The Beachhead
issues for 2002-2010



Beachhead #262 - July 2002 - DEDICATED TO RICK DAVIDSON
Venice sprouts its Grass Roots (Jim Smith); Poem: The Beachhead's Back (the Slumgoddess); The White Whale Leaps for the Sky (Marvin Klotz); Jazz at Palms Court; Letter: Here's to Another 20 Years! (John Haag); Photo: Venice Circle - Bulldozer with Backhoe; this paper is a poem: AFTER (Rick Davidson); Lovers Frost (Vessy Mink); Playa Prohecy (Panos Douvos); Collage: Sherry Chovan; The law and how to avoid it (Marvin Klotz); GRVNC Official Election Results; Re-Grooving the Co-op: Interview with Morowa Washington (Suzy Williams); Peace and Freedom Party registration Drive (Yolanda Miranda); Turn That Damn Thing Down, please (Carol Fondiller); Lincoln Place Struggle Continues (Sheila Bernard); Ads: Lovesick Fridays at Cow's End; Thomas Tedesco Quartet; Nonviolence Works; Venice Peace March; Community Calendar; Back page: Beachhead Benefit: Roy Zimmerman and Kristina Olsen In Concert

Beachhead #263 - August 2002 - Good Guys Finish First...Sometimes (Carol Fondiller); Can't house the poor and homeless? Then, let's drug them (David Busch); Letters: Venture Capitalists? - JohnH; Congrats, Beachhead - Gonzalo Santos; Mona P. has passed away - Dewey; Poetry: Venice Fundraiser (Vessy Mink); To Amerikkka (Sherry Chovan); Talk to God (Vessy Mink); "Crying With My Gun" (Sherry Chovan); New dimension (Panos Douvos); How To Build Community; From a Lincoln Place Tenant: Next Steps in Protection of Renters (Sheila Bernard); Sher-ruff of Venice (Calvin Moss); Lil' Venice Fights On (Jim Smith); Cartoon: The Adventures of the Lovesick Lunatics; What to do about affordable housing? (Steve Clare); The Venice Community Center: Interview with Vera Davis Center Director, Cliff McClain (Jeff Hirsch); GRVNC UPdate (Alice Stek); Drawing by Screaming Mimi; World Summit on Sustainable Development (Dennis Brutus); Give Mayor Hahn a piece of your mind; Ad: History of Venice of America (Arnold Springer); Lovesick Fridays at Cow's End; Food Not Bombs; 10th Annual Jazz at Palms Court; Vero foto; Community Calendar; Back page: Poster: Free Venice Beachhead, 1968-2002

Beachhead #264 - September 2002 - Crises In Housing (Carol Fondiller); Living on Lincoln (Jim Smith); Letters: The Beachhead's Restaurant Review: Words to eat Yuppies by (Essie La Fresseur De La Yenta); Venice drumcircle - Marc Madow; Bravo Beachhead - Tina Catalina Corcoran; Poetry: Santana (Panos Douvos); Girlcryingoverspilledmilk (Sherry Chovan); Feminist Lasagna (Peggy Lee Kennedy); A Star's Dream (Manal); No Words (Vessy Mink); Bursting Thoughts (Susana C. De Leon); A Toast (Tina Catalina Corcoran); Upon The Day Of Prayer (Maryjane); Artists Against Corporate Greed (Screaming Mimi); Sher-ruff of Venice: The End Force Human (Calvin Moss); Briefly; Sweatshops: Send Nike A Message; 1984 (Carol Fondiller); A Venice Response to 9/11 and its Aftermath (Jim Smith); Poem: History Of The Airplane (Lawrence Ferlinghetti); Neighborhood Council Holds first Board Meeting (Alice Stek); Ads: 3 Big Venice Events; Sponto Gallery; Venice Restaurant HOT TOO; Nutritional Warehouse; Hand Job; Vero foto; Venice Peace March; Renters have rights (Elena Popp); U.N. World Habitat Day (Carol Fondiller); Community Calendar; Back page: Beachhead Archives, 1969: The Course of Human Events

Beachhead #265 - October 2002 - Rumors of War & Secession: Vote Yes - Let Hollywood and the Valley decide (Jim Smith); Vote No - Union and tenants forever! (Carol Fondiller); The Bush Putsch for War (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Poem: Centurion's Complaint (John Haag); Letters: Lincoln Blvd. - Ray Bianco; Scratch Back - Bruce Harrison; One Venice Blvd. - Susanne Chilton; Poetry: A Pacifist Reflection On The Terror Wars (Charles Kruger); Make The Pie Higher (George W. Bush); What's Wrong (Panos Douvos); Que ha pasado? What has happened? (Susana C. De Leon); Mission To The East (John Haag); Still Free (Sherry Chovan); White whale Still Reaching For The Sky (Marvin Klotz); The War By The Numbers; Briefly; Equal Protection Under the Law (Carol Fondiller); Glibby Lil'Red Feminist Advice Column; Ad: L.A. Secession: Pros and Cons; Big Money Votes Against Secession; Political cartoon: Baby Bush (Screaming Mimi); Perhaps You Were There? - Venice: Lost and Found (Maryjane); Sher-ruff of Venice: The Law End Force Human (Calvin Moss); Neighborhood Council: Democratic Process in Action (Alice Stek); Poem: An Army of Women (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Ads; Community Calendar; Back page: Photos: Summer in Venice

Beachhead #266 - November 2002 - Food Lines Bomb At S.M. City Hall (Peggy Lee Kennedy); The Iraq Peace team (Ramzi Kysia); On a car-free day you can hear the surf (Jim Smith); Letters: Throw Out All Of The Incumbents - Geriatric Jack; Re: Marvena Kennedy - Sweet William; Gung Ho - Tarik Abdullah; Gibby Lil'Red Feminist Advice Column; Poetry: RANT (Eric Alberg); The Elements (Charles Kruger); One Time (Vessy Mink); Passage from Anna Frank: The Diary of A Young Girl; We, the undersigned, oppose the War in Iraq; Art: Peace, by Screaming Mimi; An Interview with John Haag (Suzy Williams); Sher-ruff of Venice: The Law End Force Human (Calvin Moss); 300 At Neighborhood Council Meeting (Alice Stek); Music in the Aire (Arnold Clover); Co-oping with Daniel Freeman Hospital (Sheila Bernard); Ads: Venice Repairs; LMU Extension; Paine & Sons; Sophia, Tarot & Palm Reader; The Venice HOT TOO; Film Review: McLuhan's Wake Is Awake (Gerry Fialka); Community Calendar; Back page: Art: Home of the Free, by Screaming Mimi

Beachhead #267 - December 2002 - Photo: Venice Against the War: Picketing Congresswoman Jane Harman; On the Corner of Abbot Kinney and San Juan...(Lydia Ponce); Song: Everyday Is Christmas In Venice! (Tina Catalina Corcoran); Letters: Music at Cow's End - Chris Kuter; Connect the Dots - The Beachhead Collective; Poetry: untitled (Vessy Mink); And Lead Us Not (Fast Eddie); Shoot first (Panos Douvos); Art: Drawing by Screaming Mimi; Lincoln Place - A Test of Perserverance (Sheila Bernard); Happy Holidays - Good Will To All? (Peggy Kennedy); We, the undersigned, oppose a war in Iraq; Venice, Venezia - a tale of 2 cities (Jim Smith); Venice gondola here to stay (Venice Vanguard, 1908); Homeland War Wages On Against The Homeless (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Ad: Food Not Bombs Peace Camp; Sher-ruff of Venice: The Law End Force Human (Calvin Moss); RANT (Eric Alberg); GRAFT (Carol Fondiller); How Venice Voted (Alice Stek); From the Dubya Watch (Panos Douvos); Ads: Nathan's Therapeutic Massage; Sophia, Tarot & Palm Reader; Sponto Gallery; Car-free Venice; Special Holiday Events in Venice; Community Calendar; Film: McLuhan's Wake; Back page: Poster: Venice West Cafe, by Earl Newman



Beachhead #268 - January 2003 - Dedicated to Phil Chamberlin.
The Battle For Lincoln Boulevard (John Davis); Painting: Ibrahim, by Diane Butler; The Venice Census - Look, We're Still Here (Jim Smith); Letters: It Is Not A War..It Is Blatant Aggression - Jose Crow Rodriguez; Photo: Anna Haag reading the Beachhead at The Hot Cafe; Line Drawings of Collective Members; Beachhead needs you; Song: Too Poor To Live Here (Carol Fondiller); Study says protesting is good for you; Movie Review: From the Ashes...The Storyteller, by Christine Schanes (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Sher-ruff of Venice: The Law End Force Human (Calvin Moss); Photo: Happy Birthday, MLK; Photo: Hijas de Juarez; Poetry: untitled (Swami X); Peyote Poem (Stuart Z. Perkoff); And The Day Chases Us (Suzy Williams); History Lesson (John Haag); Listen up (Panos Douvos); The Later Day Transubstantiation Of Blessed Oliver Cromwell (Fast Eddie); the song of the secret police (Stuart Z. Perkoff); The Lover's Tree (Vessy Mink); GRVNC - The Lack of Progress Report (Alice Stek); Peace and Freedom in 2003? Perhaps in California (Jim Smith); Swami X Interview (Suzy Williams); Photo: FNB Peace Camp; Sadness - Co-op closing its doors; Ads: Car-free Venice; The University of Venice; The Lovesick Lunatics; Sophia, Palm & Tarot Reader; Philip Paul Design; Calendar; Back page: Collage of Beachhead Archival Headlines

Beachhead #269 - February 2003 - Living on Lincoln or Living in Riverside? (Alice Stek); Can Venice Continue to Coast? (Moe Stavnezer); Revoltin' Developments; Painting by Diane Butler; Men: Pro and Con (Lynne Bronstein); Venice Men (Tina Catalina Corcoran); Letter from Ron Ridenour; Poetry: untitled (Meri Albright); Dawn Over Venice (John Haag); Causa Belli (Andrew Motion); Set Free The Slaves! (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Lafayette, we were there (Carol Fondiller); Lafayette Cafe (Randy S. Brooks); Coastal Commission Says NO to widening of Lincoln Blvd. (Jim Smith); The Battle of San Juan Avenue (Lydia Ponce); Los Angeles practices LCP interruptus (John Davis); The Beachhead Needs You; The Los Angeles Peace March (Suzy Williams); Food Not Bombs at the Peace March (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Poems: A River of Peace Dreamers (Vessy Mink); just one more war (rick davidson); Petition Opposing Military Action Against Iraq; Photo: Brainless Newspaper found in Beachhead land; Even Bigger Developments on the Way! (Sheila Bernard); In Memoriam: Marvin Grayson, 1917- 2002 (Panos Douvos); Call To Action, Honoring 320+ Women Murdered in Juarez, Mexico, at SPARC; Ads: VOP Food Co-op; The Uplifteer; Philip Paul Design; Spontos; Fidelity Press; Energy Efficiency; Communtiy Calendar; Back page: Karl Marx: Sculpture by Marvin Grayson; Poem: Marx in Mahoghany (Sherman Pearl)

Beachhead #270 - March 2003 - Dedicated to the Women of Venice.
A Day, And A Month, For Women; Painting: Blue, by Screaming Mimi; Linda Albertano Interview (Suzy Williams); Susan B, Louisa May, Monica L, and Me (Carol Fondiller); Growing up poor, Latina and migrant (Yolanda Miranda); Letters: Collectivists - Chuck Bloomquist; Beatnik Say Hi - Bill Fleeman; An Impromptu Response - Fast Eddie; Send us your dead presidents (The Beachhead Collective); Poetry: Good Americans (Linda Albertano); They Couldn't Take Away...(Bill Fleeman); Ad nauseum (Panos Douvos); Ode to Mumy (Vessy Mink); untitled (Barbata Artie Ligget); untitled (Helen Keller); A Folksy Kind of Guy (Fast Eddie); Concrete and Clay (Joanna Silva); The Assassination of Lincoln Blvd. (Jim Smith); Movie Review: On Seeing Costa Gravas' "Amen" (Panos Douvos); Down at San Juan and Abbot Kinney (Jim Smith); Ain't I A Woman? (Sojourner Truth); An Acre of Peace In A World of Terror (Marc Madow); Lincoln Place Eligible for the National Register; Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Sex Strike for Peace (Vessy Mink); Photos: Hollywood Peace/Anti-U.S. War in Iraq March; Affordable Housing - A Groundswell Whose Time Has Come (Sheila Bernard); Lucky Sixty Four Win Boardwalk Lottery (Panos Douvos); Community Calendar; Back page: Poster: Up Yours, Bush!

Beachhead #271 - April 2003 - Beachhead Sells-Out: Beachhead Sold to Rupert Murdoch; Venice-born Peace and Freedom Party regains ballot status (Jim Smith) ; Photo: New Mural, by Jaryk Lee, at Kim's Food Corner; Letters: No War Against the Facts - A Venice landowner and taxpayer; From Phil Chamberlin; Pesky Page Seven Mistakes; Letter from George Walker Bush; A Sign of the Times? (Art Wellesley); Great White Whale Goes to Court; And then there's the fire at Fenmar Apartments; More letters: Notable Women of Venice - Emily Winters, Chuck Bloomquist; Lincoln Center Sails On: Letters from Barbara Eisenberg, Laura Silagi, C.V. Beck; Time is running out for an 88-year-old tenant and GRVNC (Carol Fondiller); Political cartoon: From Addicted to War: The High Price of Militarism (Frank Dorrel); Photos: The Great Peace Wall of Venice; Beachhead Presents: John Haag talks about the history of Venice; Photo: The Colorful History of Venice, California Coloring Book (Emily Winters & S.E. Mendelson); The Eyes of Taxes are upon you (Fast Eddie); Phil Chamberlin, Raging Pacifist, Dies (Carol Fondiller); Poetry: Thank You Dubya (Lynne Bronstein); Busting Heads (Stew Albert); Our Kind of Dancing (Ellen Lewis); Dulce Et Decorum Est (Wilfred Owen); Untitled (Jennifer Hunt); The Wave (Jennifer Hunt); Stuart Z. Perkoff (Bill Fleeman); Ads: Car-free Venice; Sponto Gallery; Philip Paul Design; Fidelity Press; Beachhead Archival Photo: 61 Years Ago in Venice - Japanese-Americans Line-up for Internment Camps; Community Calendar; Back page: Poster: The New Superpower: Join the Peace Movement (John Maclennan)

Beachhead #272 - May 2003 - Photo: Destruction of Affordable housing at Lincoln Place; Lincoln Center project not approved (Jim Smith); Venice Birthday Celebration! (Carol Fondiller); Letters: Rupert Murdoch - Alexander Cockburn; My sweet lady Venice - F.E. Bloomquist; Dear Emigrant - Sheila Bernard; On Criticism (DeDe Audet); The Neighborly Council (Carol Fondiller); $2Million Condos on the Boardwalk? (Joyce M. Haskell); More Letters: An eviction worthy of conviction - Barbara Eisenberg; ringing Endorsement of Beachhead - Rick Feibusch; Licenses for artists and free speechers?; Albert Dunne versus the City Council; Toward a philosophy of renter rights (Sheila Bernard); Interview with Muralist Francisco Letelier: "HumanBeing at-Large, Culturally Engaged" (Suzanne Thompson); On the Eve of a Declaration of Independence (Jim Smith); Poetry: Mad Mike (Bill Fleeman); World Stage Jam (Rex Butters); untitled (Stuart Z. Perkoff); Speak Out! (Lawrence Ferlinghetti); A Garden Grows in Venice (Emily Snider); Community Calendar; Back page: Poster: Venice 4th of July Parade

Beachhead #273 - June 2003 - Beachhead Editorial: A lot's at stake in the Venice Elections; Whole Lotta Shaking Going On (John Davis); Oh Rats! Developers Don't Bleed (Carol Fondiller); Letters: Midnight Special Bookstore - Margie Ghiz; Protesting Bush - Marea Boylan; Notable Women - John P. Jones; Licenses for OFW - John Vance; Isadora Duncan - Eddie Medard; War in Iraq - Paul Frankel; Outback Cafe - Naomi Snyder; Daniel Freeman Hospital: Battle may be won but war is from far over (Theresa Hulme); Neighborhood Council votes, over opposition, to support Albert Dunne and Lincoln Place (Jim Smith); Letters re: The Adult School; KPFK & The Beachhead: Free Radio & Free Press (Lydia Ponce); In Memoriam: Sue Nelson, 1927-2003 (Carol Fondiller); Saul White, Artist and Poet, Dies at 70 (Sue Landauer); Photo: Yippie in Million Marijuana March in NYC; Report on the May Meeting of the Land Use and Planning Committee (Barbara Eisenberg); The Land Use Committee and how it got that way (Jim Smith); The Biggest Lil' Nominating Convention in Venice (Sheila Bernard); Abbot Kinney, Tobacco, and the Founding of Venice (Charles Harris 'Brick' Garrigues); Capitalist Roaders holding Chairman Mao prisoner; Poetry: Changing Seasons (Miranda); Untitled (Hillary Kaye); untitled (John Davis); Lasso your Love (Vessy Mink); Zorba (Panos Douvos); Venice, California (Bill Fleeman); Impressionism (Ivan Smason); Almost Indigenous (Sheila Bernard); Tired of Being A Unilingual Gringo? (Suzy Williams); Happy 36th Birthday, Peace and Freedom Party; Community Calendar; Back page: Vintage Venice Bathing Beauty Poster

Beachhead #274 - July 2003 - Photo: Killer Machines Eat Lincoln Place (Lydia Ponce); Abbot's Got Gas (John Davis); Venice votes...and votes...and votes; Is Venice becoming a Banana Republic?; Letters: Thornton Avenue Development - Joyce Haskell; Criminalization of Homeless - Peggy Lee Kennedy; Enclosed check - Ivan Smason; Photo: Thornton Towers (Rich Mann); In Memoriam: Sylvia Kohan, 1948 - 2003; No Exit: The Trammel Crow Project in the Oxford Triangle (Barbara Eisenberg); Venice Neighborhood Council Candidates; Photo: Lonely OFW, 1971; The Vanishing of Venice (1938) (Charles Harris 'Brick' Garrigues); Whales Under Attack: Turn That Damn Thing Down!; Photos: Mural Cover-up, Bush protest; Venice Carnevale; Developer launches preemptive strike against Lincoln Place (C.V. Beck); On the 200th Anniversary of the Founding of Venice (A Time Traveler); Poetry: Valedictory (Lance Diskan); Taking It (Hillary Kaye); First Venice Beach Drumcircle (Bill Fleeman); Monday Morning at the 7-11 (John Haag); Venice (Edwin Vasquez);Ads: Karen's Kare;;Fidelity Press, Nutritional Warehouse; North Beach, 90291 Exhibition at Sponto Gallery (Rich Mann); Community Calendar; Back page: Beachhead Presents: Venice Summer Cavalcade of Stars

Beachhead #275 - August 2003 - Progressives sweep Venice Elections; Venice - Marina del Rey border crossing sealed (DeDe Audet); Letters: Pets voting - Leandra Carmone; Congrats for New Council - Gonzalo Santos; Victory Dance - John Davis; Venetians fed up with Santa Monica Airport Noise (Theresa Hulme); Shocking Revelation!: Mutant Dawg Votes in Venice Election; Photos: Bonedaddys and Superbroke play Venice Cavalcade of Stars; GRVNC Election Scorecard; 20 Lies About the War (Glen Rangwala and Raymond Whitaker); International Labor Rights Fund Campaign to Stop Killer Coke (Javier Correa); A Day at the Huntington Beach for Illegal Billboard (Steve Freedman); Art by Diane Butler; Photos: Venice Independence Day Parade; Campaign announced to build affordable housing and more parking in Venice (Yasmin Tong); The Bigger Picture (Peggy Lee Kennedy); 9,000 Years Later...(Lydia Ponce); Poetry: In Reverence for Silent Stones (R.G. Catalupo); repeatedly (Paul Tanck); Nothing is easy in America (Hillary Kaye); Toast to Fortune (J. Allen Worthey); At Peace (Vessy Mink); The Wind (Stuart Z. Perkoff); Two from the Venice Poetry Walls (Philomene Long, Jim Morrison); Sunday Chautauqua Coffee House Series is Born (Stephen L. Fiske); Ad: Jazz at Palms Court; Nutritional Warehouse; Fidelity Press; Energy Efficiency; Community Calendar; Back page: Poster: George W. Bush - Oops! I Did It Again! (Robbie Conal)

