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June 2010: Lincoln Place Lives!; RV Residents Under Gun (stick); Showdown is June 10; Lifeguard Stands Get A New Look for Summer; 1,087 U.S. Casualties in Afghanistan - 37 this month, 1.4 million Iraqi Dead; Cost of Iraq and Afghanistan wars: $1+ trillion; Letters: Homes With Wheels - Therese Dietlin; City Doeesn't Care about Beach - Annette Robinson; Food Trucks - David of Slice Truck; "Death by Police Car" Victim's Family Files Suit; Color Comes to the Beach (CJ Gronner); Medical Marijuana Muddle (Greta Cobar); Cast An Informed Vote On June 8th: The Propositions on the June Ballot; Vote No on Prop. 14 (Lisa Green); What About The Judges? (Jackie Goldberg); Housing is a Human Right: Math Whiz Needed? (Cindy Chambers); Fun Things to do in Venice in the Summer (The Collective); Tragedy of Errors Sinks Oil Rig (Roger Linnett); From the Beachhead Archives (compiled by Roger Linnett & Jim Smith; Photo of 700 anti-war protestors on OFW, June 1970; New Shop with an Old Feel Opens in Venice (Roger Linnett); Sinking Arizona (Jim Smith); Political cartoon by Joe Heller; Art Walking (CJ Gronner); Art by Justin Herber; Butterface Stowell: Nov. 24, 2000 - May 18, 2009; Saving Mother Earth: An Eyewitness Account of the World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth (Ron Ridenour); Beach Chair Reading (Jack Neworth); Swami X Speaks; Poetry: Beyond Palatable (Roger Linnett); The Man! (Essombe Sone Massoua); Do I Really Care? (krista schwimmer); For Dr. John (Mary Getlein); Vanishing (Sherman Pearl); How will it be? (Jim Smith); SPARC and Beyond Baroque Host Event for Cuban Political Prisoner and Artist (Diana Block); Calendar;

June 2005: Venice Artist at Center of anti-immigrant storm; Venice Skills Center Restores Summer School(Marjorie Hinds); Casualties in Iraq; Letters: Somebody, Ed Gibbon, Got it Right (Horacio Becerra); Venice is not doomed! (Jim Smith); Add me to the List (Bob Niemann); Venice Skills Center (Karen Sherwood); DONE discriminating against disabled/seniors? (C.V. Beck); Harassment of Venetians continues (Mary Getlein); Bill has Balls - John Davis; Old Mural on OFW - Photo by Rich Mann; How Venice Voted: Hahn creamed in Venice; Rosendahl doubles Krisiloff ( Jim Smith); In Brief...MTA lot, More Redevelopment Projects, Appeal of Graham statue in the Circle, New Rapid Bus to the Airport, New (old) publication hits the streets; Attention Venetians: The July issue will be our special centennial edition. We'd like your help; Lincoln Place Lives! (Sheila Bernard); Documentary Film on Lincoln Place (Ingrid Mueller); Special Interest Call for Special Elections (Theresa Hulme); From the Beachhead Archives, June 1975: City vs The Law - B. Trees; Brooks Avenue Mural - Photo by Rich Mann; Save Our Art: A Statement by Venice Artist Judy Baca; Gift horse or Trojan Horse? (Lisa Ezell); Poetry: Los Angeles (Brittany Oates);Venice Beach (Gerard Kuc); The Process (Joanna Silva); Untitled (Swami X; Book Report: Ghost Town written by Pat Hartman - Jaime Forjador; Venice Independence Day Parade; Venice People's Centennial - July & August Celebrations

June 1991 - L.A. Times on Rodney King: Fukk'n Unbelievable; Council Runoff: Identify Your Terms (Judith L. Martin); Political Cartoon: The California White Glove Treatment; Socialization (Chip Gatz); The Black Male as an Endangered Species (Michael T. Jackson); tHERE wE wENT aGAIN! (Diane Nickerson); Obituaries: Liedtke and McCone; Take A Hike! (on development sites); Archidyne -The Bio-Climactic House (Mark Giacomelli); American Dreamin' (Gregory Glover); Opportunism Anyone? (Venice Town Council sell-out?) (Rex Frankel)

