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• VNC Election Less Than Overwhelming

Bill Rosendahl, Venetians celebrate new pedestrian-friendly curbs

Spark Your Inner Cre8tivity!

VNC Election Less Than Overwhelming
On February 15, the following board appointments to the Venice Neighborhood Council were confirmed by the members as follows:
Ivan Spiegel: 29 votes (confirmed)
Ed Ferrer: 29 Votes (confirmed)
Stewart Oscars: 26 votes (confirmed)
Stan Muhammad: 28 Votes (confirmed)
Additional Write-In candidates were: Robin Murez: 2 votes; Donald Segritti: 1 vote; Ken Lay: 1 vote; Jim Smith: 1 vote; Rosemary Woods: 1 vote; Barbara Bush: 1 vote; Nancy Reagan: 1 vote; Pat Nixon: 1 vote.

Bill Rosendahl, Venetians celebrate new pedestrian-friendly curbs

The Councilmember joined seniors from the Israel Levin Senior Center, Feb. 23, to celebrate the new pedestrian-friendly curbs at the corner of Pacific Ave. and Rose Ave.

The curbs, which are now handicap compliant, offer pedestrians a more accessible walkway.

“I am thrilled to be able to provide new curbs at the intersection of Pacific and Rose,” Rosendahl said. “Our residents deserve to have safer streets and responsive city services.”

In December, Councilmember Rosendahl learned that several seniors had been requesting handicap accessible curbs for several years. Rosendahl promised to provide new and improved pedestrian-friendly curbs within two months.
Spark Your Inner Cre8tivity!
by erica snowlake

Here’s a timeless do artists survive? By keeping it Alive! Art, like Nature, thrives on Love, nurturing it’s seeds of Creativity like the Sun kisses wildflowers. Artists require Space and Time, an oozing backwater in which to develop ideas, to brew, fetter, and release fecundity in our desire to co-create Reality. We are most grateful to those who organize and uphold community venues for the sacred arts to flourish freely.

Cre8tivity is one such stoked fire in the heart of our collective wasteland. The name came to originator Jeff Joesph while on VansWarpedTour with his hemp apparel line, (Joesph owned the 4Hemp shop on Pacific). “Cre8tivity began as a way to express survival and to show there’s hope.”

An ecletic tribe was already gathering last Fridays of the month at VAMU, (Venice Arts and Music Underground), in the United Methodist Church. Fire spinning, dj’s, livebands, coconut, crystal, chocolate booths, and drum circles outside went famously into the dawn.

When VAMU shut down, Joesph morphed his Cre8tivity logo into a live events venue to fill the void. He rented a large building, perfect for the task, on Washington Blvd. just east of LIncoln. Demand was great as open mikes were also vanishing in and around Venice, (e.g. wednesday nights at Abbot’s Habit).

Joesph obtained business and event permits from L.A. county, and Cre8tivity took off like an eight ball down a side pocket. Monthly haps soon turned thrice weekly to bridge the gap, featuring an organic kitchen and juice bar, live bands like Animatronix, the Marsh, and Fumongoni, interstellar dj’s, performance artists Toilet and Log, dance troupes, hip hop poets, hula hoopers extraordinaire, Moon Tribe/BurningMan parties, and a parking lot scene replete with didges, drums, and rainbow chants around a communal firepit.

Cre8tivity’s dedicated crew threw down diversity and innovation night after night for the lucky word of mouth. Perhaps you bought your halloween pumpkin in the patch or your xmas tree in the lot by day. Unfortunately, as real-life faerietales go, nothing lasts forever. Culver City officials got involved, requesting and then refusing Joesph permits. Building and Safety inspectors were sent in to pull the plug, and fire marshalls closed the show after five short but wildly successful moons.

Cre8tivity’s $5000 a month rent paying parties evaporated overnight. Joesph is now seeking a legal events space on the WestSide. Cre8tivity’s morphed again, into a live recording, band rehearsal, or film/video set rental space. Call 578-2945 or for more info. Blessings to everyone for making it Real and bringing the Art Vibe.

Posted: Thu - March 1, 2007 at 07:01 PM