Thu - March 1, 2007

El Dia De La Mujer/International Woman’s Day

By Yolanda Miranda

When the United Nations proclaimed International Women’s Day on March 8, 1975, to honor women internationally for their contributions to society. It had been celebrated by women around the world for many years before the United Nations proclamation was signed. A special day honoring women has been observed since the early 1900s, as women have fought for shorter work weeks, better pay, and struggled for universal suffrage.

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The High Cost of Free Parking...And the Havoc It Wreaks on American Cities

In his new book, The High Cost of Free Parking, UCLA professor Donald Shoup writes that he almost titled his 733-page opus “Aparkalypse Now” or “Parkageddon.” This should give readers a clue to the author’s feelings about the immensity of the parking problems confronting us—as well as the fun he takes in describing them.

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In Brief

• VNC Election Less Than Overwhelming

Bill Rosendahl, Venetians celebrate new pedestrian-friendly curbs

Spark Your Inner Cre8tivity!

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Is this the end of Democracy?

By Jim Smith

Fear stalks the nation. Its people are afraid to express themselves even though they hold strong views against government policies. Neighbors hide in their houses, fearful of encountering each other. A steady drumbeat of accusations against arabs, gays and “illegal aliens” emanate from the mass media.

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Democracy Sidebar: A Case in Point

Southern California activist Jim DeMaegt was visited by the secret service in January in relation to an email allegedly threatening George Bush. We believe the email in question was one sent to the BDS-LA listserv (and perhaps others) on December 31 entitled “Internet Indictment of G.W. Bush and Call for Hanging Until Dead at the Capital Rotunda.” In reading Jim’s email, it is clear that he neither had the ability nor the intent to literally hang the president, but was rather commenting on the verdict rendered against Saddam Hussein for his crimes in Iraq. In the course of questioning he was arrested for obstructing an officer.

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Class Action Suit Settlement Helps Venice Homeless

By Peggy Lee Kennedy, Venice Justice Committee

A class action lawsuit has been settled in favor of Venice homeless people whose property was seized by Los Angeles Police and other City employees, without warrant, and then destroyed during a homeless sweep that took place in September 2004.

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Homeless Center Relocation Sparks Debate

By C.V. Beck

Councilperson Bill Rosendahl held a Town Hall meeting, February 6, at Penmar Park Recreation Center. The purpose was to discuss with the community issues regarding the relocation of the St. Joseph’s Service Center to their “old” thrift shop on Lincoln Blvd. at Flower St.

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More Furor in East Venice

By C.V. Beck

On February 27, a meeting organized by the Venice Neighborhood Coalition, a new group in East Venice was held at Penmar Park Recreation Center. Neighbors attending were about 50 people, including DeDe Audet and Richard Meyers of the Venice Neighborhood Council, Jan Book and Barbara Eisenberg of Lincoln Place, David Ewing, Venice Community Coalition; and Chris Williams, Penmar Neighborhood Association.

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By C.V. Beck

Here at Lincoln Place, we experienced sweeps of the motorhomes and some vans (but not all) parked on the public streets in February. The security guards had been ordered by a person who works for the relocation service contracted by AIMCO to write down the license plate numbers and force people out with the help of the police.

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Interview with Navalette Tabor Bailey and Jataun Valentine

By Rex Butters

Beachhead: How long have you been with the historical society?

Navalette Tabor Bailey: Oh, about twenty years, I guess. I know it’s been a long time.

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Interview with Poet Hillary Kaye

By Rex Butters

Beachhead: How long have you lived in Venice/Ocean Park? How did you start with painting, with poetry? How has the Venice environment inspired you? Do you feel advantages/disadvantages being a woman artist in Venice? What women most inspired you in your work and life, and how?

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Interview with OFW Activist Della Franco

By Rex Butters

Beachhead: What women have been most influential in your life?

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Interview with Lincoln Place Tenants Assoc. President Sheila Bernard

By Rex Butters

Beachhead: How long have you lived in Venice?

Sheila Bernard: Since 1988.

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Interview with Peoples Attorney Amanda Seward

By Rex Butters

Beachhead: How long have you live in Venice?

Amanda Seward: Actually, I live in Mar Vista. I think everybody thinks of me as Venice, because I’ve been working on Lincoln Place so much.

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From the Beachhead Archives - 25 Years Ago - March 1982 - #147


"We love you and we
miss you all."

"Thanks for 15 years."

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Interview with Venice Artist Kwanza

By Rex Butters

Beachhead: What women have been most influential in your life?

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Interview with Venice Writer/Mother D. W. Knowles

By Rex Butters

Beachhead: What women have been most influential in your life?

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Interview with Health & Fitness Educator Debbie Merrill

By erica snowlake

We herald Debbie Merrill, a shining angel making a difference in our community, leading the Way with strength, action, and vision. We first met up at an Earth Day Festival where she shared Goji berries and her divine enthusiasm.

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Listen Gore: Some Inconvenient Truths About the Politics of Environmental Crisis

By Mitchel Cohen
Brooklyn Greens/Green Party

Al Gore’s film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” raises the issue of global warming in a way that scares the bejeezus out of viewers, as it should since the consequences of global climate change are truly earth-shaking. The former Vice-President does a good job of presenting the graphic evidence, exquisite and terrifying pictures that document the melting of the polar ice caps and the effects on other species, new diseases, and rising ocean levels.

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Kerouacking - Austin Straus
The Cripple - Lynette
What I Listen For (for Jerry) - R.G. Cantalupo
The President's Woman - Tina Catalina Corcoran
Ravens - Hillary Kaye

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