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*** Big Victory for Venice ***

Overnight Pay Parking scheme (OPDs) Defeated by California Coastal Commission in Unanimous Vote

June 13, 2013 in Long Beach
See the video of the whole hearing

Click on "June 13 - Complete"

OPD opponents outnumber supporters by 9-1

Just say NOPD!

Comments by Commissioners:

Commission Chair Mary Shallenberger: "It feels like a setup. We are being used by the city of LA."

Commission Chair Mary Shallenberger: "The City has not made its case."

Commissioner Brian Brenman "Venice brings something remarkable. I hope LA appreciates you." (They don't, they hate us.)

Commissioner Martha McClure: "Venice is getting short shift" (from L.A.)

Commissioner Esther Sanchez says she will vote no. Thanks audience for helping her make decision.

Thanks to Everyone Who Made This Victory Possible

Now, let's free the beach from its curfew!

Busriders Suzanneatpodium

NOPD bus riders arrive in Long Beach

Suzanne Thompson addresses the Commission


More NOPDers

Some of the hundred-plus NOPD attendees at the Coastal Commission hearing in Long Beach


Download the flyer

Download the flyer


Download the flyer

Download the flyer