Beachhead #276 - September 2003 - Three Views of California Politics: I Don't Recall (Carol Fondiller, Jim Smith, and Rev. Jesse Jackson); Where's Our Neighborhood Council?; Santa Monica Airport: A Deadly Neighbor (Theresa Hulme); Letters: Venice Election - Peggy Moore, Raku voted - Purricivil Felliney; Affordable Housing - John K. Murray; Recall - Linda Lucks; Marina Bypass - Ruth Galanter; Venice Parade - Emily Winters, Terence Pearce; Running for governor - Trek Kelly; Tribute to Gregory Hines: Gregory (Carol Fondiller); The Venice Skills Center - Out of the Woods? (Suzy Williams); More Letters: Santa Monica Airport - Martin Rubin, Joan Winters, John Humphrey; Venice Peace Marches Become Historic (Jim Smith); Photo: Mural: "Chagall Comes to Venice" by Christina Schlesinger; Jazz at Palms Court...Resist..Create...Relax...Repeat (Chuck Bloomquist); Citizen's Committee to Abolish the Two-Party System (Cary Shulman); Food Not Bombs Founder, Keith McHenry, in Venice (Calvin E. Moss); Venice Landmark goes on the block (Jim Smith); Poetry: Seen on Paloma Sidewalk; Money (Hillary Kaye); syncopation night (Paul Tanck); 13 Ways Of Looking At A Blastbird (John Haag); Habits (Hal Bogotch); What A Party! (Regina Barton); Nitepoem (Frank Rios); Spirit of Venice (John Kertisz); Happy 50th, Suzy!; Venice Muralist Dougo at Spontos; Calendar; Back page: Poster: 11th Annual Jazz at Palms Court

Beachhead #277 - October 2003 - Neighborhood Council back in business as election challenges are rejected by city (Carol Fondiller); Tenant Loses One: Albert Dunne; Letters: Santa Monica Airport - Martin Rubin; Airport to Airport - Carol J. Skiba; Venice Skills Center - Marguerite Siegel; Illegal Billboard still up - Steve Freedman; Helicopters over Oakwood - Jacques under the palms; The New Neighborhood Council Meets (Peggy Lee Kennedy); The Spirit of Venice (Lydia Ponce); A Neighborhood School for Our Children; The Treasurer of Venice (Jim Smith); More Letters: The Neighborhood Council - Chris Wood; Colouring Book: Council Meeting (Emily Winters and S.E. Mendelson); Even Larger Jets (Theresa Hulme); City removes Venice street parking (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Festival lays an egg with Venice organizations (Cindy Johnson Howard); Flora Chavez, RIP; Photos: Hollywood March Against the Occupation of Iraq (Theresa Hulme); Excerpts from the FInal Report on the VNC Elections;Poetry: untitled (Hillary Kaye); Where do they get the nerve? (C.V. Beck); untitled (Hillary Kaye); Community Calendar; Back page: Beachhead reprint, 1974: Cartoon: Orwell and Ace in Creature From The Canal, by Thomas Warkentin

Beachhead #278 - November 2003 - Who's Murdering the Women of Juarez? (Javier Rodriguez H.); The Perfect Fire (Mike Davis); Stolen: Free Public Parking in Venice (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Letters: No Lottery on the Ocean Front - John Vance; Picket Line - Lucky Leyva; Wrong Number - Sydney; Classes for Youth - Lois Webb and Vicki Landers; Neighborhood Council fills vacancies, supports Ralph's workers, opposes Patriot Act (Jim Smith); Thinkin' about Lincoln: Interview with Jack Prichett and Barbara Milliken (Sheila Bernard); Beachhead Questionaire; Most Still Don't Recall (Gonzalo Santos); Long love the Coop (Eric Alberg); Rally for Ralph's workers; Poem: The Scab (Jack London); Corporate Greed vs. Human Need; Photos: Yolanda Miranda and Dennis Kuchinich; Poet Linda Albertano (Gary Leonard); Question: What's behind the grocery strike? Answer: Corporate Greed (Jim Smith); MTA Yard closing after 98 years; Ads: Just Tantau; Stroh's Gourmet; The Fruit Gallery; Poetry: Liberty and Labor (Linda J. Abertano); My Hands (Francisco Letelier); Elegy for Tony Scibella (Bill Fleeman); untitled (Vessy Mink); Iraqi Mourning (Hillary Kaye); S.A.T.I. (Cary Shulman); Reform the Wizards of Injustice (Peace Wizard); Community Calendar; Photo: Poet Tariq Ali Coming to Venice; Santa Monica Airport: Local Residents Get Active...(Theresa Hulme); Back page: Chee-wah-wah: Beachhead Birthday Party at United Methodist Church

Beachhead #279 - December 2003 - 35th Birthday Issue.
Dedicated to Anna Ricci Haag, 1937 - 2003; Godmother- Muse-Lady-Queen, Take your Pick (Carol Fondiller); Tales of the Nude Beach and other strange events (Marcie Stone and Paul Tanck); Venice Envisioned (Sheila Bernard); Letters: Support the grocery strikers - Shannon D. Donato; Ring in the New Year! - Hans Etter; Happy Birthday! - Howie Siegel; The Old Safeway - Bryan Rogers; Lincoln Blvd. - Stephanie Denyer; Out of the Litter Box (Ali Katz); Trammell Crow project rejected by Neighborhood Council (Jim Smith); VNC: Who's Out? Who's In?; GRVNC Stakeholders Encouraged to Comment on Playa Vista Phase II; In Brief; The Parking Gangs of Venice (John Davis); Meet Fannie Chappel (Lydia Ponce); Lincoln Center NOT Moving Forward: Preliminary Response from Envision Venice; "Do Not Let This Happen" (Jerry Jaffe); 35 Years of the Free Venice Beachhead: Where it started (John Haag); The Free Venice Beachhead and Me (Chuck Bloomquist); The Beachhead and Moe (Moe Stavnezer); The Free Venice Beachhead Today (Jim Smith); Photo: Beachhead Collective circa 1979; Photos: Anna Ricci Haag; Beachhead Archives: concerning arrests of Anna Haag; Beachhead reprint: entire First Issue!, December, 1968; Venice 1959 (Bill Fleeman); The Bookstore on Dudley (Kitty Bratton); Peace in Palestine/Israel - two views: Peace in Jerusalem (Pano Douvos); Peace of the conqueror, or peace with justice? (The Beachhead Collective); Photo: Beachhead Gives Thanks; Poetry: the holy three (Frank T. Rios); Poem for the Poets (Shanna Baldwin); Remebrance (Hillary Kaye); Memories of Venice, 1956 (Christine Fulbright); Free! Free! Free! (Lydia Ponce)' Ads: The Fruit Gallery; Stroh's Gourmet; Channel One Digital; Wiliam B. Leaf, Automotive; Eviction Defense Network; Fidelity Press; BH Archives, 1975: Nude Venice Lives; A Place I Call Home (Barbara Berner); Big Turkey Day in Iraq on Thanksgiving (Jim Smith); Venice Step Team (Lydia Ponce); Calendar; Picket Line Healing; Back page: Watercolor painting, by Ray Packard




Beachhead #280 - January 2004 - MLK: The King of us all (Jim Smith); The Death of Playa Vista (John Davis); Venice Teen Recalls A Day in the Life of The Terminator (Anita Brown); Letters: Sister/Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? - Theresa Hulme; 35th Anniversary Issue - Shanna Moore; Playa Vista 2 - Terence Pearce; VNC Addresses Playa Vista Plan, conducts toy drive, and fills yet another position; Oxford Triangle rebels against Trammell Crow project; Photo: Venice Supports Ralph's Striking Workers; The proposed Ocean Front Walk Ordinance; Photos: Canal Boat Parade; The Free Venice Beachhead - An Appreciation (Lance Diskan); Venice Memorial for Anna Haag; Dr. Seuss: Sneeches, Whos and Butter Battles (Leandra Carmone); Photo: Venice Mother Births Quintuplets; Venice Candidates Run for Assembly and Congress; Beachhead Archives, 1973 - Venice History: The Venice Town Council; World Renown Vagos Motorcycle Club (Lydia Ponce); Poetry: In Memory of Martin Luther King (Hillary Kaye); untitled (Nakim Hizmet); If the Dead Had Email (Jim Smith); untitled (Shanna Baldwin); death of poets (Bill Fleeman); From Kid in America (Tony Scibella); Photo: Tony Scibella and daughter Melody at Venice West Cafe; Unity in the Community (Peggy Lee Kennedy); The Venice City Hall lights are on, but....(Jim Smith); Calendar; Back page: Poster with Calendar Year and Venice Organizations: Defend Venice

Beachead #281 - February 2004 - The Media Empire Strikes Back at Howard Dean (David Podvin); Photo: Ralph's Workers On Strike (Theresa Hulme); Neighborhood Council catching its stride; Photo: Ancient monoliths found on Venice Beach (Jim Smith); Letters: Playa Vista - Moe Stavnezer; Friends of Anna Haag - Lance Diskan; New, Revised Draft OFW Ordinance; My very own Resume - by G.W. Bush; Keith and Bill Chamberlin - Two Generations Move On (Betsy Goldman); Supermarket Workers Stand Their Ground Against Corporate Moguls; Canal Neighbors to the Rescue (Ann Arens); Gabrielino/Tongva Tribal Council Sues to Save Burial Sites; More From Moe on Playa Vista; Poetry: Distant Sun (Hillary Kaye); Winter Waves (Shanna Baldwin-Moore); Road Poets (Bill Fleeman); To My Wife Natasha (Terence Pearce); dog park priorities (Rex Butters); Year 2004 Resolution (Ali Hebshi); The Flame (Miranda); Venice is free (Kurt Max); Update on the Santa Monica Airport and its Community Impact (Marty Rubin); Second Chance for Youth Through the Arts (Joselyn Wilkinson); Ad: Beach Party! Suzy Williams & Brad Kay at Spontos; Ads: Town Hall Meeting; Manley's Hair Care Center; Ink, Ink Tattoos; Marina Vacuum & Appliance; Cafe 50's; Calendar; Back page: Vote for President: Only One Candidate...Only Dennis J. Kuchinich

Beachhead #282 - March 2004 - Dedicated to the Women of Venice.
Photo: OFW: Keep Art & Free Speech Alive! (Peggy lee Kennedy); Supermarkets workers waged fight against enormous odds (Jim Smith); Beachhead Editorial: Save Lincoln Place Affordable Housing For All; Letters: Playa Vista - a view contrary to Moe Stavnezer's - Leslie Purcell; Artist Kevin Morgan's "Monoliths" - Mary Bradford; Kevin Morgan Takes Credit; Against OFW Lottery - Cary Schulman; Venice has a Town Meeting (John Davis); Neighborhood Council News; Lincoln Center mega-project raked over coals at hearing (Jim Smith); Santa Monica Airport Report (Marty Rubin); Iraqi Women Have Little to Celebrate (Medea Benjamin); The Future of Lincoln Center; A Venice Architect, a Venice Food Collective, and a Venice Family Home (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Photos: Supermarket Strike, including Jim Smith Getting Arrested; Beachhead Archives, 1969: John Davidson, statement regarding Police Harassment; Pastor Tom and the United Methodist Church of Venice (Suzy Williams); Poetry: Cold Ellison VI (Philomene Long); Darkness as the Light (Hillary Kaye); American Scream (Rex Butters); untitled (Shanna Baldwin-Moore); Letting Go (Adrian DeSimone); Red Rover in Venice (C.V. Beck); Save the Daniel Freeman Hospital; Community Calendar; Back page: Support Your Free Venice Beachhead

April 2004 - No Paper

Beachhead #283 - May 2004 - Oakwood Confronts Police Abuse (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Venice Progressives to Hold Nominating Convention; Daniel Freeman Hospital: The Little Hospital That Could (Theresa Hulme); Photo: Lincoln Place Courtyard; Letters:Ocean Front Walk Opinion - Carol Berman; Searching Venice - Janice Silver; Affordable Housing Shortage - Stephen Scheffer; Walking and Rights of Enjoyment - Sandra Smith; Neighborhood Council News; Ad: Venice Progressive Nominating Convention; Venice: We all love where we live...(Lydia Ponce); Airplane Crash (Marty Rubin); Lincoln Place (Eric Alberg); Court Orders Housing Giant AIMCO to Stop Demolitions at Historic Lincoln Place Apartments (Laura Burns); Revolutionary Women 1777 & 2004 (Leandra Carmone); The Strength of Women (John Davis); Poetry: Florabella (Eve Enhelder); A Song of the Venice Sky (Roby Behrens); Psalm 2004 (Anonymous); Sunday at Steve's (Eli Elliott); Computer Electric (Shanna Baldwin-Moore); like an eye (Hillary Kaye); Book Review: From Venice to Avalon, by James Cass Rogers (Carol Fondiller); Community Calendar; Ad: Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council Town Hall; Back page: Poster: "The War President" Faces of the Fallen

Beachhead #284 - June 2004 - Are We There Yet? (Carol Fondiller); Racism in Venice? (Jim Smith); Letters: Vanquard Lives! - Danny Kaplan; Election messed up, says Reader - Richard Abcarian; Election messed up, says Board; City Foils Coastal Commission (John Davis); Lincoln Center Project Rejected by L.A. Planning Commission (Jim Smith); Book Review: The Search for a Soul for Modernkind, by Vincent Coppola (Steve Goldman); In Brief; Photo: Councilmember Ruth Galanter receives award for community service from Vera Davis Center; Ads: JJ Chill Italian Ice; Animo Venice Charter School; Who better represents the Spirit of Venice than John Haag?; Photos: Around Venice (Lydia Ponce); It's not just in Iraq (RomTom); Don't Turn Away! - Photos From Abu Ghraib Prison; Poetry: untitled (Hillary Kaye); Broken Carousel (Shanna Moore); The Young Dead (Vessy Mink); this scum doesn't just float on the water (Rex Butters); Collage Tribute to Venice Beat Poet Tony Scibella (S.A. Griffin); Community Calendar; Chilato comes to Venice; Back page: Poster: Venice 4th of July Parade; Song Lyrics: Moon Over Venice, 1973 (David Scott)

Beachhead #285 - July 2004 - Chain Stores in Venice?; Big Election Win for Progressives (Jim Smith); Letters: Racism in Venice? - Camille Jacks; Beat Bush - Moe Stavnezer; Ads: Glencrest BBQ; Luce, Massage Therapist; DJ Spam & The Spam Allstars at Temple Bar; J.J. Chill Italian Ice; Daniel Freeman Hospital: Still Fighting For Its Life (Theresa Hulme); GRVNC Preliminary Results; Beachhead Interview with new VNC President Suzanne Thompson; Beyond Venice: Trends in Foreign Elections (Faramarz Nabavi); The man who built the Venice Trailer Park and turned the swamp into a boat harbor (Linda L. Schmidt); Beachhead Archives, 1968 - Venice of Los Angeles (Jane Gordon); U.S. Navy Attacks The Whales (N.G.); Photo: What's Your Bumper Say?;Who Killed The Living Wage? - An Insider's View of the Grocery Strike (Hillary Kaye); Poetry: A Place To Park (Fast Eddie); Cowpoke Memory (Hal Bogotch); Moore Electric (Shanna Moore); The Phantom (Hillary Kaye); requiem for a light weight (Rex Butters); Thought for the Month: Frederick Douglass; The Sheriff of Hollywood: Michael Moore and Farenheit 9/11 (John Davis); Ads: William B. Leaf, Automotive; Fidelity Educational Press; Metro Cab Taxi Service; Jim Smith for State Assembly; A Eulogy For Our Marlon Brando (David zirin); Community Calendar; Back page: Poster for Film: Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11

August 2004 - No Paper

Beachhead #286 - September 2004 - Park Plan Perils People's Picnics (Amber Hartgens); They're Bluffing (John Davis); Pelicans think asphalt mirages in Arizona are real; Letters: Lincoln Center - C.V. Beck; Anna Haag - Peter Young; Venice West Cafe - Claude Hayward; Peace and Freedom Party Picks Peltier for President; Letters Debate Neighborhood Council Status: From Greg Nelson to Venice Community; From the VNC to Greg Nelson; Crime Wave Hits the Beach; Lincoln Center Creeping Back; Playa Vista II Approved by L.A. planning commission - Fight goes on; 20 Years Ago in Venice (Beachhead Archives); Road Trip to Bohemia (Jim Smith); Fighting City Hall Venice Style (Ann Arens); Artists Gunned Down in Venie (John Davis); The Canal Festivals (VOCAL); Poetry: Moses (Shanna Moore); untitled (Hillary Kaye); Bird of Paradise (Marc Bouron); it's too hot to talk (Paul Tanck); Buzzin' At The Bistro (Suzy Williams); Poetry Book Review: "Border Crossings" by Lynne Bronstein (Carol Fondiller); Spirit of Venice Award & Poetry Contest; Recent Actions of the Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council; Ads: Jim Smith for State Assembly; 4Hemp; SoCal Websites; Community Calendar; Back page: 12th Annual Jazz Festival at Palms Court; 20th Annual Abbot Kinney Festival

Beachhead #287 - October 2004 - Kerry Defeats Bush (Jim Smith); A Proposition For You (Carol Fondiller); Photo: Burning Man (Vessy Mink); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Lincoln Center - C.V. Beck; Why I Feed the Homeless - Mary Getlein; Oakwood Park - Karen Jones; Poem: untitled (Shanna Moore); Just Say No - Town Hall packed with 1,200 Playa Vista opponents (John Davis); Playa Vista Phase II Hearing (Lydia Ponce); In Brief; The Prop. 62 Scam (Richard Winger); Tenants Bullied at Lincoln Place (Sheila Bernard); Out of the Litter Box (Ali Katz); Photos: The 20th Annual Abbot Kinney Festival; Photo: Meanwhile at 6th & San Juan; Photos: Old Mural, New Mural; Burning Man, the Vault of Heaven (Vessy Mink); Still waiting, still dreaming - A poster view of the world (Theresa Hulme); Film Review: The Motorcycle Diaries (Jim Smith); Photo: Dueling Che t-shirts on OFW; Poetry: I AM (Brittany Oates); The Lie (Hillary Kaye); England in 1819 (Percy Bysshe Shelley); untitled (Shanna); Graphic: Day of the Dead; Where do the Assembly candidates stand on the issues?; Ad: Go Ask Alice...; Community Calendar; Back page: Peace Posters

Beachhead #288 - November 2004 - Time For a New Development Moratorium (The Beachhead Collective); Kerry Concedes, West Coast Secedes (George Wolfe); Mural: Abbot Kinney, by Rip Cronk; Inset: War Dead; Letters: Venice Skills Center - John Tabor; Boardwalk Free Speech Letters - Marc Madow; Poem: To Kingdom Come (Hillary Kaye); Why Jesus Would Not Be A Good Candidate (Lynne Bronstein); Venice Sunday (John Davis); In Brief; City Council Imposes Lottery on OFW; Was the Election Stolen? (Greg Palast); Diagram: Exit Polls; Venice Centennial - Country Club Style (Carol Fondiller); Ads: South Beach Cafe; John Kertis, Real Estate; Prompt Insurance Company;Don't Blame Me I'm A Venetian! (Jim Smith); How Venice Voted For President: Community Calendar; Back page: U.S. Election Disaster: How Can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?

