Mon - January 1, 2007

A Very American Coup

By Jim Smith

The office of President was not on the ballot in November. Yet it was around that time that a sitting president began to feel the power oozing out of the White House.

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Take me with you, Godfather

barely alive
see the T.A.M.I. Show
at the El Monte Drive-In

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BOOK REVIEW: The Margolin Guide - State of California and Federal Marijuana Laws written by Bruce Margolin

By John Davis
What is the legal status of weed today? Laws change so fast it seems impossible to know. Most people haven't the foggiest notion what laws govern marijuana use in their city, county, or state, and know nothing about what federal laws overshadow them all.

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A jury trial, to be held on Jan. 17 at Malibu Superior Court, will determine whether the owner of Lincoln Place acted in good faith using the Ellis Act to evict the tenants.

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By C.V. Beck
As of Wednesday, December 6th, 2006 at 4 pm, Tent City is on hiatus. We expect to resume after a bit...when it gets warmer.

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How Venice Voted: He’s Not Our Governor – Venice Rejects Schwarzenegger

By Jim Smith
There were six candidates in the Nov. 7 election who had some relationship to Venice. While Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger never actually lived here, he did work out at Gold’s Gym on Pacific, and owns property in Venice. Newly elected Secretary of State Debra Bowen lives in Venice, although she claims to live in Marina del Rey (as do other south-of-Washington residents).

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Book Review – Raising Mama – A Memoir written by Larry Michael Sullivan

By Judith Martin-Straw
It’s always a delight to discover that old friends are still around. When the Beachhead received a review copy of Raising Mama, I had already decided that Larry Sullivan had washed away in Hurricane Rita, or emigrated to Canada out of political disgust. Neither of those turned out to be true, and our happy author is said to be alive and well in New Mexico. For his part, Larry sent a note apologizing for referring to the Beachhead in the past tense. Our mutual friend Mark Twain can be called in to comment for both sides - “Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.”

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Councilman Rosendahl Launches $11 Million Transportation Plan

L.A. City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl chose the intersection of Lincoln and Venice Blvds., Dec. 7, to announce a laundry list of transportation initiatives ranging from pedestrian safety to mass transit.

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Top Stories of 2007

By Predictus

1. George Bush flies to Iraq to assume personal command of the troops. His body is never found.

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How Do You Spell “Free Venice” in Arabic?

By Matthew Rothschild
This is a story about one T-shirt that caused two rows.

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• American Scream - Rex Butters
• somebody keep the beat - Shanna
• History Lesson - John Haag
• A Dream - Hillary Kaye
• life and times of a Venetian Courtesan - Erica Snowlake
• God to be God - Swami X

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The Population Bomb

By Brian Lindquist
Thomas Malthus [1766-1834] warned us 208 years ago. The doubling of population in 28-35 years would eventually deprive the population in general of equal access to the benefits of the natural resource base. Malthus was a nationalist and a racist. His proposed solutions to the problem were unacceptable. He was wrong about everything except the population “explosion.”

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Astrological Cookery

By Judith Martin Straw
Recipes for Capricorn

Capricorn loves the classics. You folks are known for being passionate fans of “the usual”, the kind of person who walks into a favorite restaurant and the waiter can bring your order without even asking what it is- he knows, it’s the same thing you had last time and the time before that. Steak and potatoes, salmon and salad, chicken and rice- whatever the usual is, you are a big fan. As your ruling planet is Saturn, you tend to be settled on being settled, just as is.

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