More Furor in East Venice

By C.V. Beck

On February 27, a meeting organized by the Venice Neighborhood Coalition, a new group in East Venice was held at Penmar Park Recreation Center. Neighbors attending were about 50 people, including DeDe Audet and Richard Meyers of the Venice Neighborhood Council, Jan Book and Barbara Eisenberg of Lincoln Place, David Ewing, Venice Community Coalition; and Chris Williams, Penmar Neighborhood Association.

Mark Grant, representative of the council office, Senior Lead Officer Craig White of Pacific Division, LAPD and Chuck Sewell of the Neighborhood Prosecutor’s Office nuisance abatement were there to answer questions regarding reported open, blatant drug trafficking and prostitution taking place in a residential area east of Lincoln Boulevard bounded by Lake, Indiana and Valita Streets. There have also been 7 robberies.

People wanted to know if this activity was an “overflow” from the Oakwood section of Venice. This was denied by Officer White and Mr. Grant. Other persons wanted to know if certain constitutional rights could be suspended in order to expedite matters. Senior Lead Officer White said they could not be.

Chuck Sewell from the Neighborhood Prosecutor’s office said he is gathering evidence and encouraging submissions of complaints. A woman said she was outraged and was going to install bars on her windows and double the security locks on her doors. This situation has been going on since the winter holidays. According to Officer White, the LAPD is now aware of the situation and are working on a resolution.

Posted: Thu - March 1, 2007 at 05:12 PM