Beachhead #289 - December 2004 - 36th Anniversary Issue.
Beachhead Reprint, 1973 - We Have A History (John Haag); L.A. takes new swipe at Venice Council (Jim Smith); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Beachhead Suggestions - Irene Bajsarowycz; Beachhead on the Internet - Pat Hartman; Moratorium on development - C.V. Beck; Abbot Kinney District Assoc. - Reuben De Las Casas; Response on AKDA - Bunny Lua; Pocketbook Liberation Or "We Mean Business" (Hillary Kaye & Cary Schulman); Sudan, just another case of Genocide (Gia Mayorga); Work Force Call (Fast Eddie); Lawsuit Filed to Stop Playa Vista 2; DONE's Greg Nelson Speaks; A Response to DONE (Elinor Aurthur); Democrats to Grow Presidential Candidate From Stem Cell (George Wolfe); Venice Pride: Lydia Ponce; Photos: Support Lincoln Place Tenants; Ad: South Beach Cafe; The University of Venice: Education and Dialogue (Rev. Thomas Ziegert); Centennial Committees Hard at Work (Jim Smith); Poetry: Venice Is (Alan Rodman); Love Me (Lynette); Coupons From the Poor (Fast Eddie); The American Dreamers (Robin Touchstone); Ads: SPARC Presents Pastorela;GRVNC Town Hall Meeting; Justice and Arts Center; Community Calendar; Back page: Happy Holidays! - Carol's Carols; Film at Spontos: Feeding The Sparrows By Feeding The Horses



Beachhead #290 - January 2005 - Tsunami Hazard Zone - It Can't Happen Here? (John Davis); Personal Effects: An Alliance of Killers (Francisco Letelier); Letters: Not the Way it Happened - Steve Schlein; Boardwalk Ordinance Solution - Jeremy Gower; 2005 - The Year We Stood Up for Renter Rights (Jim Smith); In Brief; Photo Essay: Advertising Graffiti Strikes OFW (Jim Smith); Whay should be done with the Venice Traffic Circle?; Venice Hosts Solari Founder, Catherine Austin Fitts (Tom O'Meara); Photo: OFW lottery moving ahead despite protests by artists and performers; Poetry: Venice Beach (P. Rogue); Suffering in America is like dying twice in one day (Hillary Kaye); Ads: John Kertis, Real Estate; Cloverdale General Store; South Beach Cafe; William B. Leach, Automotive; Fidelity Educational Press; Community Calendar; Back page: Poster: End the War in Iraq, Now!

Beachhead #291 - February 2005 - Plot Uncovered to Paralyze Venice Neighborhood Council (Jim Smith); Photos: Candidates for City Council; Military Recruiters Target Venice Students (Babriela Valdiva); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Owed to Kelly Shea - Rich Mann; Good Work, Beachhead! - Jim Schley;Residents beat back big boxes (Jim Smith); What should be done with the Circle?; The Beachhead Needs You; University of Venice Schedule of Classes; What's going on here? - Purloined Emails (Jim Smith); City Council Candidates Answer Beachhead Questions; Art Ad: South Beach Cafe; Ad: Change-Links Party & Fundraiser; Poetry: Fallujah (Alan Ireland); New Years Poem 2005 (Hillary Kaye); The Secret of Life (Shanna Moore); one month later (Rex Butters); Keep Movin' 'Em Around (C.V. Beck); Candidates for Mayor Answer Beachhead's Questions; Venice Pride: Shawnie Dews & Kendra Moore; Community Calendar; Back page: Candidates for Mayor Answer Beachhead's Questions

Beachhead #292 - March 2005 - Dedicated to the Women of Venice.
Mural: Guadalupe Angel
(Judy Baca); You Haven't Come A Long Way, Baby! (Theresa Hulme); Billys Apt's (Carol Fondiller); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Boycott L.A. - Randy Saludes; Aubeurn-Haired Beauties - Laura Martin; Feeding the Sparrows not allowed at Lincoln Place (C.V. Beck); Urges Vote for Flora Gil Krisiloff - DeDe Audet; Urges Vote for Bill Rosendahl - Sabrina D. Venskus; Out of the Litter Box (Ali Katz); Vote Angela Reddock for City Council and Richard Alarcon for Mayor (Jim Smith); University of Venice Schedule of Classes; Truckin' Mail to South Central May Give Developers A Sweet Deal (Jan Book); Beachhead Salutes Judy Baca on International Women's Day (Suzy Williams); Venice Ice Storm (John Davis); "Torso" Statue in Venice Circle Subject of Hearing (Jim Smith); A Fountain in the Circle? (Suzy Williams); Hey Kids! Dress Up Circle Betty!; Woman De-Masts Male Sailors (John Davis); Letter: Is A Moratorium on Development Legal? - Steve Schein; 9,440 new units in Venice and the Marina (Jan Book); Poem: My Little Old Lady (Jessica Aden); Another Venice Landmark Goes Up in Flames (Paul Tanck); Hunter S. Thompson...RIP; Ads: Ann's Calligraphy; Attention: Bicycle Thief; Bill Rosendahl for City Council; Protest March Against Bush and the Iraq War; Back page: Beachhead Presents Director's Cut of "Touch of Evil" at SPARC

Beachhead #293 - April 2005 - Trouble on Lincoln Boulevard: 200 Evictions Handed out at Lincoln Place (Sheila Bernard); Lincoln Center Rising from the Grave (Jim Smith); Photo: Mural by Terry Schoonhoven; Letters: A Call to Resistance - Rev. Thomas Ziegert; Discrimination at Lincoln Place - Barbara Eisenberg; Landlord Cited at Lincoln Place (C.V. Beck); The King is Dead - Hunter S. Thompson - Al Farhoodi; Opposes Statue - Nancy McCulloch; Statue Erection Date (John Davis); Photos: A Tale of Two Statues; Why I Am Appealing Placing This Statue in the Circle (Janet Gervers); New Architecture Guide for Venice applauded by People who count (Carol Fondiller); Opposition for paying for free speech on OFW continues (Jim Smith); The 'Other' Venice Film Festival (Theresa Hulme);VNC "Done-in" (C.V. Beck); How Venice Voted for Mayor; How Venice Voted for CD11; Venice Liked Villaraigosa and Rosendahl in March 8 Election (Jim Smith): Photos: Invasion of Iraq Protest March; Inset: War Dead; Beachead Thanks for Successful Fundraiser at SPARC; Ads: Villaraigosa for Mayor; Renters - Know Your Rights! (Elena Popp); A Day in the Life of our Governor, the Perpetrator (Pano Douvos); Poetry: Street Story (Carol Fondiller); Bakersfield Birthday Cake (C.V. Beck); wanna get high (shanna); Swami X Speaks; Ad: Venice Symposium: Venice Self-Government Strategies; Calendar; Back page: Ad: Ulun Bator Presents: "An Afternoon of Traditional Mongolian Music and Song"

Beachhead #294 - May 2005 - Mystery at Venice Skills Center (Marjorie Hinds); City Agency Rejects Decertification of Venice Neighborhood Council; Beachhead Urges Votes for Villaraigosa and Rosendahl; Inset: War Dead; Letters: Lincoln Center does not fit - Laura Silagi; Sinking Torso - Pat Hartman; Statue Gallery - Chuck Dukowski;Venice Garden Tour - Linda Lucks; 826LA - Claire Smith; Farmers Market in the circle proposed twenty years ago; Statue of Imitation (Carol Fondiller); A Little Bit of Amsterdam....For Now (Bram Toker); 35 Years Ago This Month; A Warm & Fuzzy Mother's Day (Theresa Hulme); VCHC Hosts Clean-up Day; The Decline and Fall of Venice (Ed Gibbon); Out of the Litter Box (Ali Katz); Photo: Mural: The Fall of Icarus, by John Wherle (Rich Mann); Lincoln Place Update (Sheila Bernard); Photo: An Afternoon of Mongolian Song (Jim Smith); Cartoons: Whizzy and Lumpy; Short Story (Bedard); GRVNC Bashing Built on a House of Cards (John Davis); Poetry: Swami X; Rumor (Gerard Kuc); Rise Up Through The Storm (Johnny Papp); Schwarzenegger "girly-mans" under pension attack (Marjorie Hinds); Ads: William B. Leaf, Automotive; Jagmedia; Fidelity Educational Press; Beachhead Archives, 1975: Bye-Bye Bike Path (Moe Stavnezer); Celebrate Free Venice Independence Day Parade!; Community Calendar; Venice Pride: Happy Mother's Day, Peggy Kennedy!; Back page: Vote for Antonio Villaraigosa for Mayor and Bill Rosendahl for City Council

Beachhead #295 - June 2005 - Venice Artist at Center of anti-immigrant storm; Venice Skills Center Restores Summer School (Marjorie Hinds); Inset: Casualties in Iraq; Letters: Somebody - Ed Gibbon, Got it Right - Horacio Becerra; Venice is not doomed! - Jim Smith; Add me to the List - Bob Niemann; Venice Skills Center - Karen Sherwood; DONE discriminating against disabled/seniors? - C.V. Beck; Harassment of Venetians continues - Mary Getlein; Bill has Balls (John Davis); Photo: Old Mural on OFW (Rich Mann); How Venice Voted: Hahn creamed in Venice; Rosendahl doubles Krisiloff (Jim Smith); In Brief...MTA lot, More Redevelopment Projects, Appeal of Graham statue in the Circle, New Rapid Bus to the Airport, New (old) publication hits the streets; Attention Venetians: The July issue will be our special centennial edition. We'd like your help; Lincoln Place Lives! (Sheila Bernard); Documentary Film on Lincoln Place (Ingrid Mueller); Special Interest Call for Special Elections (Theresa Hulme); From the Beachhead Archives, June 1975: City vs The Law (B. Trees); Photo: Brooks Avenue Mural (Rich Mann); Save Our Art: A Statement by Venice Artist Judy Baca; Gift horse or Trojan Horse? (Lisa Ezell); Poetry: Los Angeles (Brittany Oates);Venice Beach (Gerard Kuc); The Process (Joanna Silva); Swami X Speaks; Book Report: Ghost Town, by Pat Hartman (Jaime Forjador); Calendar; Back page: Venice Independence Day Parade; Venice People's Centennial - July & August Celebrations

Beachhead #296 - July 2005 - Happy 100th, Venice! - Special Centennial Issue.
100 Years of Solicitude in Venice (Marizsa Bravo-Casillas); Ad: Venice Independence Day Parade; Inset: War Dead; Letters: The Torso - Moe Stavnezer; Gunfire: What is it good for? - Rich Mann; "Bootlegged" rental units - Michael Millman; Nobody Leaves Venice - Pat Hartman; Those Wacky Venetians (Jim Smith); Immigration or Integration (John Davis); Photo: OFW Panorama (Rich Mann); Venice Changed My Life (Moe Stavnezer); When Venice stopped a (police) riot by stopping a parade (Carol Fondiller); Venice and the next 100 years (Panos Douvos); The Fog of Forgetfulness (Jim Smith); It's not easy representing Venice and the Military-Industrial Complex: Congresswoman Jane Harman; Photos: Venice Carnevale; A Trip Through Oakwood (Beth Miller); Book Review: A Seashore Memoir, by Maryjane (Emily WInters); High Noon at Lincoln Place (Sheila Bernard); Poetry: On Returning to Venice (Stuart Z. Perkoff); Clan of Darkness (Validus Veritas); From My Mouth (Anonymous); Stripes (Hal Bogotch); HERE (Pam Emerson); Rrply to Coastal Commission Staff Report on #8 Brooks, Venice (Michael Evelyn); Cinema with Soul - Helping Human Evolution (Theresa Hulme); Goodbye to my favorite Hardware store (C.V. Beck); More Letters: Drowning in trash - Barbara Eisenberg; Morrison and the Spirit of Venice - Lynette; Is the Beachhead Socialist? - Leyla K.; Ad: Grunion Party (Venice Oceanarium); Back page: Ad: Venice People's Centennial Celebration Events

Beachhead #297 - August 2005 - Inauguration Poem for Bill Rosendahl (Philomene Long); Photo: Venetians Celebrate 100th Birthday; Lincoln Place Tenants Win One in Court (Sheila Bernard); Community Congress set by Venice Progressives; Inset: War Dead; Letters: Centennial Edition - Paul Tanck; In Brief; Let Freedom Ring (John Davis); Gas-Powered Blowers - World Class City? (C.V. Beck); Homeless Torso installed in Venice Circle; Coastal Commission hearing on the other Torso; Photo (Rich Mann); Out of the Litter Box (Ali Katz); You don't have to be rich to live in Venice (Jim Smith); Photos: Bill Rosendahl's Inauguration at Windward Plaza; Photos: July 4th Bike Parade; The Lincoln Place Love-In (Erin Grayson); Book Review: Sea Shore Memoir, by Mary Jane (Carol Fondiller); Book Review: Through the Wall: A Year in Havana, by Margot Pepper (Jim Smith); Poetry: the video ended (Rex Butters); untitled (Hillary Kaye); Life's Rollercoasting Pagination (Rich Mann); Class (Gerard Kuc); untitled (Validus Veritas); Sending in the Troops (Margot "Pimenta" Pepper; Trials and Tribulations of the Brown People (Sherry Chovan); Hiroshima Morning (Diana Roose); untitled (Al Farhoodi); Delusions of Grandeur (C.V. Beck); Venice Organizations; A Dangerous Assignment (Walter Burns); Back page: Ad: Divas of Venice People's Centennial Celebration

Beachhead #288 - September 2005 - Neighborhood Council Election - Vote as if your town depended on it; MTA Lot Propsed Site for 56-foot-high Self-contained Gated Community (Carol Fondiller) (Jan Sproull); Beachhead Endorses Venice Progressives; Inset: War Dead; Letters: Neigborhood Council Election - David Moring; Pioneer Bakery - John Baptiste Garacochea; Diva says Thanks - Carol Fondiller; Where'd the laundromat go? - Squidlow; That dog don't hunt (C.V. Beck); Photo: Beachhead Award Honors Cindy Sheehan; Share the Joy, or Boardwalk Ordinance Unraveled (Boardwalk Mary); Marina del Rey's Tree of Greed (John Davis); PEACE PRESS Lives Again in Venice; Photos: Peace Press Posters; What do Venice and New Orleans have in common? (Jim Smith); How Developers Skirt the Law to get their Projects Approved (Joan & Marvin Klotz); Lincoln Place Q&A (Sheila Bernard); Ad: Venice Music Festival; Photos and Bios/Statements: Venice Progressive Candidates; Book Review: Coney Island of the Pacific, by Jeffrey Stanton (Jim Smith); Photo: Venetians Head for Burning Man (Rich Mann); Poetry: untitled (Hillary Kaye); let the yuppies take it (rex Butters); Fifty ways to leave Iraq (Jim Smith); untitled (Shanna Moore); No Beauty Beyond Us (Sean F. Lynch); Latinos Against the War (Javier Rodriguez H.); Photo Collage: "On the Edge" (Rich Mann); Simon Rodia of Venice (Pano Douvos); Photo: Divas Concert at SPARC: Suzy Williams; Back page: Ads: South Beach Cafe; Vote for Candidates Who Will Stand Up for Venice! (Venice Progressives)

Beachhead #289 - October 2005 - Art: Moon OVer Venice (Barbara Smith); Gone With The Wind (Carol Fondiller); Conservatives Win Venice Election (Jim Smith); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Katrina Yard Sale - Jeanette Boller; Who is this Carol Fondiller? - Rick Mitchell; Carol responds; Republicans Caused New Orleans - Jack Johncock; Venice Skills Center - Ken Hundzinski; Venice Skills Center Student - John Humphrey; Preservation Society Needed - Noretta Wesleyson; Venice Skills Center Update (Robert Yorgason); In Brief; Ad: Venice Peace Circle; Keeping the Spirit of Venice Alive (Stephen Longfellow Fiske); If it's broken, fix it (Jim Smith); What's in a name? (Carol Fondiller); Interview with New Neighborhood Council Board Members Yolanda Gonzalez, Stan Muhammad and Richard Myers; Photos: Venice Music Festival; Abbot Kinney Festival; Photo & Poem: "Sometimes, Mama Nature's A Real Biach" (Rich Mann); Photo: Reuben De Las Casas (a.k.a.Ruby) Reading The Beachhead; Ads:; South Beach Cafe; Lincoln Place: Answers to Last Month's Quiz on Tenant/Landlord Rights (Sheila Bernard); Arnold's Propositioning Us - Just Say No; Poetry: The Dark Right (Hal Bogotch); Simple Questions (Hillary Kaye); American Nero (Rex Butters); Time For A Moratorium Time for Affordable Housing (C.V. Beck); Ads: Beachhead Help Wanted; Thank-You, Venice, for State Assembly Votes (Jim Smith); Fidelity Educational Press; Nutritional Warehouse; Back page: Photo Collage: Lincoln Place is in the Bauhaus (Erin Grayson)

Beachhead #290 - November 2005 - Venice Hit by Flood of Development; Battle Over the MTA Lot (Jim Smith); Playa Vista Loses Major Lawsuit (John Davis); Tenants Hang Tough at Lincoln Place Apts. (Sheila Bernard); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Venice Arts Council - A Venetian; Correction from Carol FOndiller; Venice Skills Center - John Humphrey; Snitch Tickets - Police go too far - Editor of; In Brief; Requiem for Mrs. P (VC.V. Beck); RAD Developer Explains Gated Community to Skeptical Crowd; Rosendahl calls for action on homelessness; Ads: Dead Betty Dyes, Nutritional Warehouse; Photo: Venice Circle Looking Like Lagoon; Photo: Ray Bradbury at Abbot Kinney Library; Lincoln Place Needs Our Help (Jim Smith); Bad News at Lincoln Place (Beachhead Archives,1972); Poetry: The Call of the Future (Hillary Kaye); Because You Don't Know Where You Are (C.V. Beck); Giving (Paul Hershfield); In Memoriam: Rosa Parks (Carol Fondiller); Venice Development Cases Accepted for Department of City Planning Review; Back page: Ad: South Beach Cafe

Beachhead #291 - December 2005 - Tenants Fight Back Against Eviction Threat at Lincoln Place (C.V. Beck); More Evictions Planned at Venice and Lincoln Blvds.; Inset: War Dead; Letters: The Venice Arts Council - Emily Winters; On the Front Lines in New Orleans - Peggy Lee Kennedy; Save Tookie Williams - Bruce S. Gordon; Illegal Evictions at Lincoln Place - Rose Mary Murphy; Cell Tower planned next to Mark Twain School (Paul Hargrave); In Brief; The Case for Eminent Domain at Lincoln Place (Jim Smith); Photo: The Off Their Jingle Bell Rockers; Photos: Lincoln Place tenants take to the streets; What's Happening; Photo: Utah Phillips Reading The Beachhead; Petition: Moratorium on Development; Poetry: Kenpo Man (Sean F. Lynch); Stray Cat on Speedball Alley (Joy Bashew); Little Chapel of the Speedway (M.W. Lindenmeyer); untitled (Paul Hershfield); Media Matters (Jim Smith); World AIDS Day: How Many Millions More Will Die? (Haider Rizvi); Ad: Venice Arts Council Workshop; Back page: TIME Cover: Psychopath of the Year: George W. Bush (Jeffrey Hirsch); The Curse of the Working Class?




