Dear Reader,

The Free Venice Beachhead is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Even though members of the Beachhead Collective have come and gone, the goals and ideals that led to the founding of the Beachhead in 1968 are still our goals and ideals.

The Beachhead, as always, believes in a free, non-corporate press that tells the truth about our government, big business and big developers. We seek to inform and mobilize our community to threats and opportunities. We love both the idea and the reality of Venice.

The Free Venice Beachhead is, as always, put together by a volunteer collective (see page two for our names). Our only expense is printing.

Nonprofit newspapers run by a collective are an endangered species. The Beachhead is one of the few examples still publishing in this day of rampant capitalism. With your help, we'll continue to defy the odds and uphold the ideals of alternative media that doesn't have to bow down to advertisers. That's why we accept ads from local busineses only. Chain stores need not apply.

How can we continue to finance the Beachhead? We want to be sustained as much as possible by our readers. That's why we have a sustainer program. Our goal is 100 sustainers contributing $100 a year to keep our presses running.

Most importantly, we’d like you to become a Beachhead Sustainer. We’ll only bother you once a year for your hundred bucks. Or if you prefer, send us $50 now, and we’ll hound you for the remaining $50 in six months.

Here’s what you’ll get by becoming a Beachhead Sustainer (in addition to the satisfaction of helping the Beachhead survive and grow):

  • We’ll list the names of Sustainers in each and every Beachhead (unless you tell us to withhold your name).
  • If you like, we’ll mail you a copy of the Beachhead so you can avoid waiting in line to get one.
  • We’ll give you four free business-card-size advertisement in the Beachhead.

Thank you in advance from the Collective for helping to keep a free press alive and well in Venice!

Count me in as a Beachhead Sustainer!

___ Here’s my $100 check.

___ Please mail me the Beachhead every month.

Name: ______________________________________ Phone: __________________________

Address: ____________________________________ City, Zip: _________________________

Email: ______________________________________

Please print this page and mail to: Beachhead, POB 2, Venice, CA 90294

You can use your credit card on our website - - to become a Sustainer.