By C.V. Beck

Here at Lincoln Place, we experienced sweeps of the motorhomes and some vans (but not all) parked on the public streets in February. The security guards had been ordered by a person who works for the relocation service contracted by AIMCO to write down the license plate numbers and force people out with the help of the police.

I saw a notepad in one of the guard’s cars, with about 6-8 license plate numbers written on it and signed off on by a security guard. The next day, almost everyone was gone. This event occurred simultaneously with the meeting at the Penmar Park Rec Center on February 6 regarding the St. Joseph’s minor move from one block in Venice to another block. I don’t understand how a subcontractor hired to do one thing, relocate residents of Lincoln Place, has the authority to enforce the “removals” of people parked on a public street.

At Lincoln Place, reckless people are speeding through the complex, using it as a shortcut to Rose, Walgrove and points east. We also have more people again who are walking dogs (large and small) both on and off the leash, letting these large animals roam through the complex, threatening the feral cats still present and being cared for, and more people not cleaning up after their dogs. (My neighbor encountered 5 Boston Bull Terriers off the leash one day, their owner lagging far behind). I don’t understand why these particular dog owners don’t take their pets to the Westminster Dog Park, where they would be able to play and have a good time and hygienic facilities are in place. I did raise the question some time ago of having a dog park around the Penmar Golf Course...seems like there is some room there and clearly, there are more than enough dogs...

Here at Lincoln Place, we have numerous important events coming up: on March 4, at the Penmar Park Rec Center (childcare room) 9:30 am-12:00 is the regular monthly Lincoln Place Tenant’s Association meeting; on March 8 downtown, Marlin v. AIMCO is a hearing in the court of appeals regarding motions in the SLAPP/ANTISLAPP (SLAPP stands for strategic lawsuit against public participation) trial 1:30 pm at 300 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, third floor. The next matter will be heard in Malibu on March 22 in the courtroom of Judge Sarmiento, (that is on Civic Center Way), regarding a motion in limine (a motion used to exclude certain evidence) as AIMCO continues to attempt to suppress our right to a trial. The CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) trial is not expected at this time to be heard before June or July. We are steadfastly seeking our rights under the law. Thanks for your encouragement and support. (Yes, we’d love to see you in court.)

And finally, we’re coming our sorely missed LINCOLN PLACE TENT CITY, effective Saturday, April 7, from 10 am to 5 pm, just like before, at the same location. In case you forgot, this is the southwest corner of California/Frederick Streets in Venice, CA., adjacent to the Ralph’s market and the Ross store. We anticipate a selection of tasty treats, sweets and some beverages, as well as charming chats about the state of affairs in Venice with special emphasis on real politique, truly affordable housing and the lack thereof and whatever else strikes our free-speech fancy. See you soon! (Wild Monkey Brigade, waking up from the winter hibernations).

Posted: Thu - March 1, 2007 at 05:10 PM