Beachhead #292 - January 2006 - Photo: Waves as high as the Venice Pier (LeAnne Warren); Goodbye, New Orleans (Mike Tidwell); Big Wednesday at the Beach (John Davis); Lincoln Place - a month of heartache, anger, and determination (Jim Smith); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Amazed and delighted - Judith Martin Straw; More evidence the 60's were better - Stephen Kessler; Disaster Preparedness? - Tracy Chavis; Lincoln Place tenants win one in court; How You Can Help Save Lincoln Place (Jim Smith); Photos: Faces and Voices of Lincoln Place (Elke Weiss); Photos: X Swami X Celebrates 80th Birthday at Spontos; No Applause - in Baldwin Hills or Venice - for the MTA Bus Yard Swap (Carol Tucker); A Message to the Planning Commission (Arnold Springer); Ads: Anaswara Power Yoga;; Lincoln Place Tenants Assoc.; GRVNC; Fidelity Educational Press; Dead Betty Dyes; Venice Circle of Peace; South Beach Cafe; Photos & Article: Life At Tent City, Venice (C.V. Beck); Poetry: Grandmother's Eyes (Lynette); untitled (Hillary Kaye); Give Us Our Homes (Spike Marlin & Bill Chappelle); The Venice West Cafe (Bill Fleeman); The Barbarians From The North (Stuart Z. Perkoff); List of Venice Organizations; Petition: Moratorium on Development; Back page: Venice Arts Council Presents; MLK Day & Save Lincoln Place Rally: Tenant's Rights Are Civil Rights

Beachhead #293 - February 2006 - Art: Endangered Species Mural (Emily Winters); What's Next?; Global Warming may be much worse than previously predicted (James Lovelock); Keep the MTA lot in public (our) hands (Beachhead Collective); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Wants Investigation of Ellis Act - Michael Millman; Act Now to End Gridlock - Bill Rosendahl; Lincoln Place Tent City - Rose Marie Murphy; Planning Commission Postpones Decision on MTA/RAD (Jim Smith); Sig-Heil, Muthuh-Fukuh (Carol Fondiller); The State of the Union is #%!*@& (Jim Smith); In Brief: Easements Eased Away at the Coastal Commission (John Davis); Sunshine at the Lincoln Place Vigil (Elena Popp); Darkness At Noon (C.V. Beck); Photos: Martin Luther King, Jr. Rally brings Venice together; Photos: Sunset, Sand Berm (Jim Smith); Emily Winters: 50 Year Retrospective; Poetry: untitled (Hillary Kaye); The Scope (Hal Bogotch); Can't Move Yet (C.V. Beck); Packing (Douglas Eisenstark); New Rules - Another attempt to regulate the west side of OFW; Back page: Artists Meet - Envision Venice (Eric Alberg)

Beachhead #294 - March 2006 - Dedicated to the Women of Venice.
Art: Tiny Dancer, RIP (Erica Snowlake);The Stealth Holiday - Celebrating Women (Yolanda Miranda); Developer Busted (John Davis); Venice Council Votes to Oppose MTA/RAD Project; Inset: War Dead; Letters: Cinstruction on Every Block - Janet A. Gervers; Shame on You, Beachhead - Spirit of Venice; Corruption in City hall - Eva Pardo; Defends Bernard Ave. Project - Celeste Chada; Opposes Bernard Ave. Project - Doug Morris; Lincoln Place Seniors Get Two-Month Stay on Evictions; Lincoln Place Tent City Report (C.V. Beck); Price of living get so high the rich and the pooor they starta' cry (Douglas Eisenstark); Marina Madhouse (John Davis); MTA/RAD Deal (Lori LeBoy); 50 Years Ago in Venice; Death in Venice: Santa Monica Police Shoot Oakwood Youth; A Community View (Lydia Ponce); From Jeffrey Smith's Mother (Belinda Thompson); Killer Beats Homeless Woman to Death; Community View (Erica Snowlake); Tribute to Verica Popovich: Everybody Is A Star (Sly Stone); Photo: Memorial for Jeffrey Smith; Photo: Venice Musician Kathy Leonardo (Sunny Bak); The latest in Affordable Housing from General Motors!; Marina Del rey: The Big Showdown (S. Deyer); Folk Singer Utah Phillips Meets the Beachhead (Karl Abrams); Poetry: Architectural Indigestion (Hal Bogotch); Have You Seen My Son? (Landi); untitled (C.V. Beck); untitled (Hillary Kaye); Wake Up Venice! (Stephen Longfellow Fiske); untitled (Anonymous); Plan floated to make residents pay for parking on street; Global Warming Debate Heats Up (Sheldon C. Plotkin); Ads: Peace and Freedom Party; Anaswara Power Yoga; Eviction Defense Network; Back page: Nothing Succeeds Like Cityhood (Jim Smith); Art by Emily Winters

Beachhead #295 - April 2006 - Highway to Hell (John Davis); A Freeway in your backyard; Immigrant Rights Defended in Big March in Los Angeles and at Venice High School (Jim Smith); Inset: War Dead; Letters: GRVNC Incompetence and its destructive result - Maureen Whalen; Misuse of Prop. O anti-pollution funds - DeDe Audet; In Brief; Planning Commission Snubs MTA/RAD Developer and Opponents (Jim Smith); Creative Circles Formed (Emily Winters); Tenants Organizing as Corporations Gobble Up Housing (Michael Kane); Political cartoon: Venice (Douglas Eisenstark); Community Tree Planting; Growing Up Latino: How Cesar Chavez Inspired A Generation (Yolanda Miranda); Star Wars Sequel: Firestorms and Nuclear Winters from Missile Lasers (Taylor Trowbridge); From the Beachhead Archives; Lincoln Place Tent City Report (C.V. Beck); Death in Venice: Verika "Tiny Dancer" Popovich Murdered; Carjacking Suspect Had Been Shot 11 Times (Jim Smith); St. Joseph Breaks Ground on New Center for the Poor, Homeless (Suzanne Thompson); New OFW Ordinance Redefines Free Speech, Handicrafts (Erica Snowlake); Ad: These Peace & Freedom Candidates Support You!; Photos: Cesar Chavez; Political Cartoon: George Plays tic-tac-toe with the World (Jeffrey Hirsch); Story of an RV Owner Caught in the Act of....Painting!: Interview with Artist Lush (Erica Snowlake); Poetry: Buy Now! (Rex Butters); Like a dream (Hillary Kaye); Philomene (Stuart Perkoff); People Don't Understand Progress Until It Gets In Their Way (Nancy McCulloch); Going to Noodles (C.V. Beck); Strangers In The Park (Lily Tanner); More Letters; Remembering Verika - Sergio trevino; New book about "Brick" Garrigues - George Garrigues; Ocean Front Ordinance; Non-Linear Calendar of Events; Ad: Oakwood Birthday Celebration for MLK & Cesar Chavez; Back page: Beachhead's April Fool's News Briefs

Beachhead #296 - May 2006 - In Memory of John Haag, 1930-2006.
John Haag (Carol Fondiller); May Day, as it should be (Jim Smith); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Hearing on Affordable Housing - Bill Rosendahl; Greatful former Hippie - Jesse Glazer; OFW Ordinance - Annette Robinson; Rebuttal - Sergio Trevino; Fooled by April Fools - Dewey; In Brief; Lincoln Place Tent City Update (C.V. Beck); Political cartoon (Douglas Eisenstark); Photo: John Haag and Dr. Benjamin Spock; "The Bishop" - Chuck Bloomquist; Condolences - Mary Morgan (Dr. Spock's widow); John Haag, the Quiet Revolutionary - Lance Diskan; If not for John....- Arnold Springer; Poem: Classical Jazz for John (Bill Fleeman); From the Beachhead, 1968: John Haag Says; The Torture Memo (Judith Martin-Straw); Oakwood Rally Against Threats Brings Out Media, Rosendahl; Petition Against Condos; The World Oil Crisis and Mass Transportation (John Bachar); Photo: Mink at the Mint; John Haag and the Peace and Freedom Party - Casey Peters; Freedom's Warrior: The Life of John Haag, Venetia; Poetry: 2 Poems by John Haag: Centurion's Complaint; Mission to the East; Eyes of Power (John Davis); Three Haiku (Hal Bogotch); Picking Our Bones Before We Are Dead (C.V. Beck); untitled (Carol Fondiller); humanity (Hillary Kaye); time to fight the good fight - Aron Piemon Kay; 1969 Interview with John Haag (Jim Smith); Beachhead Reprint: Free Venice! (John Haag); Community Events Calendar; Photo: In Loving Memory: Cecil Royce McGee; Back page: Art: Dignidad, Vida, Unidad, by Gambusino; Nobel Women's Initiative (Suzanne Thompson)

Beachhead #29 - June 2006 - Photo Collage: Summer Comes to Venice (Jim Smith); Inset: War Dead; Letters: John Haag - Maryjane; Correction - C. Fondiller); Vending on Ocean Front Walk - Annette Robinson; We didn't write the letter - Lisa Feingold & Gary Buckland; More from Councilman Bill Rosendahl; Who's Protecting the Coast? - Don't Ask, Don't Tell (John Davis); Ban on Chain Stores sought for Abbot Kinney, Boardwalk; Mighty Hercules Defeats Wal-Mart (Jim Smith); Don't Vote for these Candidates; Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa: The man who can save Lincoln Place, and himself in the process (Jim Smith); enjoying Open Space and Green, Green Grass of Home (C.V. Beck); The Latest from Lincoln Place (Sheila Bernard); Photo: Gingerbread Court; Stop Condomania; Coming in the July Issue; Getting a grasp on a greased pig (Martin Rubin); FLASH - the interview (Erica Snowlake); Poetry: post holiday blues (Rex Butters); Who Owes Whom? (Margot Pepper); Soapbox - For John Haag (Sherman Pearl); Everyday (Douglas Eisenstark); That Lincoln (Ingrid Mueller); Circle of Color (Erica Snowlake); David Asper Johnson, Editor and Publisher of the Argonaut (Carol Fondiller); Political cartoon: Crime Ring Found in Venice!; Eviction Disease (Erin Grayson); Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council Calendar; Back page: Beachhead Reprint, 1971: The Vietnamization of Ocean Front Walk (Helena Wolff)

Beachhead #298 - July 2006 - Special Venice and Carol Fondiller Birthday Issue.
Poem: Flags (Ron Kovic); Everyone in Venice Knows, Part One (Carol Fondiller); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Ocean Front walk problems - Therese Dietlin; Thanks - Barbara Palivos; Film Review: Nature's Last Stand: Saving the Ballona Wetlands, by Bruce Robertson (Karl Abrams); In Brief; A Long Hot Summer? (Jim Smith); Ads: Lincoln Graphics; Old Glory Barbershop; Market Gourmet; Lincoln Place Tent Reports (C.V. Beck); How Venice Voted (Jim Smith): Dirty Money at Play (Douglas Eisenstark); An Ode From Our Neighbor - David Asper Johnson (Paul Tanck); Harry Culver looks at Venice, decides to build own city; Dr. John Tells All (Erica Snowlake); The Beat Poets of Venice West (Ann Arens); Book Review: He Usually Lived with a Female - The Life of Brick Garrigues, by George Garrigues (Jim Smith); Good-Bye, Mikey the Cat (C.V. Beck); Abbot's Pizza caters to cowhuggers (Karen Dawn); Poetry: untitled (Hillary Kaye); untitled (C.V. Beck); Meth Pursuit 1.Crystallized Solidarity (John David West); I Am Northamerican (Margot "Pimento" Pepper); untitled (Chris Prather); Bumper (Sherman Pearl); Is there a Nuke in your future? (James C. Warf); Ad: An Evening of Science Fiction (Abbot Kinney Memorial Library); Back page: Photos: Solidarity with South Central Farmer's Community Garden; Venice Peace and Freedom Center Calendar

Beachead #299 - August 2006 - Open Letter to Bush: Here's How to Halt This Horror (Ralph Nader); Save the Graffiti Walls (Stash Maleski); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Speed Bumps - Neighborhood for a Better Oakwood; Happy Birthday, Carol FOndiller! - Maryjane; Dear Carol - Bill Fleeman; In Brief; Mickey Mouse Methane System (John Davis); The Weather Report (Jim Smith); Lincoln Place Tent City Report (C.V. Beck); Trouble On The Beach: Craftspeople face arrest, harassment on OFW (Della Franco); Gingerbread Court Faces Uncertain Future (Kitty Bratton); A Good Man is Murdered on the Beach (Joy Rippel); Photo: Venice Historian Banned from Selling Books; Everyone In Venice Knows, Part Two (Carol Fondiller); Photos: Carol Fondiller, Queen of Venice (Mary Ann Cherry); Carol Fondiller with Bill Rosendahl (Chuck Bloomquist); A Scientist looks at Evolution versus Intelligent Design (Paul O'Lague); Poetry: untitled (Hillary Kaye); Reflections on cleaning someone's house (Mary Getlein); American Vendetta/The Terrorist Zaqawi (Gregory Sotir); Rumor Confirmed (Anonymous); "The Doors To Syllogism" (John O'Kane); Meth Pursuit 2. Zip, Bump., Go (John David West); Cycle (Vincenzo); Ads: Nutritional Warehouse; Venice Peace and Freedom Center; Astrological Cookery (Judith Martin-Straw); Back page: Photo: Roberts Creek Mandala - Let's do this at the traffic circle!; Venice Peace and Freedom Center Calendar

Beachhead #300 - September 2006 - 300th Issue.
Interview with Hugo Chavez (Greg Palast); Lincoln Place On The Edge; After 300 Issues, The Beachhead Is Still Alive and Kicking (Jim Smith); Inset: War Dead; Letters: They Don't Get It - Douglas Eisenstark; Endangered Art Fund - Suzanne Thompson; Ad: From Wharf Rats To Lords Of The Docks: The Life and Times of Harry Bridges (Pacific Resident Theatre); Venice developer's lease Terminated: Evicted by an even Bigger Developer - Werner Scharff 1916-2006 (Carol Fondiller); Lincoln Place Tent City Report (C.V. Beck); From the 100th Issue: CaNalABYSS (Mary Lou Johnson); From the 200th Issue: Carcinogens at the Cleaners (Moe Stavnezer); From the 250th Issue: Let's Hear It for Inconvenient Memory Loss (Rex Frankel); Diane and Ibrahim (Erica Snowlake); Ads: Marina Caregivers; Treehouse; Universal Art Gallery; Venice Peace and Freedom Center; Haliburton Boardroom Massacr, by David Rovics; Photo: Huichol Indigenous People Visit Venice; Photos: Beachhead Turns 300; Poetry: who'll be the first to try to sell the spot where he dropped? (Rex Butters); New World Ordure (John O'Kane); Surf Is Up (Shanna Moore); untitled (Hillary Kaye); Forgiven Freedom Sunset (Hal Bogotch); 3. Meth Pursuit (John David West); Eviction (Sharon Snow); Astrological Cookery (Judith Martin-Straw); Ad: Venice Music Festival; Back page: Poster: Earth, this is God!

Beachhead #301 - October 2006 - Photo: Abbot Kinney Festival Goers using mobile ATMs; Art Attack: Interview with Robbie Conal (John O'Kane); Art: Political Poster (Robbie Conal); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Supports Affordable 2nd Units - Michael Millman; Rosendahl Opposes 31-story tower on Lincoln - Bill Rosendahl; Venice: Where Recycling Is A Crime (Yolanda Miranda); Ad: Beachhead Readings; Guide to Propositions Nov. 7th Ballot; Retire Jane Harman: She's NOT the Billionaire for the Job; "Lynch Mob" Attacks Mosque (Leslie Radford); Lincoln Place Tent City Report (C.V. Beck); Neighborhood Council Election Lightly Attended (Jim Smith); Neighborhood Council Approves Plush, Oversized Hotel; Abbot Kinney Festival Attracts 50,000 (Kobe Maceo); Photo: Beachhead Collective Accepts "Spirit of Venice" Scroll for John Haag; Jim Hightower Lowdown; Ad: Venice Peace and Freedom Center; Stem Cells: The Ultimate Panacea? (Paul O' Lague); Poetry: Venice Love Song (Mary Getlein); bird talk (Hillary Kaye); untitled (Jim Mussio); Crime Scene (Sherman Pearl); How Many More Need To Die For A Lie? (B.B. Shapiro); Ads: Cafe Buna; Eviction Defense Network; Dead Betty Dyes; Toll Road Threatens Park (NRDC Newsletter); Dia De La Raza; Astrological Cookery (Judith Martin-Straw); Political cartoon: Bush Says (Jahirsch); Wilmington Says No to Minutemen Invasion (Leslie Radford); Democrats defend "our President" from international criticism (Patrick Martin); Back page: "Spirit of Venice" Award Scroll to John Haag

Beachhead #302 - November 2006 - Photo: Double Rainbow Over Venice; Where Do You Wanna Eat? (Paul Tanck); Inset: War Dead; Letters: In Memoriam: Werner & John - John Kertisz; Update on Ocean Front Walk - Annette Robinson; Graffiti Walls - Lamont Schusse; Letter from DeDe Audet; Ask One for the Gipper - Jack Neuwoth; Lincoln Place Tent City Report (C.V. Beck); Lincoln Place Tenants Win Day In Court; Photo: Amanda Seward; Like An H-Bomb Haunting Southern California (Taylor Trowbridge); Happy Halloween - Code Enforcement Returns to Venice (Karl Abrams); On the Campaign Trail with the Peace and Freedom Party (Erica Snowlake); Beachhead Poets and Writers Read Their Stuff; Photo: Erica Snowlake, Sherman Pearl; DeDe McCreary, RIP (Jim Smith); Keetowah Speaks (Erica Snowlake); Ad: Venice Peace and Freedom Center; Poetry: Words (Hilary Kaye); Boardwalk in Venice (Lily Tanner); As The EScrow Flies (John O'Kane); greetings (D.T. Jenkins); the answer (Rex Butters); Ad: Venice Neighborhood Council; Eviction Defense Network; Poem: Lafayette Cafe (Randy Brook); Astrological Cookery (Judith Martin-Straw); Back page: Election Guide: Propositions on the November 7th Ballot; Vote for these candidates; Here Comes The Judges (Faramarz Nabavi)

Beachhead #303 - December 2006 - Art: Let's Get Together and Feel All Right (Frank Strasser); An Immoveable Feast (John O'Kane); Inset: War Dead; Solomon's in Town to Stay (Erica Snowlake); Dittos The Demos (John O'Kane); Ads: Marina Caregivers; Eviction Defense Network; Jaya Mural Motion, VNC Board Meeting; History of the Jaya Mural; What's Happened to the Murals of Los Angeles?; Ads: Universal Art Gallery; The Treehouse; Nutritional Warehouse; Market Gourmet; Cafe Buna; Flamenco Dance Class; Astrological Cookery (Judith Martin-Straw); Lincoln Place Tent City Report (C.V. Beck); Why I Do This (Douglas Eisenstark); AIMCO Buying Harlem, New York: Poetry: 2007 (Hillary Kaye); the first stone (Rex Butters); Wet Footprints Over Tractor Treads (Hal Bogotch); A Venice Christmas Carol (Jack Neuworth); Hip Happenings at Beyod Baroque; 7 Dudley Cinema; Documental Films at the Unurban; Photo Collage: MLK Rally (Eric Alberg); Photo: Elves on Main Street (Eric Alberg); Ad: Big Daddy & Sons; Back page: Poster: We Love the Venice Graffiti Pit (Collage by Eric Alberg from Cameron Grey photos)



Beachhead #304 - January 2007 - A Very American Coup (Jim Smith); Political cartoon: Bush 41 Feels His Own Pain (Danziger); Homage to James Brown: Take me with you, Godfather (Rex Butters); Letters: Letter from Prison - Miguel; Where else do you wanna eaat? - Jim Smith; Book Review: The Margolin Guide on Medical Marijuana Laws (John Davis); Jury Trial Set for Remaining Lincoln Place Tenants; Lincoln Place Tent City Report (C.V. Beck); Ad: Flamenco Dance Classes; Book Review: Raising Mama, by former Beachhead writer Larry Sullivan (Judith Martin-Straw); He's Not Our Governor - Venice Rejects Schwarwzenegger (Jim Smith); Councilman Rosendahl Launches $11 Million Transportation Plan; How Do You Spell "Free Venice" in Arabic? (Matthew Rothschild); Top Stories of 2007 (Predictus); Venetians in the Street tell what they wish for in 2007; Ads: Universal Art Gallery; Marine Caregivers; The Tree House; Big Daddy & Sons; Photos from Beachhead Archives; The Population Bomb (Brian Lindquist); Eviction Defense Network; Poetry: American Scream (Rex Butters); somebody keep the beat (shanna); History Lesson (John Haag); Ghostory Lesson (John O' Kane); A Dream (Hillary Kaye); life and times of a Venice Courtesan (Erica Snowlake); untitled (Swami X); 30 Years Ago in the Beachhead - From Carolina to Venice - blues on the beach (David Lindorff); Astrological Cookery (Judith Martin-Straw); Ad: Save the Pacific Resident Theatre; Back page: Poster: STOP THE WAR IN IRAQ!

