No Overnight Parking on Venice Streets?

Many Venice residents may be unaware of an effort to turn all of Venice into a permit parking zone.

A small group of residents of the Oxford Triangle district, south of Washington Blvd., incensed about recreational vehicles (RVs) parking on their streets, have gained the ear of Councilmember Bill Rosendahl in a scheme to make everyone in Venice, who has a car, pay for the privilege of parking it in front of their house or apartment.

Annual permits would initially cost $15. They would be purchased in Van Nuys or downtown L.A. during business hours. A resident could also buy two visitor permits, per dwelling unit, for $10 each. They would be good for only four months. Up to 10 one-day permits could also be purchased. Vehicles not exhibiting one of the permits would be subject to ticketing if parked on a street between 2 - 6 am.

The regulation has already been passed by the city council, but is subject to approval by the coastal commission.

The ordinance states that the restricted parking is necessary because of “overnight parking of commercial vehicles and abandonment of vehicles on the streets of this area by non-residents.” The real reason – driving out those who are forced to sleep in their vehicles – is nowhere mentioned.

A Rosendahl staff member says that around $70,000 has been appropriated from the Venice Surplus Property Fund to pay for expenses related to having the plan approved by the Coastal Commission. The Neighborhood Council that previously voted that the Surplus Property Fund, that is, money obtained by the sale of city-owned lots in Venice, should only be used for capital improvements in the community.

The Coastal Commission has previously vetoed parking permits on the grounds that it restricts access to the beach. In their view, the beach is open 24 hours per day.

In any case, the issue probably won’t be resolved for one to two years.

Opponents have told the Beachhead that they object to the plan because it does not provide alternatives for people who have been forced from their homes and are sleeping in their cars; the cost and inconvenience of obtaining permits; the misuse of the Surplus Property Fund; and the further regimentation and gentrification of the Venice area.

Posted: Thu - November 1, 2007 at 02:14 PM