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• Venice Specific Plan, Another View - Chris Plourde
• Santa Monica Pier Savior - Jim Harris
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• LNG Terminal for SM Bay - Maureen Cruise
• Abbot Kinney Festival - Mary Jahn
• Kudos - Dawn Pisturino

The Venice Boot!

Dear Beachhead,

I suppose I’m especially sensitive to eviction stories, because it almost happened to us.

But I frequently wish there were more details in these reports because so often I talk to people who are unaware of the rights provided to them by the Rent Stabilization Ordinance.

To help remedy this, I’ve put up a website, a forum, where people can find links to City Gov't. info concerning Rent Control, and also tell their own stories and seek (non-legal) advice from fellow Venetians.

If you’ve got a story, an ongoing issue, know of a good resource, or are looking for good links to pertinent facts, please drop by www.VeniceBoot.com

Best, John Humphrey

Venice Specific Plan – Another View

Dear Beachhead,

The Venice Specific Plan was designed, we are told, to keep Venice looking and feeling like Venice and avoid the Santa Monica/ Marina-fication of our community. As strictly enforced, however, the plan has the paradoxical effect of maintaining the veneer of Venice while destroying the community that is Venice’s heart and soul.

Venice isn’t Venice because of its building height, Venice isn’t Venice because of its tiny lots and small houses. Venice is Venice because of its diverse community, and what we need is a land use policy that puts the community first, not one that declares that limiting height and density are more important than people.

Thanks in no small part to the Specific Plan, Venice seems destined to follow the path of Greenwich Village, where the community that made the Village a beacon to the world has been replaced by wealthy celebrities and the current president’s daughter, all drawn by the desire to live somewhere “bohemian” but safe, surrounded by people just like them.

Chris Plourde

Santa Monica Pier Savior

Dear Beachhead,

I’m writing in response to you letter writer Panos Douvos. I was ecstatic to find this letter in your paper. Picking it up was the best part of my day.

By coincidence, we are in the process of organizing the 100th Anniversary Celebration for the Pier, and are trying hard to locate the people who worked so hard to save the Pier in 1973. Unfortunately, those people have been hard to find. For some reason, very few of those old records have survived… We would love to find Diana Cherman and anyone else whose lives were dedicated to making our celebration possible.

Thanks, and best regards,

Jim Harris


Dear Beachhead,

The anti-immigration movement is a shrill chorus of self-righteous white xenophobics (people afraid of foreigners) who have been sucked into a divisive nationalist agenda.

The immigration debate about brown-skinned Mexicans and Latinos is no different than the social unrest over blacks in the 50’s. Racism has just spiraled around again and taken on a new shape.

An example of what most Americans are not seeing as they ride in the comfort of their SUV. I ride public transportation and many of the passengers are Mexican. They don’t wear signs saying I am a legal or illegal immigrant. They are hard working and courteous fellow passengers. But, there are others who ride the same buses who have an agenda; white, rude, belligerent, and obnoxious anti-immigrationists who spew out obscenities on Mexican men, women and children. The police have had to be called on occasion.

So, who would you rather sit next to, be with? A respectful immigrant or one of these white hatemongers? This is not an extreme and isolated case.

Ron Lowe

LNG Terminal for SM Bay

Dear Beachhead,

This is regarding the proposed Australian Gas Corporation, Woodside’s LNG Floating Terminal proposed for Santa Monica Bay. Located in the bay 27 miles from LAX, 21 miles from Pt.Dume, 18 miles from Catalina, the pipeline surfacing at Dockweiler beach, to extending along LAX to storage just north east of LAX at Westchester Parkway and Arbor Vitae street.

You can Google articles about LNG Terminal, FERC, Public Citizen, Wikipedia, Pacific Environment, RACE (Ratepayers for a Clean Environment), Tim Riley Law, there are many articles describing this proposal, the issues surrounding LNG, the overall FERC plans and the efforts to oppose the LNG Industry by citizen groups.

Last spring, there were over 2,000 people assembled to defeat a similar LNG proposal in Oxnard. For this proposal in our Bay.... on Sept. 26 at the public hearing at LAX Marriott Hotel... there were only about 120 people...many of those industry proponents/shills/lobbyists. We cannot stop something we don’t know about.

Please know that we must mobilize our communities against this horror or we will get stuck with this dangerous, polluting, environmental disaster. Become informed, organize meetings, contact the groups fighting this for speaker forums. Involve your congressperson, city councils and local activist circles.

Maureen Cruise

Abbot Kinney Festival

Dear Beachhead:

I was impressed by the content, quality and heightening of our social awareness in especially the top set of photos on your Oct. first page ... when what I saw at the Abbot Kinney Festival was much too much commercial stuff and some crafts. The emphasis here was on helping us notice that at least some vendors cared about more than making sales by having clever signs, and relevant mdse. instead of just more of that “Buy, Buy, Buy, here!” These pix of the scenes were uplifting.

But who is “Alex”? No name or other information about this guy was visible to know who had the guts to show us what we may have personally missed in the crowded arenas of more & more stuff, for sale. The social conscience always needs to be awoken. and “Venice Unchained” with adjacent grinning fruity loops made me smile [on p.6 photos].

Good issue, especially for those of us who couldn't take much of the heat, the crowds, the elbowing, and the prices beyond our working means. Thanks for the good photos.

From Mary Jahn, an elder Venetian who hates to miss anything in our neighborhood.

From the Beachhead Collective: Thanks for the compliments on the photos. They were shot by Alexandria, who coincidentally has an advertisement for her photography work at the bottom of this page.


I really like your website and newspaper, and I was happy to talk to some of you on the beach this last summer when I was there.

Keep up the good work! I have added you as a link on my websites, www.cosmichealth.org and www.wageslave.bz

I’ll send you some free wage slave t-shirts!

Dawn Pisturino

Posted: Thu - November 1, 2007 at 02:20 PM