Beachhead #305 - February 2007 - Big Changes Planned for Rose and Lincoln Center; Photo: Developers Against Bush?; The Mistake of the Union (Jim Smith); Inset: War Dead; Letters: The Need for Radicalism - Milton Takei; A Message from Swami - Swami X; Voices From the Front - Shamama and Della; In Brief; City of L.A. Compensates Playa Vista for destroying Gabrielino-Tongva burial site (Kathy Knight and Judith Davies); Invasion of the Home Snatchers (glenn Taranto); Ads; Don Geagan and the Vets For Peace; Flamenco Dance Classes; Lincoln Place Tent City Report (C.V. Beck); A Friend Remembers Molly Ivins (Antony Zurcher); More Letters; Occupation Can't Be Won - Frank Loweree; Response to Raising Mama - Larry Sullivan a.k.a. Memphis Slim; Venetian in "Fallujah" - Lisa Robbins; Neighborhood Council Review Commission Comes to Venice (Jim Smith); Venetians in the Street Sound Off on Iraq (Rex Butters); First Look at the Torso; See Jane Run (Betty Bullhorn); Chocolate=Cacao: The Revolution Will Be Eaten (Erica Snowlake); Beachhead Archives: Developer Bulldozes Resident (Carol Fondiller); Archival Photo: Canal woman Mary Jane Kwan takes to the water; Eviction Defense Network; Poetry: Walking the boardwalk (Leah Rose); Circles (Jerry Harrison); untitled (D.T. Jenkins); Flower Girl (Lynette); untitled (Shanna); A New York Poem (Hillary Kaye); Violence Just Ain't Right (Kids of Inside/Out); Bushmandias (Percy Blysshe Shelley, tweaked by Jim Smith); Astrological Cookery (Judith Martin-Straw); Calendar; Art by Robert Farrington; Back page: Photos from Jan 27 Anti-War March in Los Angeles: Join the Peace Surge!

Beachhead #306 - March 2007 - International Women's Day.
Dedicated to the Women of Venice; Inset: War Dead; Letters: Calling all Beats - Shanna Baldwin; Kundalini of Cacao - Steve Elphinstone; Pacific Resident Theatre - Maryjane; Abbot Kinney needs crosswalks - Bunny Lua; A neighbor asks your help - Pam Johnson; The High Cost of Free Parking...(Milton Takei); El Dia De La Mujer (Yolanda Miranda); In Brief; Is this the end of Democracy? (Jim Smith); Class Action Suit Settlement Helps Venice Homeless (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Homeless Center Relocation Sparks Debaate (C.V. Beck); Lincoln Place Tent City Report (C.V. Beck); Interviews with Navalette Tabor Bailey and Jataun Valentine; Poet Hillary Kaye; OFW Activist Della Franco; Lincoln Place Tenants Assoc.President Sheila Bernard; Peoples Attorney Amanda Seward; Venice Artist Kwanza; Writer/Mother D.W. Knowles (Rex Butters); Interview with Health and Fitness Educator Debbie Merrill (Erica Snowlake); Listen Gore: Got Some Inconvenient Truths About the Politics of Environmental Crisis (Michael Cohen); Strollin' on the Boulevard (CJ Gronner); Poetry: Kerouaking (Austin Straus); Ravens (Hillary Kaye); The Cripple (Lynette); What I Listen For (R.G. Cantalupo); The President's Woman (Tina Catalina Corcoran); Drawing: 'lilith' (erica snowlake); Iraqi Women to be Executed; The good Busch wins one for us (C.V. Beck); 25 Years Ago in the Beachhead - No More Potatoes (Moe Stavnezer); Astrological Cookery (Judith Martin-Straw); Back page: Community Calendar

April 2007 - No Paper

Beachhead #307 - May 2007 - Is Pot the New Wonder Drug?; Beachhead Interviews Dr. Allan Frankel on Medical Marijuana (Erica Snowlake); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Large Waves and High Water; Venetians face drasticaly increased bus fares - Bus Riders Union In Brief: Bannerless Building; Venice's Wealthiest Couple Gets Richer; City Council Took Money, Voted to Approve Playa Vista; City Attorney Also Implicated (John Davis); Chains of Fools (Rex Butters); A Night on the Town (CJ Gronner); Drawing: Night Watch Man's Revolution (Erica Snowlake); Driving for Dahlia (Jim Smith); Lincoln Place Tent City Report (C.V. Beck); Movie Review: 300 - A Spartan Way to Increase Enlistment (Karl Abrams); Save Independent Media! Support the Free Venice Beachhead; An old-fashioned May Day celebration; Homeland Insecurity - Going, Going, Gone...Affordable Housing in Venice Takes A Beating (Glenn Taranto); Big Brother - and the neighbors - are watching (Catherine Komp); Eviction Defense Network; Poetry: Jive Faust (Hal Bogotch); The Lag (Jim Smith); American War (Simone White); I still owe her $6,000 (Rex Butters); The Cripple (Lynette); Downtown Venice News: Two Versions of Historic Windward Avenue; Another Statue for the Circle?; 25 Years Ago in the Beachhead - Union Busting at the Post Office? (John J. Grozdz); More Letters; Program for Middle School Youth - Paco Madden; Control of the World's Energy - Fernando Ruiz; Astrological Cookery (Judith Martin-Straw); Back page: Calendar; Venice Peace Circle Vigil

Beachhead #308 - June 2007 - Summer in Venice; Art: Gondola on the Canals; The Military: Biggest Polluter in the World! (Karl Abrams); News from the Front (Della Franco); Corporate Geniuses Discover There Is Life on Planet Venice (Jim Smith); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Playa Vista and the City Council - John Davis; Parking, Gentrification and Bill - Arnold Springer; The Swami - Joel Sanoff; In Brief: Is There A Shuttle in Our Future?; 5 Rose Apartments Sold; It's Midterm Report Card Time for Councilmember Bill Rosendahl and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (Beachhead Readers); Lincoln Place Tent City Report (C.V. Beck); New Super-dense Element: Bushcronium; Photo: Nathaniel and pet raven; Diary of the March of Mothers (Jeanmarie Simpson); Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan Opts Out of Democratic Party (Cindy Sheehan); Beachhead Guide to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (Erica Snowlake); Got the Munchies? It's Time for La Fiesta! (Rex Butters); Ad: Town Hall Meeting on Disaster Awareness; 20 Years Ago in the Beachhead: Right to the Throat (Carol Fondiller); ADA Compliance - or Not? (C.V. Beck); Poetry: Neon (Hillary Kaye); Jill and the Beanstalk (Hal Bogotch); partake (shanna); Trees of the Urban Forest (C.V. Beck); he's coming for our children (Rex Butters); Them Ol' Summer Solstice Blues (Vaughn Marlowe); Another Way to Protest (Milton Takei);Rainbow Monsters (Elise); INCarceration, Inc. (Theresa Hulme); Back page: Calendar; Venice Peace Circle Vigil

Beachhead #309 - July 2007 - Moon Over Venice; Photo: Venice Fest (Rex Butters); The City of Venice: Give Me Liberty, or give me Los Angeles (Jim Smith); Inset: War Dead; Letters: The Ray Hotel - Marvin Klotz; P&F Celebrates 40th - Tom Condit; In Brief: Report from the Ocean Front: Change Is On The Way (Della Franco); One-Way Streets Get A Hearing (C.V. Beck); Venice of America (reprint, Jane Gordon); Venice Unchained (Dawn Holler and Melissa Bechtel); Lincoln Place Tent City Report (C.V. Beck); Venetians in the Street: Is Venice better off as part of L.A. or independent?; Ads: Danny's Deli; HOME; William B. Leaf Automotive; Herbology, Inc.; StrorQuest; New City Statue in the Circle Sparks Controversy; A Warning: The Wrath of Sir Robert (James the Smith); Deconstructing "Operation Return to Sender" (Margot Pepper); Poetry: the breeze (Rex Butters); Considering grace (John David West); Still Near (Hillary Kaye); In Lieu (Hal Bogotch); Requiem for Stuart Perkoff (Philomene Long); Photo: Venice, the band; Astrological Cookery (Judith Martin Straw); Calendar; Back page: They're Here! Interview with Verifiable UFO Artist Linda Lu (Erica Snowlake)

Beachhead #310 - August 2007 - Art On A Leaf, by Jesus Leal; The Art of Ocean Front Walk (Della Franco); Inset: War Dead; Letters: To Fred Dewey on His 50th - Michael Simmons; Who's A Venetian? - Abbot; Lincoln Place Lives - Spike Marlin; Where Art Meets Crime (CJ Gronner); The Senate's Blank Check for War on Iran (Chris Floyd); The Resistible Rise of Antonio V (Jim Smith); Neighborhood Councils: White, Rich, Homeowners (Jim Smith); Lincoln Place Tent City Report (C.V. Beck); In Memoriam: Elinor Aurthur, Activist, Urban Planner; Poem: Paper Birch for Elinor (Regina O'Melveny); Bye Bye Beyond Baroque?: Interview with Fred Dewey (Rex Butters); Poetry: Hunker Down (Hal Bogotch); I remember (C.V. Beck); The Thief on the Water (Charles C. Purin); untitled (Jillary Kaye); The Words of the Poets (Jim Smith); To The Vanishing Bees (Sherman Pearl); Exstacey (John O'Kane); Philomene Long's Contest for Beachhead Readers; Sicko - The Movie (Karl Abrams); Asking abused kids to speak up; Ads: Donate for Venice; Howard Zinn's Marx in Soho; 31st Annual Festival of Chariots; Back page: Calendar; Peace Vigil; Beachhead Venice t-shirts

Beachhead #311 - September 2007 – Venice Loses Its Poet Laureate - Philomene Long, RIP (The Beachhead Collective); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Medical Marijuana - Dr. Allan Frankel; Thoughts on the future - Nick Napolitano; Another View of the Ocean Front Walk - Annette Robinson; Say No to Permit Parking; RVs - a nightmare for some, a dream for others (Della Franco); Surviving After the Crash (Jim Smith); Golden Eternity: Conversation with John & Philomene; Poem: Be Still And Know (Philomene Long); for Philomene from David Amram; Journey of the RIng (Nancy McCulloch); To Philomene, my last letter to you from this cold earth (Fred Dewey); Missing Philomene (Jim Smith); The Lincoln Place Briefcase (Sheila Bernard); Photos: Heroes of Lincoln Place; Life in a Venice Commune (Erica Snowlake); Philomene Long Contest Winners; Ads: Elena Popp's Law, Ann's Calligraphy; Poetry: America (Philomene Long); untitled (Jack Foley); untitled (Philomene Long); goodbye little nun (Rex Butters); Manifesto of Al-Cadence (Jim Smith); For Philomene (Hillary Kaye); untitled (Hammond Guthrie); Muse of Venice West (Bill Fleeman); Schwarzenegger Shows No Concern for the Homeless; Ads: Labor Solidarity March; Organica; Venice Arts Council; Astrological Cookery (Judith Martin Straw); Back page: Calendar; Peace Vigil at Venice Circle; Venice Beachhead t-shirts; 15th Annual Venice Music Festival

Beachhead #312 - October 2007 - Photos: The 23rd Abbot Kinney Festival; Inset: War Dead; Letters: Great job - Bill Fleeman; Santa Monica Pier Savior - Panos Douvos; What the ARF is Going On? - Lydia Ponce; Parking Problems - DeDe Audet; Photo: Head for the Headless Statue (Margaret Molloy); 3 Big Victories For Venice and the Coast: Oversized Hotel Voted Down (Jim Smith); Court Sides with Tenants; Playa Vista Sinks (John Davis); In Brief; Iraq: Truth Takes A Holiday (Terence Pearce); Year Six of the War on Terror (Margot Pepper); Why Defend the Venice Specific Plan? (Dennis Hathaway); Get Well Carol!; Photos: Abbot Kinney Festival Draws 120,000; Development on Ocean Front Walk; Ads: Ace Trophy Corp.; Danny's Deli; Wiliam B. Leaf; HOME; Market Gourmet; Green Bridge; Poetry: Philomene's Page: Philomene (Scott Wannberg); Eau de Bohemia (Susan Hayden); For Philomene (John Macker); Philomene Long Thomas (Pat Hartman); Oh Philomene (Aya Rose); American Sonnet (41) (Wanda Coleman); Laughed/Left (Alan Rodman); In Memory of PhilomenE Long (Hillary Kaye); Nore Poetry: The Decider (Pano Douvos); The Final Phatasmagoria (Rebecca LaRue); Up jumped the Devil (Rex Butters); Victory (Douglas Eisenstark); Got somethin' foryou (Jim Smith); Haiku (Hal Bogotch); Ad: Tribute to Tony Scibella; Suzanne's Angels (Moira Nordholt); Calendar; Back page: Art Auction: Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Beachhead #313 - November 2007 - 5 Rose Avenure Tenants Wonder: Do You Have to Be Rich to Live by the Sea? (Jim Smith); Photo: Wildfire Sunset (Frank Cappello); Poem: ROAR (paul tanck); Inset: War Dead; Letters: The Venice Boot! - John Humphrey; Venice Specific Plan - Another View - Chris Plourde; Santa Monica Pier Savior - Jim Harris; Immigration - Ron Lowe; LNG Terminal for SM Bay - Maureen Cruise; Abbot Kinney Festival - Mary Jahn; Kudos - Dawn Pisturino; No Overnight Parking on Venice Streets?; A Cellular Tower in your Neighborhood?; On the Road with Kerouac and Cassidy; Santa Monica Tree Executions: What's wrong with these pictures? (Cary Schulman and Hillary Kaye); Venice Non-Profit Goes to Rwanda (Wyatt Valentine); The Last Tent City at Lincoln Place (C. V. Beck); Whole Foods, Starbucks and Trader Joes - Oh No!; Cityhood for East Los, but not for Venice; Photos: Halloween on Rialto Avenue (Alexandria); Iraq: The War Goes On (Jim Smith); Photo: Graffiti on Rose Avenue (R Barton); Ads: Danny's Deli; William B. Leaf, Automotive repair; Market Gourmet; Surfing Cowboys; Paul Banke: A Local Hero - and the Rest of Us (Jim Smith); Poetry: Thanksgiving the First (John Haag); Among Them (Hillary Kaye); Shady Characters (Laura Hemmer); A Cannibal in Venice (Sharon Shapiro Snow); American Griots (Rebecca La Rue); Beyond the Boundaries (Rebecca M. Frey); The Great Adventure (Jim Smith); A Suggestion to My Fellow Citizens (Stuart Perkoff); The Venice Beat Poets: Stuart Perkoff (Hillary Kaye); Venice West Cafe Expresso Returns; A 'Disposable Workforce' in New Orleans After Katrina (James Parks); Poem: New Orleans, Old Story (Margot Pepper); Visions Of A New Reality (Ron Lowe); Anti-Homeless Group tries to close St. Josephs; 35 Years Ago in Venice: Duck Power (Carol Fondiller); Back page: Calendar; Beachhead t-shirts; Photo: Wildfire Sun Yoga (Frank Capello)

Beachhead #314 - December 2007 - Happy Holidays; Photo: Canals Lit for Holidays; Inset: War Dead; Letters: From a Beachhead Founder - Bill Olive; Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi - Terence Pearce; The Lighted Way - Ron Lowe; Who's Stealing Venice Parking Spaces? (Jim Smith); Here come the thought police (Ralph E. Shaffer and R. William Robinson); The Greatest Generation? Not who you think (Jim Smith); Writers Put Down Their Pencils (CJ Gronner); Ad: blue:the transit store; Photos of Autumn in Venice, Westminster Thanksgiving Meals (Alexandria); Post Office Mural Dedication - 66 Years Later! (Suzanne W. Zada); Don't Forget the Beachhead this Holiday Season!; Thinking of Milton Bratton on Veteran's Day (Kitty Bratton); Poetry: Close-out at the Army Navy Store (Sherman Pearl); Field of Play (Alan Rodman); For the Last Time (Yolanda Miranda); Elkgrove (Doug Eisenstark); Save the Trees (Hillary Kaye); Mr. Price has come to town (Jim Smith); Will's Crusade (Lily Tanner); reflection (Rebecca M. Frey); Mendocino Haiku (erica snowlake); There Is No Sure Protection from Poetry (John Thomas); poetry is the game (Tony Scibella); The Venice Beats: Tony Scibella (Hillary Kaye); Beyond Baroque Presents: A Tribute to Philomene Long; Are Cell Towers, Phone and Laptops Bad for Your Health? (Stan Cox); Calendar; Dolls for Tots (Erica Snowlake); Back page: Happy Holidays to Carol Berman Fondiller!!!; Join Beachhead Poets and Writers at Sponto Gallery





Beachhead #315 - January 2008 - State Supreme Court Deals Double Whammy to Developers; When Jack Kerouac Came to Venice (John Thomas); Inset: War Dead; Letters: 5 Rose Avenue Apartments - Shirley M. Anderson; It's 2008 - Run For Your Lives (Jim Smith); Lakota Nation Declares Independence. Can Venice Be Far Behind? (Erica Snowlake); Swami X Speaks; Impeaching the Vice President - A Congressional View (Wexler, Gutierrez, Baldwin); Resolution to Impeach Dick Cheney (Rep. Dennis Kucinich); Beachhead Poll; Interview with Venice Poet Frank Rios - Part 1 (Hillary Kaye); Beachhead Readings Bring Back the Venice West; Ads: Organica; Photography by Alexandria; Health Care is A Human Right; Here Come the Venice Paparazzi! (Karl Abrams); Collage of Venice Paparazzi (J. Grant Buckerfield); Venetians in the Street: What Are Your Hopes and Dreams for the Boardwalk in 2008? (Della Franco); An RV Fairytale (Erica Snowlake); Martin Luther King, Jr. in his own words; California Presidential Primary Feb. 5; OFW Ordinance Still Being Debated; Poetry: My Dear Lady Nite (S.A. Griffin); poem for philomene long (John Dorsey); Rise Venice Rise (Jim Smith); The Venice Beat Poets: Frank T. Rios (Hillary Kaye); untitled (Lynne Bronstein); The Sky (hillary Kaye); reflection (D.T. Jenkins); Art by Bob Farrington; Beachhead t-shirts; Community Calendar; Back page: Photos: Venice Swimmers Brave 70 Degree Temperatures to Take a Dip on New Year's Day

Beachhead #316 - February 2008 - The Manhattanization of Venice (Jim Smith); Law Abiding Citizens Vow Crime Spree Over Fencing Regulations (Georgie Gravel); Inset: War Dead; Letters: In My Perfect World - Rebecca Moore Frey; Kathy, RIP - Pat Troy; Results of January Beachhead Poll; Los Angeles Practices LCP Interruptus (John Davis); California's Raging Health Care Crisis (Seth Sandronsky); RV Crackdown Coming Soon? (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Interview with Venice Poet Frank rRos - Part 2 (Hillary Kaye); Swami X Speaks; Obama Campaign Office on Abbot Kinney (Karl Abrams); Campaign Notebook (Jim Smith); Ad: VNC Town Hall on Homelessness; Photos of Venice Mardi Gras (Alexandria); In Memoriam: Teresita Vestal; Paula Ross, Venice Artist, Passes; Poetry: Obituary of man - Exit Homo (John Kertisz); Allen Ginsberg (Hal Bogotch); The Ladybugs of Venice (krista schwimmer); So Odd Is Venice (Jim Smith); The Empty Blues (John Thomas); Venice Beat Poets: John Thomas (Jim Smith); Draft Ordinance for Ocean Front Walk; Calendar; Back page: Poster: Stop Global Warming

Beachhead #317 - March 2008 - Dedicated to the Women of Venice.
Operation Oakwood - Search and Destroy: Oakwood Residents Demand Their Rights (Jim Smith); The View from Inside the House (Name WIthheld); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Town Hall on Ocean Front Ordinance - Paul Carey; More on the Ordinance - Steve Schlein; Venice Women on the Web - Pat Hartman; How High the Fence? - Kevin Maloney; How High the Fence on Rialto? - Brian Finney; The Fellowship of the Beachhead (Lynne Bronstein); An Ocean Front Ordinance - Once More (Della Franco); Town Hall on Homelessness (Alexandra Shankweiler); Two Anonymous Comments from the Community; Police Raid Results in Terror and Evictions (Peggy Lee Kennedy); International Women's Day: Bunny Luv (C.V. Beck); Women are the Celebrities of the World (CJ Gronner); How Venice Voted - Obama Landslide (Jim Smith); Photos: A Few of the Notable Women of Venice Who Are Involved in Their Community; Beyond Baroque is Here to Stay; Poetry: Tell Me Again (Mary Getlein); The Vatican Rag (Marvin Klotz); Greedy Night (Lynette); Hope Is Hip (S.A. Griffin); Praise for a Lost Woman (hillary kaye); Applause (Paula Ross); After the rain (Jim Smith); Cold Ellison 1 (Philomene Long); The Venice Beat Poets: Philomene Long (Jim Smith); Swami X Speaks; Long Road to Lincoln Place (Ingrid Moeller); Women Are the Light of the World (Erica Snowlake); Chain Stores Be Gone; Results of February Beachhead Poll; More Letters; Billboard Blues - Grant Gordon; Letter from Seattle; Immigration - Ron Lowe; Ad: March 15 Anti-War Protest (; Calendar; Back page: Painting by Mimi Bogale; Ads: Organica; Piano Lessons; Market Gourmet

