Thu - May 1, 2008

Why May Day Matters

May Day is a truly American holiday.

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• Community-Busting Tactics - DeDe Audet
• Venice Days - Peter Young
• Asbestos at 5 Rose Avenue - Diamond Li
• Vandalism on Pacific Avenue - Cristina Rojas CdA
• Doggies Doo, Owners Don’t - Rebecca Moore Frey
• The RV Controversy - 1 - Michael Millman
• My Cat Cause - Kitty Bratton
• The RV Controversy - 2 - Lilly

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Letter from Hawai’i

Aloha Venetians from your roving butterfly. I’ve learned a lot in the past four months living on the Big island of Hawai’i.

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$50,000 Reward Offered For Information on Murder on the Beach

Murderer Still at Large

By Karl Abrams

A $50,000 reward for information on the murder of Nathan Alan Morgan is now in force. Councilmember Bill Rosendahl’s motion for the reward was endorsed by the L.A. City Council in April.

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‘Smart’ Crosswalk Coming to Abbot Kinney and Rialto Ave.

After repeated requests by Abbot Kinney merchants and residents, the city’s Department of Transportation (DOT) has agreed to install flashing lights at the intersection. At least two people who were trying to cross AKB have been hit by cars.

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$1.7 Million Withdrawal from Venice Surplus Property Funds

By Jim Smith

The Los Angeles City Council voted on April 8 to take $1.7 million from a Venice trust fund to pay for four projects in the community.

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The Return of The Venice Town Council

Imagine a community body where all Venetians have the equal right to speak and vote.

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The History of Cinco de Mayo

By Maria Elena Montano

In the 1800’s, Mexico underwent a series of wars, bringing about political changes which affected Mexico’s government for yet another century.

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The Fifth of May Around the World

Most people in Southern California relate the 5th of May to Cinco de Mayo. True, but Cinco de Mayo is not the only holiday celebrated on May 5th around the world.

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Angry Women Close Congress – in Mexico

By John Ross

Mexico City - “The Adelitas have arrived/To defend our oil/Whoever wants to give it to the foreigners/Will get the shit kicked out of him!” yodeled the brigades of women pouring onto the esplanade of the Mexican senate to protest a petroleum privatization measure President Felipe Calderón insists is not a petroleum privatization measure and which he sent on to the Senate for fast-track ratification at the tag end of the winter-spring session this April.

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Abe Osheroff, Venice Hero and Spanish Civil War Vet, Dies at 92

By Emily Winters

I knew the Osheroff family many years ago when I lived next door to them on 28th street in Venice, late 1960s. There was a plan to refurbish the canals by assessing the property owners in the canals and on the peripheral areas.

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Housing, Homelessness, and the Butt End of the City Budget

By Peggy Lee Kennedy

If you follow the news you know that the Mayor came out strongly in favor of “Public Safety,” in the city’s 2008-09 budget, which includes increasing the LAPD by 1,000 police and decreasing other needed services.

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The Bush Legacy: Going Out With A Bang

By Jack Neworth
During the last months of a president’s term in office his concerns naturally turn toward his legacy. (Except for Nixon whose thoughts turned toward if he was going to jail.) George Bush, however, is not worried about his legacy. “Hell, it’ll take 50 years to figure it out and by then we’ll all be dead.”

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Bea Free, Free Venice Feminist, Has Died

By Cara Adams

Bea Free, as she named herself, was a true Venice legend.

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CONSTITUTION AMENDED: Shopping Replaces Free Speech

Now you can shop “without feeling any guilt whatsoever.”

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New Mural in Venice

The paint is still drying on the new Dog Town Mural at Jungle Video, 423 Lincoln Blvd.

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• come on down - Rex Butters
• The Transient - Jim Smith
• Beyond - Rebecca Moore Frey

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The Venice Beat Poets –The Great River Outside the Mainstream – LAWRENCE LIPTON

By Jim Smith

Lawrence Lipton was something of a father figure to the Beat poets of Venice. He was reviled by many of the poets for his manipulations and commercialism. Yet, they gravitated to his home at 20 Park Avenue, which became the center of the “scene” in Venice.

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Bruno in Venice West

By Lawrence Lipton

For Giordano Bruno
burned by the Inquisition
in the year 1600

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Results of the April Beachhead Poll

“Do You Feel Safe In Venice”
77 percent of respondents said, Yes, they feel safe in Venice. 22 percent said they didn’t.

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Swami Speaks

By X Swami X
Most everyone is looking in the least challenging, exciting and promising direction. Everyone, with the exception of George Wash Out Bush Whacker is looking for genuine meaning,on-going ecstasy and total fulfillment.

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Venice High Students Rally for Immigrant Rights

About 400 Venice High School students staged a rally on May Day in support of immigrant rights.
The students left their classes but did not leave the campus. Nervous police and school administrators hovered on the edge of the rally.

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Jingles Celebrates 34 Years of Free Speech on Ocean Front Walk

Jingles brought his message that “Meat Is Murder” and his advocacy of a vegan lifestyle to the Boardwalk in 1974.

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Tue - April 1, 2008

Murder on the Beach; Killers Still At Large

By Karl Abrams

The body of brutally beaten 25-year old Nathan Alan Morgan was discovered on March 9. The victim’s body was found partially buried in the sand on the beach near Ocean Front Walk and Breeze Avenue.

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How Do You Define Safe and Secure?

* Murder on the Beach – The cold-blooded murder of Nathan Alan Morgan and his dog was captured on video. Page 1

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