smith); untitled (Hillary Kaye); Bummer / Summer (paul tanck); Venice FOg (Frank T. Rios); Living Life Amused (Cameron Prior); Ads: Sinners & Saints, Electric Lodge; Flyer: Day of Remembrance for Oakwood Deceased; Photo: Solomon on Windward Avenue; Theater Review: Astral Dick (Roger Linnett); Ad: Nutritional Warehouse; Calendar; Back page: Photo: Another Perfect Day in Venice (Ray Rae); Ad: Cairo Cowboy; Photo: Wrong Way on a Walkstreet? (Jim Smith); Event: 4th Annual Summer Fest

Beachhead #367 - May 2012 - The Fire Next Time (Jim Smith); Photo: Uprising L.A. (Christine Burrill); EXTRA! Silicon Discovered in Venice (Jamie Virostko); Photo: Japanese-American Memorial Marker (Matthew Hynes); Letters; Venice Skills Center (Rich Mann); Big Wheel (Gail Rogers); Moved by Open Letter (Diane Loggin); Photo: Wealth and Poverty in Venice; Ads: Beachhead Paginator Wanted, Douglas Eisenstark Acupuncture, Contractor Christopher Marquardsen; Tenants Reclaim Loncoln Place (Jim Smith); Photo (Gail Weissman); Zip Line on the Beach? (Greta Cobar); to feed or not to feed, that is the question? (Ronald McKinley); Cinco de Mayo Pancake Breakfast (Roger Linnett); Ad: Nutritional Warehouse; Santa Monica College Students Blind-Sided by Campus Police (Roger Linnett); Photo: Pepper-sprayed Students; Photo (Chip Gatz); Ocean Front Walk: Vending or Free Speech? (Greta Cobar); Photo: OFW Piano Player Edward Brown (Beachhead Archives); Song: Poed at the PO (Suzy Williams); How Peter Douglas Saved Venice and the California Coast (Jim Smith); Graphic: Neighborhood Crime Watch (Khalil Bendib); Ad: Beyond Baroque Art Auction; Venice is for the Birds (Vanessa Cabello); They're Walkways, not "Side" walks (Fred Owens); Ad: Marla's Cafe; Scene of the Crime: Marker Unveiled (Jim Smith); Ad: Abbot's Habit; Saving the Post Office (Jim Smith); Daniel Kaufman - Art at the Speed of Heat (Roger Linnett); Like Father, Like Daughter: George and Kelly Carlin (Jack Neuworth); Stop Drinking Soda (Marisa Peck); Swami X Speaks; Ad: Sinners and Saints; Poetry: Andrew's Alley (Krista Schwimmer); In Rhyme (L.E. Mintz); What must be said (Gunter Grass); What We All Must Say (Jim Smith); But Don't See Me (Ronald K. McKinley); Our Lady (Mary Getlein); Under the Sole (Hal Bogotch); Oil Srike in Venice Peninsula (Delores Hanney); Ad: Hoagie's; Adventures With The Landlord (CJ Gronner); Fundraiser to Repair Poetry Walls; Venice Skills Center Still Fighting for Survival (Charles Thomas); Graphic Art (Janice Yudell); Calendar; Back page: Art (Daniel Kaufman); Spring Fling Poster; Mystic Journey Presents: George Noory

Beachhead #366 - April 2012 - An Open Letter to the Community (Deborah LaShever); Future of Venice Skills Center in Doubt (Charles Thomas); Letters; Ocean Charter School (Terence Pearce); Venice History Banned from the Boardwalk (Jeffrey Stanton); Post Office Sales Terms Omit Historical Protection (Greta Cobar); Venice Homeless File Claim Against LA; Chain Envelops Independent Newspaper; LA Confidential (Jim Smith); Plantations of Prisons - California's Biggest Crop (Mary Getlein); Ad: Redition of Film: Salt of the Earth; The War Against Women (Jack Neuworth); Wombs: Property of the State? (Carol Fondiller); Cartoon: Doonesbury; Who Bombed Judy Bari? (Margot Pepper); Photos of Earth First's Judy Bari; Venice Observes 70th Anniversary of Japanese-Americans (Phyliis Hayashibara); Photo: Hama Sushi's Esther Chain an Kinya Aota; Celebrate the Coming of the Marker; Big Wheel Keeps on Rollin' (Greta Cobar); Photoshop: Big Wheel on OFW (YoVenice); Ad: Abbot's Habit; Armed Guards at Whole Foods (M.A. von Pfeiffer); Photo (Julian Gray); Photo: New Mural: "Touch of Venice" (Jim Smith); Book Review: Watergate - A Novel (Jim Smith); Swami X Speaks; Poetry: Venice - 1963 (KL Bratton); Ode to Tom Waits (L.E. Mintz); Belly-Up (Vanessa, Lexi, Eric, Frankie); That Woman (Joanna Silva); Pink Cloud Poem (Philomeme Long); The Freaks of Venice (anonymous); Ads: Electric Lodge, Marla's Cafe; Photo: Old Canal Bridge (Rick Sinatra); Zev Comes to Venice (Anne Alvarez); Occupy Venice Post Office on Tax Day; Venice in the 11970's (Sam Schatz); Graphic: The K Chronicles (Keef); Community Calendar; Back page: Venice Beach Surf&Skate Fest; Town Hall to Discuss Silicon Beach; Larry Hankin Live at the Talking Stick

