Thu - November 1, 2007

5 Rose Ave. tenants wonder: Do you have to be rich to live by the sea?

By Jim Smith

The big white-brick building on Rose Avenue, smack up against the beach, is a historic reminder of Venice a hundred years ago. It’s also a symbol of an affordable Venice and a developer’s fantasy of an unrecognized and gentrified Venice to come.

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it’s a blast furnace, I tell ya
there’s a roar going on

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• The Venice Boot! - John Humphrey
• Venice Specific Plan, Another View - Chris Plourde
• Santa Monica Pier Savior - Jim Harris
• Immigration - Ron Lowe
• LNG Terminal for SM Bay - Maureen Cruise
• Abbot Kinney Festival - Mary Jahn
• Kudos - Dawn Pisturino

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No Overnight Parking on Venice Streets?

Many Venice residents may be unaware of an effort to turn all of Venice into a permit parking zone.

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A Cellular Tower in your neighborhood?

Nearly 200 Venetians have signed a petition against a battery of T-Mobil cell towers planned for 658 Venice Blvd.

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On The Road with Kerouac and Cassidy

For 14 hours during Oct. 20, more than 100 people who had gathered at Beyond Baroque took to the never-ending road with Jack Kerouac and his pal, Neal Cassidy, as they madly careened through the post-World War night in search of “It.”

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Santa Monica Tree Executions: What’s wrong with these pictures?

By Cary Shulman and Hillary Kaye

Nothing, except the City of Santa Monica is going to replace trees like the one on the left with trees like the one on the right. Suppose you need a tree in this era of global warming to absorb CO2 and pollution. This tree should also provide canopy shade to relieve the heat produced by urban concrete, cool in the summer, keep rainfall from the drains in winter and give a sense of neighborhood. Which tree would you choose? The big one? Not Santa Monica.

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Venice Non-Profit Goes to Rwanda Africa!

By Wyatt Valentine

Jessica McCall, a Venice resident since 1962, founded Jessie’s Place, a non-profit organization in Venice in 1990, where it originally provided a sober living environment for people living in recovery.

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Lincoln Place News

The Courts

BREAKING NEWS – The Supreme Court of California, on Oct. 31, summarily rejected corporate landlord, AIMCO’s petition for review and request for depublication in the case Marlin v AIMCO. As a result, the 2nd District Court of Appeal’s decision remains intact, providing an important precedent for tenants statewide.

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The Last Tent City

By C.V. Beck

On October 27, 2007, we residents of Lincoln Place had our final (we hope) Tent City at the southwest corner of California and Frederick Streets. The purpose of this assembly was to create a sociable, open air free speech area where anyone could show up, sit down, chat and have some snax and beverage. We generally did talk about the political situation in Venice, in Los Angeles and worldwide. Sometimes, we just told jokes.

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Whole Foods, Starbucks and Trader Joe’s – Oh No!

If you’ve been to Rose and Lincoln lately, you may have noticed that Big Lots is gone. That’s because Whole Foods is moving in to their store, and the adjoining one now occupied by CVS drug store. CVS will be moving to the old shoe store, next door, but Big Lots is gone. The nearest Big Lots is in Culver City at 5587 Sepulveda Blvd.

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Cityhood for East Los, but not for Venice

The unincorporated community of East Los Angeles has been trying to become a city nearly as long as Venice has been trying to regain its cityhood.

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Halloween on Rialto Avenue

Elaborate Halloween sets and hoards of ghosts, goblins and vampires have become a tradition on Rialto Avenue – a two-block-long street in central Venice – during the past few years.

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The War Goes On

Only about 2,000 people turned out on Oct. 27 in downtown Los Angeles to protest the war and occupation that was killed nearly 4,000 U.S. soldiers and more than one million Iraqis (see box on front page for latest figures).

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A Local Hero – and the Rest of Us

By Jim Smith

When Paul Banke got on the bus in Venice on the morning of Oct. 3, he wasn’t thinking of acting heroically. He was just setting out to find some day labor on a construction project.

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The Venice Beat Poets – The Great River Outside the Mainstream

By Hillary Kaye

Shortly before she died, Philomene Long and Jim Smith planned that Philomene would do an ongoing series of articles, celebrating the work of the beat generation of Venice poets.

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• Among Them - Hillary Kaye
• Shady Characters - Laura Hemmer
• A Cannibal in Venice - Sharon Shapiro Snow
• American Griots (with substantial history) - Rebecca LaRue
• Beyond the Boundaries - Rebecca M. Frey
• The Great Adventure - Jim Smith
• Thanksgiving The First - John Haag

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A ‘Disposable Workforce’ in New Orleans After Katrina

By James Parks

Robert ‘Tiger’ Hammond is not an emotional man. But when he talks about how little has been done to rebuild his hometown of New Orleans two years after Hurricane Katrina, he is moved to tears.

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New Orleans, Old Story

By Margot Pepper

They came shackled, scarred, half-drowned on Yemayá’s back:
queen mother of the sea;
children like limbs, severed,
settled by Oshun, the Mississippi river;
clandestine gods and shells stowed behind catholic crosses:
vadu, voodoo, santería.
Where once sweat lodge smoke smudged the view
an auction block now stood.

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Vision of a New Reality

By Ron Lowe

The vision of a world in which all people will live together in peace and in brotherhood may be far from realization, but remains the noblest of ideals for human existence.

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