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Posted Dec. 2:

Beachhead #227 - December 1988 - 20th Anniversary issue (28 pages): "this paper is a poem" (front page poetry), Kendrick Kinney, Local Coastal Plan, Tenant Action Committee, Town Council supplement, The Town House, Crystal Balling, Several articles about the Beachhead

The Pat Russell Arc, or how a little paper defeated an 18-year councilmember:
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25 Years Ago in Venice

- Board of Supervisiors Drop Charges Against ACT UP, Stupid Media Tricks, Community Events, Snips and Snipes

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35 Years Ago in Venice

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40 Years Ago in Venice

On Guard, Our Free Box Is Gone, defense of our favorite bureaucracy, Drummers Case Dropped, Venice Town Council News, Citizens Change Planners Plan, In The Joint, Survival Manual Exposes Rape, The Speedy Kid's Diet, Who's Planning Your Future, China & The Free Box, Fondiller's Harpy Droppings, Farmworkers RAT E Wine, ain't science grand? Comics: Inflated Tales of Th' New Depression, California Journey Cake,
Mackerel Stew


45 Years Ago in Venice

Venice Raided; Peace & Freedom News; The Course of Human Events, Davidson Campaign - Two Views, Crud Conspiracy, Marge Buckley & Rick Davidson get married on the beach, Venice High Tudents Challenge Administration, Editorial: Create a Venice Community Congress

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January 2010
5 Years Ago in Venice

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Yikes, take a look at unequal income distribution in the United States.

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Big Beachhead Celebration
of the 400th Issue!

6pm Sunday, Feb. 1
Beyond Baroque (Old City Hall)

Come One! Come All!

January 2005
10 Years Ago in Venice


Historic Post Offices and Murals
in jeopardy around the country.

We Want Our
Post Office Back!

New court petition keeps our case alive. Read our Brief here. More information below.

POST OFFICE SELLS US OUT: Agrees to ONLY Six Days a Year for Public Access to our mural, "The Story of Venice," by noted artist Edward Biberman.


Now we know why it took a Freedom of Information filing to get a copy of the agreement between the USPS and Joel Silver, AKA Ag Media Properties, LLC.

**Read it and weep (see page 6)**

What's our next move, Venice?

Sacred Places (including our Post Office)

There are sacred places in the woods
first recognized by the Tongva people
and revered to this day.

And who would not stand in awe of a mountain spring
or a mighty rock thrusting towards heaven
amid the woodland silence, and the subtle sounds.

The sacred is where you find it.
Here in Venice, the hidden Redwoods,
Japanese gardens and impossible flowers.

And walking toward the center, the Circle,
there is a Temple on a rise of ground,
Inside is a space like the Greeks once knew.

In ancient times they looked up in awe at the mighty Apollo,
or the wise Athena, until their calm places 
were pulled down by Barbarians, blind to the sacred.

Inside our Post Office, the deified Abbot looks down
and watches us through the journeys of our lives
as we embrace the Sacred, or turn away.

And now we face the loss of our holy place
Where joy and sorry were carried in a letter
as the new Barbarians pull down our temple.

-Jim Smith