Beachhead #318 - April 2008 - Is Venice Safe?; Vintage Poster: Venice: The Safest Beach; Murder on the Beach, Killers Still At Large (Karl Abrams); How Do You Define Safe and Secure?; Inset: War Dead; Letters: The RV Controversy - Brett Pikey; Mary Getlein - Kitty Bratton; Operation Oakwood#1 - Lydia Ponce; The Missing Coastal Plan for Venice (John Davis); Martians Steal Ray Bradbury's House; Jane Harman Denied L.A. Labor Endorsement; 191 Lincoln Place Tenants, Evictees Sue Landlord, AIMCO Files COunter-Suit; NAFTA Is Sucking Immigrants Over the Border (Karl Abrams); Whole Foods Chops Down Whole Trees (Michael Zeno); Prop 98's Hidden Agenda: Abolish Rent Control (Paul Hogarth); 40 Years Without Martin Luther King, Jr. (Jim Smith); 5 Years, 4,000 U.S. and One Million Iraqi Dead - Mission Still Not Accomplished (Jack Neuworth); Are Murals An Endangered Species? (Judy Baca); Photos: Displaced Murals of Venice; The Venice Beach Marching Society (Kathy Leonardo); Poetry: The Seeker (R.H. Dolman); what I worry about (krista Schwimmer); Environmental Angels (Jim Smith); Four Poems by James Ryan Morris: She Said; The Hope; Face to Face; The Relief; Venice Beat Poets: James Ryan Morris (Shanna Moore); More Letters; Operation Oakwood #2 - Nancy Kolocotronis; Operation Oakwood #3 - Ingrid Boon; Operation Oakwood #4 - C. Grant; 31 Story Building - J. Elias; Rest Rooms on OFW - Gina Michel; RV Parking - Michael Millman; Photo: Oakwood Basketball Clinic Youth; Results of March Beachhead Poll; Calendar; Back page: Photos by Alexandria: The Saloon mural is back!; Photos: Hidden Murals of Venice (Jim Smith); Ads: Venice Garden & Home Tour, Danny's Deli, The Farmacy

Beachhead #319 - May 2008 - May Day! Poster; Why May Day Matters; Inset: War Dead; Letters: Community-Busting Tactics - DeDe Audet; Venice Days - Peter Young; Asbestos at 5 Rose Avenue; $50,000 Reward Offered for Information on Murder on the Beach (Karl Abrams); The History of Cinco de Mayo (Maria Elena Montano); "Smart" Crosswalk Coming to Abbot Kinney and Rialto; $1.7 Million Withdrawl from Venice Surplus Property Funds (Jim Smith); Angry Women CLose Congress - in Mexico (John Ross); Abe Osheroff, Venice Hero and Spanish Civil War Vet, Dies at 92 (Emily Winters); Ad: Venice Grind: The Bush Legacy: Going Out with a Bang (Jack Neuworth); Bea Free, Free Venice Feminist, Has Died (Cara Adams); Constitution Amended: Shopping replaces Free Speech; New Mural in Venice: Dogtown; Peace and Freedom Party Salutes Yolanda Miranda on her 65th Birthday; Poetry: come on down (Rex Butters); The Transient (Jim Smith); Beyond (Rebecca Moore Frey); The Venice Beat Poets: Lawrence Lipton (Jim Smith); From the Holy Barbarians: Bruno in Venice West (Lawrence Lipton); Letters; Vandalism on Pacific Avenue - Rebecca Moore Frey; The RV Controversy #1 - Michael Millman; The RV Controversy#2 - Lilly; Resuls of April Poll: Do You Feel Safe in Venice?; Swami X Speaks; Calendar; Back page: Venice High Students Rally for Immigrant Rights; Jingles Celebrates 34 Years of Free Speech on OFW; Stop the Attack on Renters

Beachhead #320 - June 2008 - Welcome to Summer in Venice - A Guide for Visitors and Residents (Jim Smith); How Others See Us: Another Kind of ife (Peter Rajchert); Venice is seedy? (Clare Kitchens); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Renovations - Ida Lee; Results of May Beachhead Poll; Ad: Skateboard Shop:Venice Originals; In Brief: VNC Tables Homeless and RV Task Committee (Reta Moser); Colonoscopy Required on Homes; Military Plane Violates Venice Airspace; Save Venice Manor Apartments; City of Venice Town Council Revival! (Erica Snowlake); Vandalism on Pacific - Getting the rules straight with the LAPD (Cristina Rojas); Good Bill: Rosendahl Applauds Same-Sex Marriage Decision; Bad Bill: Rosendahl Calls RVs "Blight" on our Community; Come on, Bill! (Beachhead Collective); From Greed to Green (Stephen Longfellow Fiske); Ads: Karen's Kare; Beachhead Sustainers; Lincoln Graphics, Bondi bbq; Danny's Deli; The Farmacy, Market Gourmet; Nutritional Warehouse; Douglas Eisenstark, Acupuncture; Ocean Front Walk - Sliced and Diced; The Venice Carnevale; Art Walls May Close Due to Lack of Funding (Stash Maleski); Ad: Venice Art Walls Benefit Auction; Folksinger U. Utah Phillips Has Died (Karl Abrams); Vote to Save Rent Control (Jack Neuworth); Poetry: Venice, 2007 (Alexa Hilal); I have become earth (Jim Smith); Crossing (hillary kaye); Venice Beach (Slim Diamond); Poems by John Haag: History Lesson; Venice as Mecca, Jerusalem, Dawn Over Venice; The Venice Beat Poets: John Haag (Jim Smith); Swami X Speaks; Calendar; Back page: Poster: Venice Eco-Fest 2008

Beachhead #321 - July 2008 - Venice Still Has A Heart!; Venetians Not Pleased with Overnight Parking Districts (Amanda Renner); Alternatives Suggested to the Parking Ban; Inset: War Dead; George Carlin, renown comedian and Venice canal resident, dies (Jack Neuworth); Letters: Moon Over Venice - Wendy Profit, On the Homeless - DeDe Audet, Another RV/Mobile Home letter - Jason S; Summer Intern Amanda Renner Joins Beachhead; Five Recent Murders Go Unsolved (Jim Smith); Is Venice Safe? Town Hall Says Yes (Mark Lipman); Lincoln Place Still Fighting Back (Amanda Renner); Ye Olde Town Council report (Erica Snowlake); Are we doomed to see only McSheds and blank walls? (Fabiola Wright); Recycling Bins Set Up on OFW; Flags or Freedom (James Preston Allen); The Challenge of Freedom (Mark Lipman); Cityhood Redeemed - The 80 Year Venice Dream (Jim Smith); Ads: Venice Originals, Venice Grind, The Farmacy, Market Gourmet, Karen's Kare, Ojai Properties; Photos: Once there was an amphitheater and beautiful murals.....; Another Break in the Wall, or Another Wall to Break? (Maria E. Montano); The Enneagram (Swami X); Book Review: Boots on the Ground, by Pat Tillman (Jack Neuworth); Poetry: Fire in the Lake (hillary kaye); Summer of Bukowski (krista schwimmer); The Mountains (Jim Smith); He'll Eat Your Breakfast (Hal Bogotch); My Government Won't Let Me (Mark Lipman); Poem After Living in Jazz Films (Lynne Bronstein); What Safety Means to Me (erica snowlake); Is Venice Seedy? (Mary Getlein); Beachhead Archives: When We Run Venice, 1969 (Sam Greenberger); Calendar; Back page: Photos: First Venice Eco- Fest Attracts Thousands; Photo: Crowd at OPD Hearing

Beachhead #322 - August 2008 - Venice Car Washers Take Action To Win Months of Back Pay (Jim Smith); It's Spy Cameras vs. Street Dealers in Oakwood (Ingrid Boon); Inset: War Dead: Letters: Big Daddy's - Larry Parker, RVs - A Sad Story - Ita Kreft, The Anti-War Report - Mark Lipman, Venice Town Council Report (Karl Abrams); Pay Stations Coming to Venice; Memorial: Melvyn Hayward, Sr.; Two Views on Homelessness and Criminalization: Town Hall Hears from the Experts (Karl Abrams), Homeless No More (Janet C. Phelan); Lincoln Place: Venice Gulag? (C.V. Beck); 40 Years Ago - Beachhead Hits the Streets, Dec. 1, 1968 (Jim Smith); Book Review: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, by Vincent Bugliosi (Jack Neuworth); Political cartoon: Missing In Action (Khalil Bendib); Brooks Avenue Neighbors Fight Subdivision (Amanda Renner); The Wonderful World of Westminster (Amanda Renner); Howard Zinn Play, Marx in Soho: Marx in Venice (Mark Lipman);Swami X Speaks; Graphic (Hirsch); Pofanities: A New Poetry Book by Sherman Pearl; Beyond Baroque in peril, again?; Poetry: A Walk Through the Walk (Maria E. Montano); Old Memory (Mary Getlein); Philomene and the Lady (Jim Smith); To the Guy Who Painted Graffiti on the Freeway Overpass (Sherman Pearl); golden sun (hillary kaye); Third Populist Manifesto (Mark Lipman); 38 Recommendations for Addressing Problems of Homelessness (Homeless Taskforce); More Than Unruly - Eric Mankin's Story; Back page: Calendar; Photo: Old Pals' Morning Hangout (Maureen Cotter)

Beachhead #323 - September 2008 - Photo: Fierce Lightning Storm in Venice (Jonathan Alcorn); The Situation for the Arts on Ocean Front Walk (Samuel Brantley); Another View of Spy Cameras (Laddie Williams); Inset: War Dead; Letters: More on Spy Cams - Anonymous, Long Live Poets! - Krista Schwimmer, We Are All "Arch" Conservatives - DeDe Audet; With Enough Shovels (Jim Smith); City of L.A. Approves Overnight ermit Parking; A Profile in Courage: Venice Resident, and Secretary of State, Debra Bowen: The Never-Ending Neighborhood Council Meeting (C.V. Beck); City Not Policing Developer, Oxford Triangle Residents Protect (Reta Moser); Presidentail Campaigns Start on Labor Day - Where Wil They End? (Jack Neuworth); Political cartoon: Hugo Chavez (Khalil Bendib); Food Not Bombs - Serving the Community (Mark Lipman); Lincoln Place: Housing the Community (C.V. Beck); Update on Recent Events at Lincoln Place; Parade Demands Equal Rights For Men and Women to Shed Their Tops (Edizen Stowell); The Beachhead versus the Corporate Media (Jim Smith); Just Another Perfect Day in Venice (CJ Groner); AdS: Big Daddy & Sons, Market Gourmet, Karen's Kare; Swami X Speaks; The Shooting Star (Mark Lipman); Venice HIgh Wins Swimming Championship (Lydia Ponce); Poetry: Privilege is blind (Lola Shalom); Meditations on a Photograph of a Girl and A Dog (Hal Bogotch); Dennis (Krista Schwimmer); Black Buddha In A Dark Alley (Philomeme Long); Sing (S.A. Griffin); living song (hillary kaye); Dark Ages (Jim Smith); hieros 19 (Marie Lecrivain); Back page: Calendar; 16th Annual Venice Music Festival

Beachhead #324 - October 2008 - Gunman on Abbot Kinney Kills Man, Shoots Woman in Face (Jim Smith); Who Do You Love? - For President; Letters: McCain offers chocolate teapot - clare kitchen; Suzanne's Angels - Bruce Deile; Suzanne's Angels -2 - Moira Nordholt; Ads: Michael Millman, Attorney, Douglas Eisenstark, Acupuncture; In Brief: Change Your Eating Habits, 103 Appeals Filed Against Permit Parking, What happened at Neighborhood Council meeting? (Jim Smith); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Lincoln Place: We're Not Dead Yet! (C.V. Beck); It's How You Play the Game (Mark Lipman); Ad: Vote Ralph Nader; The Venice Surplus Property Fund: A Secretive City Fund Meant for Venice (Jim Smith); Swami X Speaks; Terrence Leon Sullivan, RIP (Regina Barton); My Life In An RV (R. Mann); Photos: The 26th Annual Abbot Kinney Festival (Edison Stowell, Venice Paparazzi); Back in the 20th Century with the Free Venice Beachhead (Moe Stravnezer); Photo: Beachhead Collective, 1979; Poetry: Poem for the Poets (Shanna Baldwin); Memories of Venice (Christine Fulbright); Possession (krista schwimmer); Blessed (Rex Butters); A Soldier's Prayers (Mark Lipman); Del Taco #57 (RF Wagner, Jr.); The Ravings of People (Jim Smith); Secrets to the Moon (Hillary Kaye); Venice Eco-Fest (Panos Douvos); IOU, ALL (Tina Catalina Corcoran); More Letters; Haters of Homeless People - Peggy Lee Kennedy; Corruption - Samuel Brantley; Homelessness - Here We Go Again (Mark Lipman); Poem: Oppression 101 (Mary Getlein); Back page: Calendar; Beachhead Recommendations on the Propositions

Beachhead #325 - November 2008 - It's Obama! Inset: War Dead; Photo: Rock Sculptures on the beach, by Kevin Morgan (Lisa Lane); Letters: An Open Letter to President-Elect Barack Obama (The Beachhead Collective); We Need Your Help - Books and Bikes - Lou Boyland; Thanksgiving Dinner - Fruit Gallery Team; Stand on Homelessness - James F. Merced; Suspect Arrested in Murder of Nathan Moore (Karl Abrams); A Day in Court for Lincoln Place (C.V. Beck); Venice Town Council Takes Action Over Developent (C.V. Beck); Power to the People (Mark Lipman); The US and the Reign of Fear (Janet Phelan); Halloween Photo (Michael Wambeck); Enough is Enough (Mark Lipman); The New President and The Depression (Jim Smith); Ads: Model Railroads, Venice Grind, Mission Accomplished, Big Daddy & Sons, The Farmacy; The Earl Newman Story (Jim Smith); Photos: Earl and His Art; Earl's first Poster: The Gashouse in Venice; Prophecy: Can This Poet Restore America's Dignity? (J.C. Williams); Poetry: We Are Venice (Mark Lipman); House Finches (Krista Schwimmer); The Statue of Limitations (Swami X); Once again I am here at the beach to die (craig bowman); One for the ladies (rf wagner, jr.); Star Spangled (hillary kaye); George Bush in Venice (Jim Smith); Film Review: Vietnam: American Holocaust, by Clay Claiborne (Karl Abrams); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib) Calendar; Back page: Celebrate 40 Years of the Beachhead, Names of Collective Members

Beachhead #326 - December 2008 - 40th Anniversary Issue.
A Beach Heas Writes About the Beachhead (Carol Fondiller); Celebrate 40 Years of the Free Venice Beachhead; Inset: War Dead; Letters: I've Never Done This Before - Donna Lacey, You Guys Rock - Pat Hartman, Congratulations! - Emily Winters, Vigilantes Don't Like Vintage Cars - Nancy Raffaelli Richards, From 15th Anniversary - S.E. Mendelson; Welcome to Venice. Now Run! (Karl Abrams); Retirement Income; Negotiations Underway to Buy Lincoln Place; Neighborhood Council's Homeless/RV Committee Holds Secret Meetings (Mark Lipman); Permit Parking: City Ahll Says NO to 102 Venice ppeals (Jim Smith); Ad: Joel Isaacs, Ph.D.; Cop Shoots Self in Leg (Jessica Aden and Mark Lipman); Murdered on Abbot Kinney Blvd. - Who EWas Adam Pacheco? (Jessica Aden); Venice Says No to Prop. 8 (Amy V. Dewhurst); Yes We Can! And Yes We Have! (Jim Smith); B & W Beachhead Covers Through The Years; Guadalupe Day (Maria Joyouspirit); A Cell Tower in Your Backyard (Lydia Ponce); Swami X Goes To The Movies; Color Beachhead Covers; Do You Know About the Venice Surf and Skateboard Association? (Edizen Stowell); Ad: Talking Stick, The Farmacy, Eko-Zone; 2nd Annual Feed the Beach Serves 700; Beachead Reprints; Poetry: living green (Rex Butters); At the 99 Cents Store (krista schwimmer); Beachhead (RF Wagner, Jr.); Beachhead <3 Venice (erica snowlake); The Heroic Age of Venice (Jim Smith); Reprint: Collage, 1988; Poets As Rebels (krista schwimmer); Billie Holiday (Majid Naficy); Spearhead with a new face (Hillary Kaye); 8 Guys Behind a Bar (Mark Lipman); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); How Venice Voted; Calendar; Back page: Beachhead 40th Anniversary Poster: Peace, by Earl Newman



Beachhead #327 - January 2009 - Sponto is gone: 23 Years of a Venice Institution (Suzy Williams); Remembering Sponto (Leland Auslender); My Friend Sponto (Carol Fondiller); Inset: War Dead; Photos: Martin Luther King, Jr./President Obama; Letters: We Can, We Have, We Will! - Steve Freedman; Buying Lincoln Place? - Sheila Bernard, City Controller Sues City Attorney - Laura Chick, Homeless Committee - Carolyn Rios, Response from Mark Lipman, Westminster Elementary is Growing (plants) - Nora Dvosin, Keeping up the struggle - Chino; In Brief: Paul Robeson (play) in Venice (Alice Stek), Neighborhood Council, VTC Takes Appeal of Permit Parking to Coastal Commission, Post Office Selling Out (Jim Smith); Fire on Palms (Mark Lipman); New Year's Evaluation (Amy V. Dewhurst); Ad: Beachhead, featuring the late folksinger Utah Phillips, reading the Beachhead; Big's Bills (R.F. Wagner, Jr.); Murder Unsolved (Mark Lipman); Windward Avenue Resident and Sculptor Robert Graham, Dies (Jim Smith); Photo: N.Y. Times Obit of Robert Graham; Tributes and Photos of <3 Sponto; 40th Anniversary of the Beachhead: A Night to Remember (erica snowlake); Photo: Beachhead Collective receiving Certificate of Recognition; Ad: The Talking Stick Cafe Lounge; Venice History - Was the Annexation of Venice to Los Angeles in 1925 a good idea? (Jeffrey Stanton); Book Review: JFK and the Unspeakable, by James W. Douglass (Jack Neuworth); Poetry: Inauguration Day (Sherman Pearl); Uncle Sam and Aunt Emma (Jim Smith); January 16, 2009 (Mark Lipman); Political cartoon: The Shoe That Was Heard Around the World (Khalil Bendib); More Poetry: Mystery (krista schwimmer); Half Heartedly (hillary kaye); House of Cards (Doug Eisenstark); Breaking Free (Janet C. Phelan); repeat after me (Rex Butters); Back page: Calendar, Poster: Peace!, by Earl Newman