June 1985 - Terror in the City (John Haag); Springtime in Bitburg (Jim Prickett); Locking Horns on Gridlock (Cheri Leslie); Letters; The Christmas Story: Chapter XI (Carol Fondiller); Anna Haag party at Townhouse; "Mutants": Another View (E.S. Bertolini); Cleaning Ballona Lagoon (Iylene Weiss); Weakly Bleeder (John Dover); Underrated Virtues (Patrick McCartney); Back in the Belly of the Beast (Alice Cramden); Sixteen Years of Struggle: Brigada Venceremos (memphis slim); Westside CISPES Walkathon; A Nation Bent on Suicide (excerpt from The Defense Monitor); Diane Watches TV (Diane Nickerson); Poem: Not A Sonnet (Don James), untitled (Don Meyerowitz); The Weatherman Comedy Show (Hazel Hazzard); All Saints' Callboard; Heart to Heart (Mike Kidder & Dawn Deleon); Community Events

June 1982 - Pigrimage For Peace: Escape From Ground Zero (Phil Chamberlin); Unemployment Blues (Rozinkhes Mit Mandlen); Letters; Hayden & Hampton: primary issues (Moe Stavnezer); bi coastal art works (Wendy Dishman); Parasites Cash In (Elizabeth Brody); ERA Countdown: Will Women Win? (Joan Friedberg); woman raped, landlord pays; Money Talks -Reagan Eats It (Arnold Springer); Chemical War Against Cuba (Chris Robinson); Socialist Reunification of Mexico; Tallulah and friend (Filis Frederick); Money: A Big A$$et; Community Events; Blues Fest; Garden Concerts at Comeback Inn (Jill Tailor)

June 1980 - Strange Bedfellows Make Housing (Springer & Stavnezer); Letters; help (Moe Stavnezer); As I Remember It (Rick Davidson); Venice Ocean Park Co-op; Spatz Speaks (Walter Spatz); In Spite of Spatz (Elizabeth Elder); Chuck's Briefs (Chuck Bloomquist); Dawn Defeat; Clare-i-fying the Question (Moe Stavnezer); Double Speak (Rick Davidson);Venice 1914-1916: Part 5: Minorities and Racism (Mark McIntire); La Raza Proscita (Ricardo Flores Magon); Resolving the Energy Crisis (Jeff De Zellar); A Tribute to the Decadence of Cinema (Linda Burdick); Collage (John Kertis); Legacy of the Beats (Joan Friedberg); Simulators Simulate Strife; The Ballad of Reading Jail (Lynne Bronstein); Arts 'N' Crafts (Gershon Ulysses Gelernter); showbiz comes to venice (John P. Marsh); Dawn Defeat; Sacred or Profane? (Jimmie Catalina); Poetry: I Am Not A Joiner (Israel Halpern); you may believe the lick (Steven Evans); untitled (Lawrence Karp); Face (Cammie Groode); World (Cammie Groode); Love (Pauline F. Griffith); Photos (Charles Williamson); Community Events

June 1977 - Realtors Raise Rents - Renters Raise Hell (Carol Fondiller), Venice Town Council, Skyhorse/Mohawk Trial, Venice Deja-Vu (Arnold Springer), Turn On to Tea, An Alternative Desegregation School Plan (Robt. Wells), Ad council Sells Capitalism, Community Services, Short Stuff

June 1975 - Helistop (Peter Galbraith), Save the Venice Post Office (Dave Sauve), Letters, Hang On Whizzy, City vs. The Law (B.Trees), Witchcraft On Trial (Elizabeth Sunny Sky), Harpy Droppings (Carol Fondiller), Amtrak Blues (John Maybury), Police Move Against VTC (Ron Guenther), Community Services, Venice Tenant's Union (John Curtis and Phil Bell), Pot Luck-less, Waitress Fired for Hairy Legs

June 1969 - Free Venice from the Master Plan (John Haag); Canals Battle On (Jane Gordon); Venice Independents' Day; The Course of Human Events; Poem: Easy Come, Easy Go (G. Myrna Lissauer); Beachhead Poll; VSC Polices Open House (Carol Fondiller); Venice & The Master Plan (Rick Davidson), Community Law (Terri Volpin); Letter (Jean Edelen); Venice PFP Report (Steve Clare); The Peace Monger Says (Ed Luna); Venice Organizing Project