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BREAKING NEWS – The Supreme Court of California, on Oct. 31, summarily rejected corporate landlord, AIMCO’s petition for review and request for depublication in the case Marlin v AIMCO. As a result, the 2nd District Court of Appeal’s decision remains intact, providing an important precedent for tenants statewide.

Lincoln Place tenants won another ruling in the Court of Appeals on Sept. 19, that AIMCO, illegally evicted hundreds of tenants (see the October Beachhead). That victory became even sweeter on Oct. 4 when the L.A. City Council – at Councilmember Bill Rosendahl’s request – declined to join AIMCO in appealing the decision. Before the 11-1 vote against appealing the pro-tenant decision, Rosendahl told his colleagues: “The question before us this morning is not that complicated. We either stand with the tenants, embrace our new power, and let this decision stand. Or we stand with AIMCO, we shirk this power, and we seek to revise or overturn the decision.”

On Oct. 29, AIMCO appealed the case to the California Supreme Court. The Supreme Court usually takes about 60 days to decide whether it will review a ruling.

Meanwhile, 50 individual tenant cases currently in other courts will be on hold until the Supreme Court accepts or denies AIMCO’s petition. If the Supreme Court denies AIMCO’s petition, then the Court of Appeals decision in the case will be final.

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The tenants’ mostly successful courtroom battles cost money. The Lincoln Place Tenants Association is asking for contributions from the Venice community. Make your tax deductible donation payable to: LPTA, PO Box 1312, Venice, CA 90294.

Posted: Thu - November 1, 2007 at 02:04 PM