Beachhead #328 - February 2009 - Art: The Big One, by Ron Cobb; All Shook Up (John Davis); What Should Be Done With The Postal Annex? (Carolyn Rios); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Postcard from Venice (Italy) - Lance Diskan; Parking and Homelessness - Casey Bowen; Alternate Proposal to Permit Parking (Mark Lipman); Showdown on Permit Parking?: Venice Votes (Mark Lipman), Can we work this out? (C.V. Beck), How Overnight Parking Districts Became An Issue in Venice? (Peggy Lee Kennedy); First Lecture of 2009! (R.F. Wagner, Jr.); Vote No on Measure B - DeDe Audet; Depression Got You Down? Turn Off Your TV and Open the Beachhead!; Photo: The late folksinger, Utah Phillips Reading the Beachhead; Solar Power to the People? What's Wrong with Measure B (Jim Smith); The March 3 Election - A real Snoozer (Beachhead Collective); Ad: Hoagie's, Sven Clogs, The Farmacy; Cuba: An Island of Mystery (Jim Smith); Venice Says Goodbye to Sponto (Eric Yarber); Photos: Sponto Riding his Bicycle, Suzy Williams speaking at Memorial, Dancing on the Beach for Sponto (Venice Paparazzi); We All Scream for N'ice Cream! (Yolanda Miranda); Poetry: Snapshots of the Unemployed (Sherman Pearl); Swami X Speaks; Letter to the Brother Taken by War (Antonieta Villamil); Winter (hillary kaye); Ah Romantics, Thus Are We (Mark Lipman); Monday Morning Errands (krista schwimmer); untitled (Jack Cross); Hiroshima (Jessica Aden); Commitment (Suzanne Verdal); Venice History - The 1925 Annexation to Los Angeles (Jeffrey Stanton); Put A Little Love in Your Heart (Amy V. Dewhurst); Back page: Community Calendar

Beachhead #329 - March 2009 - Special Women's Issue.
Venice Couple Lives Happily Ever After - Thanks to Fawn Walenski; Poem: Venice Woman Tossing Terra Cotta Planter, Hits Gunman (Philomene Long); Inset: War Dead; Letters: I Say No to Permit Parking - Cristina Rojas; Anti, anti-OPD - Ty Allison; Coastal Commission Agrees with OPD Opponents (Jim Smith); Irregularities Charged in Venice Neighborhood Council Vote (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Permit Parking Vote Targets Venice Homeless (Michael Linder); Lucy Parsons - A LIfe Dedicated to Justice (Caeli Thibeault); Threat to Holiday Venice Sparks Oakwood Vigil; Interview with Rebel Woman Assata Shakur (Margot Pepper); Triumvirate set to take over Los Angeles (Jim Smith); Photos: Solar Power Initiative Attendees, Coastal Commission hearing; Who Reads The Venice Beachhead? - Edizen Stowell, Venice Paparazzi; Women's Profile: Diana Rodgers and the Mar Vista Farmer's Market (Erica Snowlake); Book Review: The Enemy Within, 2,000 Years of Witch-hunting, by John Demos (Krista Schwimmer); Swami X Speaks; International Women's Day; Poetry:The Women of Venice (Jim Smith); In The City (Lynette); Four Daughters (Lynne Bronstein); Wolf Woman (krista schwimmer); Green Shoes, Zapatos Verdes (Antoniete Villamil); untitled (Roger Houston); Toe Dancing in the Snow (Cristina Rojas); From Venice to D.C. - An Open Letter to President Obama (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Cityhood Then, Cityhood Now, CItyhood Forever! (Jim Smith); Back page: Community Calendar; Ad: Venice t-shirts

Beachhead #330 - April 2009 - Photo: Japanese-Americans forced to assemble at Lincoln and Venice Blvd., 1942 (Emerson Gaze); Village of the Damned (John Davis); Growing Up in Oakwood (Lisa Marguerite Mora); When our Japanese neighbors were sent to concentration camps (Scott Yuda, Jr.); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Sponto - Gina Graham; Heroic Story - mary jane; In Brief: Venice Affordable Housing Fight Goes to Washington; Residents fight back against S.M. Airport (Karl Abrams); Beachhead Women Writers Rock Out at Beyond Baroque (Krista Schwimmer); New Music Venue in Venice - The Stronghold (Carol Gronner); 3 Super Simple Social Speedways to Save the Earth (Amy Dewhurst); Art: Mutilation Nation (Janice Yudell); Lest We Forget; President Obama and Mr. Abajo (Jim Smith); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Three Things You Can Do RIght Now to Help Homeless People (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Poster Contest: Venice Carnevale; The Fool - How Splendid is the Adventure! (Krista Schwimmer); Swami X Speaks; Poetry: Earth (Denise Roman); Abbot's Habit (David Busch); traffic (Rex Butters); Venice canals (Samuel Oliver Kuhr); Letting Bluebird Out (krista schwimmer); Impressions of Cuba (Jim Smith); untitled (Roger Houston); Imposing Democracy (Mark Lipman); Santa Monica's 8% increase (Peggy Lee Kennedy); How Venice Voted in the City Election (Jim Smith); Calendar; Poster: Venice West Cafe, by Earl Newman; Back page: Book Review: Looking for the Real Thing, by Alan Gorg (Gwendolyn Lee); Oakwood Park - Fun for the Entire Family! (Lydia Ponce)

Beachhead #331 - May 2009 - The Jaya Mural (Emily Winters and mary jane); Photo: Jaya Mural; Inset: War Dead; Letters: President Obama and Mr. Abajo - mary jane; Growing Up in Venice - A. Karno; Danielle Greco, Former Canal Resident, Dies - paul tanck; Police Break Up "3rd Friday" on Westminster (Jim Smith); Belief Is Just A Toke Away (Ian Lovett); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); What's Behind the Push for OPDs? (Peggy Lee Kennedy);Jane Harman - Caught In The Act? (Jim Smith); Swami X Speaks; Ads: Douglas Eisenstark, Acupuncture; Art: Rainy Day on Market Street, 1963, by Bob Farrington; Photo: The Jaya Mural - From End to End; Jaya Mural Celebration; Yet Another illegal giant sign on OFW; Ads: Sven Clogs, Mission Accomplished, Eko-Zone; Venice Carnevale to feature fire dancers, music, costumes....and ...Photo: Hillel, Mr. Balloon Man (Venice Paparazzi); Spinning the U.S. Passport (Janet Phelan); Permit Parking - Not A New Story (Jim Smith); Ads: Model Railway Show, Sunset Masonic Lodge; Alan Goldberg, Community Wizard, Poetry: Challenger (Hal Bogotch); Yes we can (Panos Douvos); The Speed of Thought (Mark Lipman); untitled (Roger Houston); Modern Times (Jim Smith); Woof Woof (John Davis); One Saturday Morning in Venice (krista schwimmer); Beachhead Recommendations for May 19 state election; Ad: Tarot Readings; Calendar; Back page: Poster: Happy Birthday, Pete Seeger, by Earl Newman

Beachhead #332 - June 2009 - Ready or Not: It's Summer in Venice!; Painting: Frank Strasser, Parking Woes Cloud Happy Summer Days (Carol Fondiller); How to Beat the Summertime Blues (Amy Dewhurst); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Trouble on Ocean Front Walk - Lisa Green; Gale Goldman - Harlan Steinberger; In Memoriam: Gale Goldman (Regina Barton); Dogtown - Ian Dean; In Brief: Coastal Commission Meets on Permit Parking, Air Force Buzzes Venice, Lincoln Blvd. Standards Approved; Lincoln Place Settlement Nearer?, Plan to Restore Windward Columns; L.A. Times Distorts Homeless/RV Issues Again (Peggy Kennedy); Swami X Speaks; Ad: The Beachhead Presents Swami X Live at Beyond Baroque; Venice High Students Push for Memorial for Japanese - Letters from Students; Students walk out in support of teachers (Lydia Ponce); Poster: Carnevale!, Carnevale - June 6, Happy Birthday, Pete Seeger; Suzy Williams, Venice Songbird (Jim Smith); Photo: Divine Diva Suzy Williams; Ads: Sven Clogs, Eco-Zone, Mission Accomplished; Venice Summer Reading: A Series of Circles (Lisa Marguerite Mora); On the Boardwalk: Friday Night with Roger (Ian Lovett); Poetry: Boardwalk #1 (krista schwimmer); Wage Slaves (Jim Smith); untitled (Roger Houston); Once Again (Mary Getlein); Declaring War (Mark Lipman); Ads: Alan Goldberg, Douglas Eisenstark; Peace, Love and Rock & Roll (Mark Lipman); Calendar; Political cartoon: WAR (Khalil Bendib); Back page: Poster: Venice Eco-fest 2009

Beachhead #333 - July 2009 - Venetians Cheer As California Coastal Commission Says No to Permit Parking (Ian Lovett); After the Coastal Commission Vote - Where Do We Go From Here? (Jim Smith); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Gail Gordon and Sonny Zorro - Therese Daniels; Retake OFW for the People - Clai Claiborne; Michael Jackson - Shannon O'Brien, Art: And His Legacy Continues...; Who Owns the Beach? (John Davis); Freemasonry in Venice (Michael Wambeck); Advertisements on the Beach - Cory Zaun; Israel Levin Center Needs Help; Photos: Venetians Celebrates No OPDs; Students Continue Campaign for Japanese Taken to WWII Camps; Cops Target Venice Gambling Dens, 1949 (Michael Linder); The Beachhead and Mayor Villaraigosa Honor Swami X (Karl Abrams); If Everybody Had An Ocean...(Amy V. Dewhurst); On the Boardwalk - The Lottery (Ian Lovett); Photo: OFW, 1975 (Rich Mann); Venice Eco-Fest: What a Day! What a Life! (Eino Hill); Poetry: Venice would be perfect (Jim Smith); Belles Lettres (Rebecca LaRue); Ode to Aung San Suu Kyi (Vessy Mink); Today (Honeybee Henderson); I WOuld (Karl Abrams); In the Name of God (David Rovics); untitled (Stuart Perkoff); Just Outside Ralph's Grocery On Lincoln Boulevard (krista schwimmer); The Fall of Emoires (Mark Schulman); Ad: Movie Night: The Wobblies; Watercolor: Beachhouse, by Ray Packard; Calendar; The Toltec I-Ching Comes to Venice; Back page: Painting by Therese Daniels: Sonny Zorro, King of the Boardwalk

Beachhead #334 - August 2009 - Artists Protest Commercial Vending on Ocean Front Walk (Barbara Ransom); Photos: Artist's Beach Protest (Pegarty Long); Live Free or Die! - Mass Transit (Jennifer Smith and Jim Smith); Inset: War Dead; Letters: What a life indeed - Tim Dybrig, Camping Area Needed for Rvs - Michael Millman; The Actually Existing Health Care System (Carl Ginsburg); As the Crow Caws (Lily Crow); Political cartoon: White Man's Last Stand (Khalil Bendib); Volleyball Without A Net (Amy V. Dewhurst); Cartoon (Mark Goldman); Rotary Club Returns to Venice (Don Carlton); Swami X Speaks; Ads: Movie Night: Vietnam: American Holocaust; Vote for Rob Macon, KPFK; Car Show Stops Traffic on Rose Avenue (Greta Cobar); I Became a Communist in Venice: Jack Hirschman (Mark Lipman); Ads: Treehouse, Eco-Zone, Mystic Journey, Mission Accomplished; Poetry: All That's Left (Jack Hirschman); untitled (Roger Houston); City of Dreams (Hillary Kaye); Every Poem I Write (Philomene Long); Charlie Wolf, Musicological Boy Wonder (Hal Bogotch); Cold Ellison VI (Philomene Long); The Ghosts of Venice West (Philomene Long); To Philomene (Krista Schwimmer); Philomene Recites a Poem (Jim Smith); Ad: The 2nd Annual Philomenian; Back page: Community Calendar Ads: Twilight Dance Series; Beachhead Capitalism

Beachhead #335 - September 2009 - How the Inevitable Rise in the Price of Gasoline Will Change Our Lives for the Better (Jebediah Reed); Help! My bike has been kidnapped (CJ Gronner); Inset: War Dead; Say What You Will, We Live It Everyday in Oakwood (Lydia Ponce); Ad: Best Candidates - KPFK Elections; Permit Parking Lawsuit Filed; Post Office Still Seeking to Sell Venice Annex; Whole Foods Picketed; Maureen Cotter Tells Inside Story of Charlie Manson's Murder Spree (Fred Dewey); Photo: Maureen Cotter at Beyond Baroque; Ad: Sunset Masonic Temple Chapter; The Whiff of Fascism (Jim Smith); Riding the Streets of Venice in a Produce Truck (Ian Lovett); Ads: Venice Music Festival, The Treehouse, Mystic Journey, Eco-Zone; Bevy of Poets Attracted to 2nd Philomenian; Poetry: A Cannibal in Venice (Sharon Shapiro-Snow); Fingerprints (Pasquale Trellese); Desire Remains, Memory Distorts (krista schwimmer); The Prisoner (Jim Smith); Dear Artists of Los Angeles (Pat DeBonville); Based on a True Story (abigail templeton); untitled (Roger Houston); Bare-naked (Marie Lecrivain); Pleasures I have known (Hal Bogotch); Steve (Panos Douvos); Letters: True Democracy - Arnold Springer; Why Do We Still Vote? - Steve Brown; Live Free or Drive - Gary Neville; Permit Parking - RVs - Michael Millman; Ad: The Harry Bridges Project; Back page: Poster: 25th Annual Abbot Kinney Festival

Beachhead #336 - October 2009 - Venice "Out Front" Skatepark Opens (Amy V. Dewhurst); Stolen Bicycle Recovered (CJ Gronner); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Free Speech on Ocean Front Walk? - Lisa Green; Angry about Oakwood Article - Jimmy Riddle; City Neighborhood Council Apparently Give Up on Saving Postal Annex (Jim Smith); Tsunami Alert for Venice; Only 6,013 Years Old!; Out of the Litter Box (Ali Katz); Military-Industrial Complex Now Official; On the Boardwalk - Treasure Hunting (Ian Lovett); Ocean Front Walk Task Force (Ian Lovett); Beachhead Sustainer Drive; Photos: Abbot Kinney Festival and Beyond (Jim Smith and Krista Schwimmer); Ads: Mystic Journey, Eko-Zone; Film: The Irish Vampire Goes West, by Pegarty Long (Jim Smith); Butterflies and Boulders at Coeur D'Alene (Renate Robins and Lisa Robins); Poetry: Going to the Beach (Robert Watts); Skipping Stones (Mark Lipman); Until I Die (Jim Smith); Lobster Time (Hal Bogotch); My Neighbor Goes to the Zoo (Majid Naficy); Untitled #1 On Overlook Mountain (krista schwimmer); Political cartoon: Welcome to Afghanistan (Khalil Bendib); 30 Years Ago in Venice: Venice Gets A Piece (of Art) (Carol Fondiller); To the Spirit of Freedom - Wade Hampton Cornell; Back page: Community Calendar; Ad: The Other Venice Film Festival

Beachhead #337 - November 2009 - Murder on Venice Blvd. (Jim Smith); Photos: Scene of the Crime, Memorial Shrine to Deven Petelski (Jeanelle Lee); Evicted Lincoln Place Tenants Going Home; Letyers: Vending in Venice - Vicki Zinn; After Obama - American Idol? - Alice Cramden; Once More into the Beach; "Reform" City Attorney Still Wants OPDs; Rapist On The Loose; On the Boardwalk - Treasure Maps (Ian Lovett); Fuck- You to Arnold Swarzenegger; Eyewitness to "Murder on Venice Blvd." (Ruth Fowler); Ad: Nutritional Warehouse; Universal Health Care Versus the Corporations (Jim Smith); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Ad: Surfing Cowboys; Skills Center Here to Stay; Ads: Cruelty-free Products; Mystic Journey, Mission Accomplished, LA Surf and Swim; Beachhead Sustainer Drive; Steve Richmond, Venice Poet, 1941-2009 (Panos Douvos); PA: Open House, Sunset Masonic Lodge; Poetry: Ode to a Snail (krista schwimmer); The Ballad of Bessie Mae (Jim Smith); the eye of sunset (hillary kaye); On The Re-Naming of Things (Stuart Perkoff); For My Friend (Mary Getlein); Finding Peace (Joanna Silva); Numisma-Twists (Hal Bogotch); Can't Erase The Past (Nicole Rhoe); Ad: Black & White Tuxedo Chihuahua For Sale; Calendar; Photo: Last Year's Feed the Beach (Venice Parapazzi); Back page: Beachhead Poets Read; City Council Town Hall Meeting on Medical Marijuana in Venice; lost pet or stolen bike?

Beachhead #338 - December 2009 - 41st Anniversary Issue.
Photo: Hundreds enjoy a communal dinner on Westminster (Greta Cobar); Monday Nights Working With The Beachhead Collective (Krista Schwimmer); Medical Marijuana Debated in Venice - and L.A. (Maureen Cotter); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Was it murder? - Isabel Moritz; Not Murder - Name Witheld, Beachhead Responds; Correction to Murder Article - Christopher Medak; A Voice from the 70s - Joanne Zazzi; Medical Marijuana - Lisa Green; Hundreds Eat at "Feed the Beach" (Roger Linnett); Swami X Speaks; Ad: Beachhead Poets Read; Made for Each Other: The Story of a Town and a Newspaper (Jim Smith); Ad: Surfing Cowboys; Swine Flu: Nothing to Sneeze At (Greta Cobar); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Venice Quiz Results (The Beachhead Collective); Meet the New Boss - Same as the Old Boss? - LAPD Chief of Police; Victim Blamed for Fata Crash! (Jim Smith); Photos: Memorial of Devin Petelski; Thank-You Venetians! Names of Those Who Have Served on the Beachhead Collective Over the Years; Ads: Mission Accomplished, Venice Originals; The Beats in 1959 Venice (Bill Fleeman); Poetry: Even Steven (Hal Bogotch); left is always right (Patrick Vincent); Eat Your Fill of Gold (Mark Lipman); Old Friends (Mary Getlein); at the tree at Glyndon and Venice (Roger Houston); Cast Iron (hillary kaye); Big Lots (krista schwimmer); Come Home With Us (Jim Smith); Ad: White Chihuahua For Sale; Calendar; Back page: Photo: Happy Holidays from the Beachhead Collective; Ads: Mystic Journey Bookstore; Sven Custom Clogs; Book: Hollywood - 1981, by Doug Doyle



Beachhead #339 - January 2010 - A Senseless Murder in Venice: Lighting A Candle for Eun Kang (Krista Schwimmer); A Report From Our Correspondent at the Copenhagen Climate Conference (Ron Ridenour); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Gasoline-Powered Leaf Blowers - C.V. Beck; Born in Venice - April Newman; Parking in Venice - Cynthia Fenton; Another Pedestrian Hit on Lincoln Blvd. - Rebecca Alber; Response from Yunus Ghausi; Remembering Steve Richmond - Linda Schram-Williams; Preparation Begins for Neighborhood Council Elections (Marc Saltzberg); What would Saint Joseph do? (Susie Snakebite); The Venice Beat: Women have a right to live free of violence, Goodbye to two thrift stores, Ralph's Market, Medical Marijuana Regulations, What's up with Ocean Front Walk; Beachhead Celebrates 41st Anniversary (Greta Cobar); Ad: ORGANICA; 20 Tips for Residential Security (Tino Struckmann); Photo: Crowd of 100 Turns Out to Mourn Eun Kang (Krista Schwimmer); I awakened to a knife at my throat (Yolanda Miranda); PA: Dr. Martin Luther KIng, Jr.; Film Review: Avatar (Jim Smith); Going to War for Women (Krista Schwimmer); Swami X Speaks; The Decade From Hell (Jack Neuworth); Call Someplace Paradise, Kiss It Goodbye (Anne Alvarez, reprint); Poetry: untitled (Roger Houston); Meet and Greek (Justin Harder); Yoko (Mary Getlein); My Sister, The Painter (Philomene Long); A Dying Wish (N. Keryakos); Escalation (Jim Smith); CRUD Conspiracy (Carol Fondiller, reprint); Evo Morales; Political cartoon: GREED (Khalil Bendib); Calendar; Back page: 2009 - The Venice Year In Review (Beachhead Collective)

