Mon - October 1, 2007

The 23rd Abbot Kinney Festival

Sunday, Sept. 30 was a beautiful day in Venice. By 10 am, a tent city had sprouted from Brooks Avenue to Venice Blvd.

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• Great Job - Bill Fleeman
• Santa Monica Pier Savior - Panos Douvos
• What the ARF is Going On? - Lydia Poncé
• Parking Problems - DeDe Audet

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3 Big Victories: Oversized Hotel Voted Down

By Jim Smith

After nearly two years of meetings, hearings and general PR and BS, a big hotel project with rooms in excess of $200 a night has been unable to elbow its way into Venice.

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3 Big Victories: Court Sides with LP Tenants

The remaining Lincoln Place tenants will not be packing and moving out anytime soon, and evicted tenants may be moving back.

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3 Big Victories: Playa Vista Sinks

By John Davis

Multi-national corporations and their local lackeys have been trying to build the largest development ever foisted on the City of Angels in the Ballona Wetlands. We have laws here. There are smart people here. The communities are galvanized to stop it, and now it is over.

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In Brief

• Tenants evicted at Billys Apartments
• Parking Permit issue goes Coastal
• Too Big for Venice and Lincoln
• Rosendahl calls for end of Iraq war
• Free Health Care Initiative Filed
• Your Tax Dollars at Work
• Low Turnout in VNC Election

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IRAQ: Truth Takes A Holiday

By Terence Pearce

It is a sad day when soldiers such as General Petraeus are used to distort the truth on the ground in an attempt to shore up a patently failed strategy.

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Year Six of the War on Terror: TV Violence, Selfishness and Insults Have Skyrocketed

By Margot Pepper

Violence, selfishness and insults have skyrocketed on national television since the first year of the war on terror, my second grade students at Rosa Parks Elementary in Berkeley, California found. Results in Venice are likely to be similar.

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Why Defend the Venice Specific Plan?

By Dennis Hathaway

The Venice Coastal Zone Specific Plan came into being as part of an attempt by the city to give local communities greater voice in land-use and planning decisions that were traditionally made in offices and corridors of city hall, where influence was wielded not by members of the local community, but by the real estate development lobby and other interests with a financial stake in those decisions.

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Development on Ocean Front Walk

The Ocean Front Walk has become a hot spot for development lately. Upscale development may be the biggest threat to the “ambiance” of the OFW, and is likely driving the removal of the homeless, higher rents, and pressure on vendors on both sides of the Walk, more than anything else.

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Philomene's Page

• Philomene's Page
• We open a door - Philomene Long
• Philomene - Scott Wannberg
• Eau de Bohemia - Susan Hayden
• For Philomene - John Macker
• Philomene Long Thomas - Pat Hartman
• AMERICAN SONNET (41) - Wanda Coleman
• LAUGHED/LEFT - Alan Rodman

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• In Memory of Philomene Long - HIllary Kaye
• The Decider - Pano Douvos
• The Final Phantasmagoria - Rebecca LaRue
• Up jumped the Devil - Rex Butters
• Victory - Douglas Eisenstark
• Got somethin' for you - Jim Smith
• Haiku - Hal Bogotch

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Suzanne’s Angels – Women on the road for Women on the street

By Moira Nordholt

By the time this month’s Beachhead comes out, I will be back in Venice relishing the comforts of home. I’ll be enjoying quiet time with my kitty and savoring the sounds of my partner’s piano improvisations while cooking a meal of fall’s market bounty.

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