IRAQ: Truth Takes A Holiday

By Terence Pearce

It is a sad day when soldiers such as General Petraeus are used to distort the truth on the ground in an attempt to shore up a patently failed strategy.

The truth (Oh! I’m sorry; did I use a bad word?) about the whole situation in Iraq, independent of the effect of the so-called ‘surge,’ is that children, women & men on all sides are dying and being maimed for life every hour of every day as a result of the American occupation.

We are told in the most patronizing terms that if we pull out there will be chaos, as if somehow the anarchy there is unconnected to American policy and actions there. Of course there will be chaos! We have unbalanced the whole situation in Iraq by our illegal invasion in the first place and it is not improving.

However, by pulling out immediately, there may be a shorter-lived chaos with a concomitant lower death toll than if we continue with the folly of this grinding carnage.

But hey! Let us be fair, the war has succeeded in some ways. It has provided al Qaeda with their largest free promotion and enrollment campaign ever & a place where they can get direct easy access to attack, kill and maim American and British soldiers. It has provided Halliburton & Friends with endless profit from the misery of troops and civilians. After all, with an endless cycle of infrastructure destruction/ rebuilding who would want to kill ‘the goose that laid the golden egg’ by hastening the advent of peace to the region.

It has added greatly to the crippling of an American economy already bled dry by the greatest raid on the treasury in history.

Last but not least America, once the lamp of freedom held up to the whole world, has been magically transformed. Transmogrified to a pariah, a rogue state, universally hated, thus compromising our security at home and inviting more terrorist attacks here.

Apart from my horror at the results both on the ground in Iraq and in diplomatic terms worldwide it is our government’s manifest and absolute contempt for the American people that horrifies me the most. The fixing of ‘intelligence around the facts’ both in our entry to the war and it’s continuation is simply put an appalling affront to the generous and freedom-loving hearts of Americans. Most thinking people during the preparations for war did not need the transparently trumped up intelligence to know that we were being lied to and led into disaster.

Today we know, just as clearly, that we are being lied to again in an attempt to extend the war and squeeze more corporate profits from this blot on American history.

Do not dare to speak to us of patriotism in this cynical and benighted expedition! What we as a people cry out for here is real patriotism, and from those who have the means to effect a real change, our leaders!

Real patriotism often entails the ability to admit our mistakes and the understanding that we are not dealing with some abstract exercise in policy here but a life or death struggle for the well-being of real human beings with real lives and for the future of the world we hope to see our children live to enjoy.

The American people are pleading with their leaders. They are sick of subterfuge, weakness and contempt for their hard-working lives. They are asking “For God’s sake stand up and be counted!”

Posted: Mon - October 1, 2007 at 08:11 PM