Beachhead #340 - February 2010 - In Memory of Carol Fondiller - So Long, Carol - It's Been A Blast; Photo: Carol and Friends (Jim Smith); Community Celebration of the Life of Carol Fondiller at Beyond Baroque; Interview with Thomas Paine Haag Duggan (Greta Cobar); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Carol Fondiller - Ingrid Mueller; Carol Evelyn Fondiller Berman - Mary Jane; Silent Running - Bonnie Wolfe; Leaf Blowers - Simone White; Plain English - DeDe Audet; In Brief: Historical Status for 7 Dudley Advances; Sluice Gates slush fund (Jim Smith); Can Medical Marijuana Cure Bad Politics?; Winograd Supports Beachhead - Marcy Winograd; Carol Fondiller (Pam Emerson); Two Views of Current Politics: Obama's First Year (Jim Smith); It's All the Rage (Roger Linnett); Ad: Just Tantau; When wasn't there Carol? (Lance Diskan); Carol by any other name (Lynne Bronstein); Carol Fondiller - its been good to know you! (Jim Smith); Photo: Hangin' on the Boardwalk, 1976 (Tomito); The Backyard that Nobody Wanted (Carol Fondiller, reprint); Neighborhood Council Election Coming Soon (Greta Cobar); Just Call Me A Refugee (Mary Geitlein); Ad: Hoagie's; Art by Carol Fondiller; Photos: Queen of Venice, Carol at Diva Performance (Mary Ann Cherry); My Friend Carol (Ravi Kristin); Carol's White Rose (Chuck and Terry Bloomquist); More Photos of Carol; Ad: Casper's Crusaders; The Birth of the Fascist States of America (Roger Linnett); Political cartoon: Citizens United (Khalil Bendib); Poetry: Time To Go (Sevan Gerard); 7 Dudley; untitled (Roger Houston); untitled (Carol Fondiller); CFB Venice Queen (Emily Winters); It's Better Not to Make Friends With...(krista schwimmer); First world democracy (Matt Sedillo); The Race Is Over (Jim Smith); Reflections of a Survivor (Jack Neuworth); Photo: Carol Leading Natl. Alliance of HUD Tenants, 1995; Song: Too Poor to Live Here (Carol Fondiller); Swami X Speaks; Ads: Venice Originals, Bob's Odd Jobs; Photo: Carol and Dr. Benjamin Spock; Carol and Me and The Collective (Gail Williamson); Calendar; Back page: Photo: QT Carol Reading the Beachhead (Chuck Bloomquist); Ads: Tarot Workshop; Mystic Journey Bookstore; J's Kitchen

Beachhead #341 - March 2010 - Special Women's Issue - A Venice Woman copes with raising a child, living in an RV, and the dreaded "sweeps" (Rune Girschfield); Holiday Venice tenants ask Obama administration to help them buy the apartment buildings (Lydia Ponce); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Is anyone else out there? - Mary Getlein, Oakwood Park - Laddie Williams, Police Sweep on the Beach - Mark Lipman; Our Mistake; In Brief: Environmentalists versus Playa Vista (Jim Smith); Vera Davis Center in Danger of Closing? (Lydia Ponce); Plastic Bags, Plastic Oceans, Plastic People (Jim Smith); Remembering Bingo: "Daughter of Darkness, Sister of Light" (Carol Fondiller); Profile: Venice Singer Simone White (Erica Snowlake); Profile: Venice Activist Yvonne Guzman (Krista Schwimmer); Ad: Venice Originals; The Life of Euni Kang (Chris Chanaud); Andrew Koenig, My Venice Neighbor and Friend (krista schwimmer); Venice Community Celebrates the Life of Carol Fondiller Berman (Karl Abrams); Photo: Friends of Carol; Praising Howard Zinn: A People's History of the United States, and The People Speak (Erica Snowlake); Women Speak Out!: Voices of a People's History; Poetry: Tumbling (Karl Abrams); Dedicated to the memory of Milton and Bunny Bratton (kitty bratton); Praise for a lost Woman (hillary kaye); Life's Work (Vesselina Minkovski); untitled (Roger Houston); During the Campaign (Edward Ferrer); Changeling (Jim Smith); Prayer (krista schwimmer); Ad: Just Tantau; Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Back page: Art: Solidarity (UNESCO & Hillary Kaye); Ads: Book: Hollywood, 1981, by Doug Doyle; Book: Mission Accomplished, by Khalil Bendib; Mystic Journey Bookstore; Surfing Cowboys; J's Kitchen

Beachhead #342 - April 2010 - Wetlands Crucified at L.A. City Hall (Suzanne Thompson); Neighborhood Council Voting April 11 (Jim Smith); Myrna Loy Statue Returns to Venice; Inset: War Dead; Letters: Neighborhood Council Election - Cindy Chambers; Project Censored Seeks Input from Families of Police Deaths - Peter Phillips; Stopping Wars with Education - Alan Gorg; Taking the Census in the middle of the night (Lisa Green); Strange Bedfellows: Lieu, Rosendahl, and the Pacific Legal Foundation (Jim Smith); In Brief: Abbot Kinney's Grandson, Kendrick, Dies (Paul Tanck); Vera Davis Center Not in Danger of Closing? (Lydia Ponce); Art: Peaceful Gathering (Samuel Brantley); Xeriscaping in Venice (erica snowlake); Photo: Japanese-Americans lining up, 1942; Japanese_American Memorial Marker at Lincoln and Venice Boulevards? (Phyllis Hayashibara); In Memory of Dr. John Michel (Arturo, Catherine Andrews, Enyaj, Linda Lu, Christopher Stevens); Dr. John's Memorial Service (Erica Snowlake); Back to the 60s at Surfing Cowboys (CJ Gronner); Book review: The Long Sixties: From 1960 to Barack Obama, by Tom Hayden (Jack Neuworth); Swami X Speaks; Poetry: Dr. John Michel (Catherine Andrews); Mayan Birds (Karl Abrams); Dead Poets (krista schwimmer); untitled (Lulu Carmone); Calling All Metaphores (Jim Smith); Graffiti (John David West); Historic (Mark Lipman); Barbara Ann (Paul D. Brooks); Moving Day (Lynette); Political cartoon: Madrasa (Khalil Bendib); Support the Beachhead; Calendar; Back page: Ads: Abbot's Habit; J's Kitchen; The Farmacy; Art: soil, by Outi Harma

Beachhead #343 - May 2010 - Friend or Foe? Food Trucks on Abbot Kinney (CJ Gronner); Beachhead Exclusive: Settlement Reached in Overnight Parking Lawsuit; Rosendahl's "Carrot and Stick" means a knock on the door at 5 am (Rune Girschfield); New Myrna Loy statue unveiled; Inset: War Dead; Letters: Gardens of Gratitude Dig It in Venice; (Joey Marie Soto); Councilmember Rosendahl's Letter on OPDs; A Labyrinth Grows in Oakwood (Krista Schwimmer); Neighborhood Council Final Election Results (Jim Smith); Art: The Candidate (Emily Winters); State Assembly Candidates Respond to the Beachhead's Questions; Ad: Save SPARC from Money Grubbing Bureaucrats; Nearly Half of Venice's Homeless Have Serious Health Problems (Jim Smith); Jack Herer, Emperor of Hemp, Dies (Jim Smith); Poetry Bomb Goes Off in Venice (S.A. Griffith); Chains Be Gone (Jim Smith); The Return of Myrna Loy (Jim Smith); Swami X Speaks; Thousands of Californians Missing (Margot Pepper); Cartoon: The K Chronicles (Kevin Knight); Poetry: Moon Sphinx (erica snowlake); Conspiracies Debunked (Jim Smith); untitled (Roger Houston); Still too dark to see (Karl Abrams); Ode to my Soul (krista schwimmer); Farewell American Poet Steve Richmond (Panos Douvos); On the Beach (Virag Vida); Is There No Justice? (Lynne Bronstein); Calendar; Back page: Ad: The Farmacy; Ad: Venice Votes Winograd for Congress! Send Harman Home!

Beachhead #344 - June 2010SUMMER ISSUE: Lincoln Place Lives!; RV Residents Under Gun (stick); Showdown is June 10; Lifeguard Stands Get A New Look for Summer; Inset: War Dead; Letters: Homes With Wheels - Therese Dietlin; City Doesn't Care about Beach - Annette Robinson; Food Trucks - David of Slice Truck; Venice Holds Produce Exchange (Joey Marie Soto); "Death by Police Car" Victim's Family Files Suit; Color Comes to the Beach (CJ Gronner); Medical Marijuana Muddle (Greta Cobar); Cast An Informed Vote On June 8th: The Propositions on the June Ballot; Vote No on Prop. 14 (Lisa Green); What About The Judges? (Jackie Goldberg); Housing is a Human Right: Math Whiz Needed? (Cindy Chambers); Fun Things to do in Venice in the Summer (The Collective); Tragedy of Errors Sinks Oil Rig (Roger Linnett); From the Beachhead Archives (compiled by Roger Linnett & Jim Smith); Photo of 700 anti-war protestors on OFW, June 1970; New Shop with an Old Feel Opens in Venice (Roger Linnett); Sinking Arizona (Jim Smith); Political cartoon by Joe Heller; Art Walking (CJ Gronner); Art by Justin Herber; R.I.P. Butterface Stowell; Saving Mother Earth: An Eyewitness Account of the World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth (Ron Ridenour); Beach Chair Reading (Jack Neuworth); Swami X Speaks; Poetry: Beyond Palatable (Roger Linnett); The Man! (Essombe Sone Massoua); Do I Really Care? (krista schwimmer); For Dr. John (Mary Getlein); Vanishing (Sherman Pearl); How will it be? (Jim Smith); SPARC and Beyond Baroque Host Event for Cuban Political Prisoner and Artist (Diana Block); Photo: The Many Faces of Lincoln Place (Elke Weiss); Calendar; Back page: Poster: Venice Eco-Fest 2010; Ad: The Farmacy

Beachhead #345 - July 2010 - Venice Independence Issue - Venetians Speak Truth to Power at the Coastal Commission; Photo: Emily Winters tells Commissioners to reject OPDs (Jim Smith); A Day at the Beach with the Coastal Board (Jim Smith); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Albert Vera (Arnold Springer); Vending on Ocean Front Walk (Della Franco); Free Speech on OFW (Therese Dietlin); Special Event: Beyond Baroque; Planes Over Venice, or Santa Monica?; How Venice Voted (Jim Smith); Bus Service Improves But Fares Go Up; Is Real Independence for Venice Possible? (Jim Smith); Obscure Facts About Venice (Jim Smith); Ad: Venice Cityhood Meeting; Support Building for Japanese Internment Memorial; Remarks of Former Internee Arnold Maeda; Photo: General DeWitt's Anti-Japanese hysteria; Take Me For A Sea Cruise (CJ Gronner); Photos: Paul Gronner & Sean James; Ads: Sherman Gallery, Candle Cafe & Grill, Maui Surf & Skate Shop, EM Scott Custom Tattoos; Photos: No OPDs (Jim Smith); When Venice Stopped A (Police) Riot By Stopping A Parade (Carol Fondiller); Poetry: Everyday is Christmas - In Venice! (Tina Catalina Corcoran); Living in Venice (Mary Getlein); Venice as Mecca, Jerusalem (John Haag); The Sounds of Venice (Abigail Templeton); untitled (Roger Houston); Venice Dreams (Jim Smith); Venice, Oh Venice (Cosmo); Seen on Paloma Sidewalk; Into the Country of the Weak (krista schwimmer); The Gulf (Hal Bogotch); Swami X Speaks; Testimony to the Coastal Commission; The Oil Spill and the Green revolution (Stephen Fiske); Ad: Ojai Properties; Warning: Pensions in Peril (DeDe Audet); Tragic Death on Prom Night (Greta Cobar); Calendar; Back page: Poster: Venice Eco-Fest 2010; Ad: The Farmacy

Beachhead #346 - August 2010 - Inside Daisy Clover's Venice (Lynne Bronstein); Art: Robert Farrington; New "Pentagon Papers" Describe the Insanity of the Afghan War (The Beachhead Collective); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Campaign Spending - Jim Smith; Unenvironmental Advertising - pirco; Police Brutality - A Concerned Venetian; Michael McGuire - Dennis Stankie; HUD Grant Will House 19 Homeless People (Greta Cobar); Navalette Tabor Bailey, Venice Pioneer, Dies at 93 (Jill Prestup); 2007 Interview with Navalette Tabor Bailey and Jataun Valentine (Rex Butters); Trouble on Ocean Front Walk (VBBC Administrative Board); Venice Cityhood Drive Kicked Off (Greta Cobar); Two Views of RV Living (Bill Rosendahl, Lisa Green); The Great L.A./Venice Oil Heist (Patrick McCartney); Adventures at the Eco-fest (CJ Gronner); Ads: Abbot's Habit; Candle Cafe & Grill; Getting Around Venice (Jim Smith); Swami X Speaks; Poetry: Ode to Swami X (Cosmo); Made Up Joe (Joy Buckley); Night in Venice Beach (Robert Watts); Ballona Wetlands (Sharon Soeller); Plath Moon, Bukowski Night (krista schwimmer); Oil Babble (Shanna Baldwin Moore); The Lords of Earth (Jim Smith); Onymous #7 Spell Against Enchantment (franEye); The Poem Takes a Hundred Years To Come (Philomene Long); Low Tide at dawn (Ray Steding); Ads: Sera Gountoumas, CPA; Alan Goldberg, Community Wizard; The Third Annual Philomenian;Calendar; Ads: Mission Accomplished; Maureen Cotter: Even More Prison Stories; Marla's Cafe; Sherman Gallery; The Farmacy

Beachhead #347 - September 2010 - We Are Venice....Who Are You? (Ian Dean); Photo: Venice Sunset (Jim Smith); This is Festival Month in Venice; First Friday, For Who? (CJ Gronner); Letter: View from the Venice Boardwalk - Venice Beach Boardwalk Coalition; Ocean Front Walk Lottery - Shirley Jackson; Major Hoax! - Cindy Sheehan; Electric Trolley - Robin Dayno; The Real Stink About Dumping (Peggy Lee Kennedy); Art: Helping Hands (Janice Yudell); If you have to stack 'em, you've got too many cars (Jim Smith); Putting Labor Back in Labor Day (Roger Linnett); John Betz Does Not Like the Beachhead (Jim Smith); New Healthcare Provisions Take Effect (Roger Linnett); Ad: Venice CItyhood Meeting; Ad: Hoagie's; Book Review: The Collected Poems of Philomeme Long (Jim Smith); Miss Jessica and the Sugar Shack Attack (Suzy Williams); Ads: Abbot's Habit, Marla's Cafe, The Candle Cafe & Grill; Ibrahim and Diane (Greta Cobar); Ad: The Farmacy; Swami X Speaks; Ad: Venice High Centennial; Ads: Thomas Hamburgers, Bob's Odd Jobs: Poetry: keepin' the BEAT (Shanna Baldwin Moore); Love (Mary Getlein); Starbucks (Chance Foreman); Panties in the Trash (Joy Buckley); Pigeon Tower (Majid Naficy); Prison Bunk (Hal Bogotch); On First Looking into the Collected Poems of Philomene Long (Jim Smith); Venice People (Cosmo); Political cartoon (Khalil Bendib); Ad: Tarot & Palmistry (Krista and Michael); Calendar; Back page: Who's the Boob? (CJ Gronner); Photos (Pegarty Long); Ad: Venice Music Festival; Ad: Abbot Kinney Festival

Beachhead #348 - October 2010 - Town Hall: No Meeting of Minds (Greta Cobar); Photo: Abbot Kinney Festival: Earl Newman Poster (Jennifer Smith); Abbot Kinney Festival (CJ Gronner); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Who Am I? - Chuck Bloomquist; I Am Me -Jonathan Dorado; Car Stacking - Mark Ryavec; First Friday - Gerry Becerril; Tribute: Patrick James Ryan; Over-development and Restaurant Moguls - Chuck Levin; We Are Venice - alex kramer; $50,000 Reward Offered for Michael McGuire Killer; Temple of Man Returns; The Solid Gold Subway (Jim Smith); Lincoln Place: A Community Victory (Amanda Seward); Adventures Along the Venice Art Crawl (CJ Gronner); Getting Out the Vote (Roger Linnett); Ad: Venice Cityhood Meeting; Photos: The Abbot Kinney Festival (Jennifer Everhart); Ad: Happy Hour at The Candle Cafe & Grill; Photo: Artist Earl Newman receiving Award at AK Festival; Main Street - The Garden Spot of Venice? (Jim Smith); Ad: Bikini Bar; Calendar; Back page: Poster: The 7th Annual Other Venice Film Festival

Beachhead #349 - November 2010 - Photo: Manufactured goods on OFW (Jim Smith); Court Order Puts End to Ocean Front Lottery; Reinstates Amplified Music (Great Cobar); WHY RVs ARE HERE TO STAY (Jim Smith); Inset: War Dead; Letters: Venice Needs A Dump Station - Edward LaGrossa; Nany Cunningham, Community Activist, Dies (Lisa Zimble); In Brief: Gjelina Restaurant in Hot Water, Gold's Gym CEO Gave $2 Million to Anti-Gay Candidate Group; That's Where Our Money Goes; Your Senator Has Died (Jim Smith); Photos: (Empty)Street Life on Abbot Kinney (Jim Smith); Battle of the Beach Curfew (John Davis); Photos: Parking Signs, Oversized Vehicles (Great Cobar); County Steal's Venice's Beach (John Davis); Deconstructing the Current Tax Cut Squabble (Roger Linnett); Beachhead Recommendations on Propositions; Vote for Lisa Green for State Assembly; Two Views of the Venice Film Festival: Opening Night (Jim Smith); Soccermom: The Movie (CJ Gronner); Ad: Book: Casa de Poesia; Beyond Baroque: Venice's Unique Poetry Center (Harry L. Northup); Swami X Speaks; Ad: Thomas Hamburgers; Poetry: Oil 2010 (Cosmo); untitled (Roger Houston); The Fetch (John Thomas); Venizens of the Beach (Tim Weil); Crow Secrets (krista schwimmer); Washing (Majid Naficy); Power (Jim Smith); They Are Tearing Up the Country (Janet Phelan); The Heaven Help Us, Venice (Tina Corcoran); No Time 4 Haterz (Jimmy Valentine); Lincoln Place: A COmmunity Victory - Part Two (Amanda Seward); Calendar; Back page: The Beachhead Needs You!; Poster: Defend Venice; Ad: Meditation Group; Ad: Venice Bikini Bar

Beachhead #350 - December 2010 - Anniversary Issue and 350th issue - Photo: Frank Rios looks through Poetry Wall (Pegarty Long); Lawsuit Filed to Protect Civil Rights of RV Residents (Peggy Kennedy); Abbot Kinney Merchants Oppose Food Trucks; Letters: Segregation - Ian Dean; Cell Tower at Extra Space Storage - Nancy McCulloch; Coastal Commission Body Slams City (John Davis); Venice #2 in Marijuana Support (Jim Smith); Venetian May Be Pardoned in Florida (Roger Linnett); Table: How Venice Voted; Oversized Vehicles Banned by City Council (Roger Linnett); Why More Growth? - DeDe Audet; Hard Times Get Harder - Homeless Meals Cancelled (CJ Gronner); L.A. City Council Approves Japanese-American Memorial Marker (Phyllis Hayashibara); Poem: 60 Years Later/After the Internment Camps (Adelle Foley); Art: 9066, by Yuriko Uematsu Etue; Photo: Westminster Homeless Dinner (Great Cobar); The Abbot Kinney Art Haus (Karl Abrams); Photos: Rachell Tatum; Ad: Ocean Blue; Temple of Man Celebrates 50th Anniversary; Poem: Walking With The Beats On Venice Boardwalk At Halloween (Jack Foley); Ad: Bikini Bar; Don't Forget the Beachhead this Holiday Season!; Play Review: Island of Brilliance (Suzy Williams); Swami X Speaks; Ad: Venice t-shirts, Where Art Meets Crime; Poetry: Angels (krista schwimmer); Stop the Ride (Jim Mussio); Basking in My Element (Roxanna Gomz-Sequiera); To Bill Rosendahl (Mary Getlein); untitled (Roger Houston); Yo Saturnalia (Jim Smith); Ad: Divest from Israeli Apartheid; This is the Beachhead's 42nd Anniversary!; Editorial: From the FIrst Issue of the Beachhead, 1968; Calendar; Photo: When the Lifequard Stations Salute the Setting Sun, You Know Summer is Over (Jerome Stumphauzer); Ad: The Beachhead's Venice Poetry Renaissance Reading & After Party! Free!