Beachhead #365 - March 2012 - SPECIAL WOMEN'S ISSUE.
Unequal Battle - Venice versus the U.S. Postal Service; Photo: Nancy Williamson (Vanessa Cabello); Fighting back against a faceless bureaucracy (Jim Smith); Letters; No Curfew (Eddie Wall); La Fortuna Market (Ty Allison); Google says "No Comment" to 5,000 Venice Employees (Greta Cobar); Metro Bus #733 Adds Stop (Roger Linnett); Ad: David L. Moring, Attorney; Wild and Peaceful - The Ivory Queen of Soul (Ronald K. McKinley); Do we have Women's Equality Now? (Jim Smith); Photo: What Strange Ship Has Invaded Venice? (Jim Smith); Ad: Nutrional Warehouse; You Probably Never Heard of the Most Influential Woman of the 20th Century (Roger Linnett); Round Two for the Venice Skills Center (Charles Thomas); Poem: Memorial: Diane Butler (Mary Getlein); Song:There's a Ghost at every corner (Diane Butler); Painting: Jesus Was Homeless (Diane Butler); To Diane Butler (Suzanne Verdal); My Humble Ode to Diane (Tina Catalina Corcoran); For Diane (Mary Getlein); Photo: Drum Orchestra Memorial Jam for Diane (Greta Cobar); A Day and a Month to Celebrate Women (Vanessa Cabello); Graphic (Charlene Richards); Commemorating Venetian Women form the Early Years (Vanessa Cabello); Ad: Abbot's Habit; Jin Patisserie Makes Venice Sweeter (CJ Gronner); Photos (CJ Gronner); Ad: Stephanic Hobgood Hair; Film Review: Salt of the Earth (Jim Smith); Ad: Hoagie's; Poetry:Fourteen (Lynette); Hoboville (Paul Beethovan); untitled (Roger Houston); Peace Is My Religion (Hal Bogotch); Moment (Ronald K. McKinley); Gravity (Jim Smith); Ibrahim and his band (Rex Butters); Swami X Speaks; Photo (Rich Mann); Ads: Electric Lodge, Marla's Cafe; Graphic: U.S. Capitalism (Khalil Bendib); Photo: Post Office Cornerstone (Vanessa Cabello); Calendar; Back page: Vintage Venice Pageant Poster; Venice Post Office (Terry Stoller)

Beachhead #364 - February 2012 - Curfew May Be Illegal Restriction of Access (Greta Cobar); Photo: OFW (Jim Smith); Letters; 2012- Oh No! (Jennifer Everhart); Who Created the iZip Mural? (Claudia S. Morimitsu); Mission Not Accomplished (Douglas Fay); Ads: Hoagie's, David L. Moring, Attorney; The Venice SKills Center is in Danger of Losing Its Funding (Charles Thomas); Unfortunate Times for La Fortuna Market (Anne Alvarez); Photos (Gary Neville); The Meeting to Close the Boardwalk (Mary Getlein); Photo (Pegarty Long); Ads: Electric Lodge, Nutritional Warehouse; The Fatal LAPD Crash, Blame is Obvious (Jim Smith); Photo: Devin Petelski; Photo: Crash Site (Jeanelle Lee); Lincoln Place Rehab Underway (Jim Smith); Venice Artist David Phillips (CJ Gronner); "Save the Post Office" Enters Critical Phase (Greta Cobar); Photos (Jim Smith); Ad: Abbot's Habit; We are a country of amnesiacs (Jack Neuworth); Swami X Speaks; Atomic Scientists Set Clock Forward; Free Speech on Ocean Front Walk? (Bill Mitchell); Photo: Bill Mitchell; Poetry: January 1st, 2012, Venice, CA (Mary Getlein); Home before the Hour (Michelle Lepori); Love Knows (Ronald K. McKinley); untitled (Roger Houston); can't ask the wind why (Joanna Silva); Ad: Mission Accomplished; Theater Review: Awake in a World That Encourages Sleep (Roger Linnett); Ads: Globe Dry Cleaners, Quality Tire&Brake; Community Calendar; Graphic: Citizens United (Khalil Bendib); Back page: Back by Popular Deman: Vintage Venice Pageant Poster; Rally: Save Your Venice Post Office!

Beachhead #363 - January 2012 - It's 2012 - Ready or Not! - Mural: The Island of California (Victor Henderson & Terry Schoonhoven); Get Ready for the Doomsday Year; This Year's Boardwalk Ordinance (Greta Cobar); Letters; The Venice Mummy (John D. Ekstromer); Save the Venice Post Office (Tina Catalina); Who's Poisoning the Leaders of South America? (Bill Mitchell); Graphic: Occupy Ellis Island (Khalil Bendib); Ad: Hoagie's; Arrests on Third Street (Mary Getlein); Health Care Coming This Year! (Roger Linnett); Questions Persist As To US Arms Treaty Compliance (Janet Phelan); Ad: Utah Phillips Reading the Beachhead; The Last of the Red-Hot Potatoes (Jim Smith); Poem: Let's Go to the Hot (Tina Catalina Corcoran); Boats Parade in the Venice Canals (CJ Gronner); Ad: Abbot's Habit; Can we all just get along? (Jim Smith); Fight to Save Post Office Continues; Photo: Volunteers with Petition to Save Post Office; Fear of Drumming (Ronald K. McKinley); Art (Janice Yudell); Ad: Electric Lodge; Poetry: Wordless Whisper (Karl Abrams); What Makes America, America? (Hal Bogotch); The Return (krista schwimmer); All You Are (Ronald K. McKinley); Almost There (Janet Phelan); Sacred Places (Jim Smith); LAPD Why Did You Tow? (Ray Chase); Ads: Mission Accomplished, Marla's Cafe; Martin Luther King, Jr. - The Unknown Anti-War Activist (American Public Media); Ads: Globe Dry Cleaners, Chemo: Secrets to Thriving; Community Calendar; Back page: Cartoon: What do you do to mark Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? (Steve Greenberg); iZip Mural (Jonas Never)


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