Sat - December 1, 2007


• From a Beachhead Founder - Bill Olive
• Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi - Terence Pearce
• The Lighted Way - Ron Lowe

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Who’s Stealing Venice Parking Spaces?

By Jim Smith

Who’s Stealing Venice Parking Spaces? It’s the city of Los Angeles, according to a complaint filed Nov. 27 by Venice resident Peggy Lee Kennedy with the California Coast Commission.

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Here come the thought police

By Ralph E. Shaffer and R. William Robinson

With overwhelming bipartisan support, Rep. Jane Harman’s "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act" passed the House 404-6 late last month and now rests in Sen. Joe Lieberman’s Homeland Security Committee. Swift Senate passage appears certain.

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The Greatest Generation? Not who you think

By Jim Smith

They stopped a war, ended racial segregation, set off an explosion of creativity in arts and music, and changed the world.

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The Free Venice Beachhead – 39 Years Later

Venice was right in the thick of things in the 60s. If there was a golden age here in Abbot Kinney’s day, there was certainly another golden age in Venice in the 60s. One might say it all started here in the 1950s with the Beat poets and artists. There was a direct link with them - through John and Anna Haag and many others - to the turmoil of the 60s. 

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Writers Put Down Their Pencils

By Carol Gronner

The whole country pretty much knows by now that the Writer’s Guild is on strike. To most of them, it just means all of a sudden there’s only repeats of Letterman on, and why do those fancy-pants rich writers need more money, just give us our shows back. But to the members of the Guild (and for those trying to be in the Guild, ahem), it really is about Respect.

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Thanksgiving Meals Served on Westminster

The Fruit Gallery, at 1 Westminster Avenue, organized a free dinner in the street next to Ocean Front Walk.

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Post Office Mural Dedication – 66 Years Later!

While Venetians have a reputation for lateness, the dedication, Nov. 15, of the mural in the post office lobby which was painted in 1941 must take the cake.

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Edward Biberman and the painting of the post office mural

By Suzanne W. Zada
After working and studying in Paris during the late twenties, Edward Biberman returned to the United States. The European critics had discovered him and it did not take long for the New York art writers to detect his skill and talent. Then he moved to California.

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Don’t Forget the Beachhead this Holiday Season!

It’s also the Beachhead’s 39th Birthday this month. And even though we’re getting up there in age, we still like to be surprised by presents from our beloved community.

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Poetry - page 8

• Close-out at the Army/Navy Store - Sherman Pearl
• Field of Play - Alan Rodman

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Thinking of Milton Bratton on Veterans Day

By Kitty Bratton

Today is Veterans Day and also my dad’s birthday. Milton Bratton would have been 84 today if only he had survived 1987.

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In Memory of
Hector M. Miranda
Vietnam Veteran
5/20/1947 - 11/15/2007

By Yolanda (Landi) Miranda

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Tallest Building in Venice

Plans for Venice’s tallest building are available for review. The 158 unit, 31-story, 366-foot high, mixed-use retail and condominium project at 4363 Lincoln, plans to use SB1818, a state law that gives density bonuses.

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Tony Scribella: The Venice Beat Poets – The Great River Outside the Mainstream

By Hillary Kaye

Tony Scibella was both poet and painter. Growing up working class, all he could see ahead was dead end jobs in conventional postwar America, and he wondered where his true path lay. Following clues he got from the freedom and creativity he saw in jazz clubs and in the paintings of abstract expressionist and working class hero Franz Kline, he found it as an artist.

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Poetry - page 9

• Elkgrove - Doug Eisenstark
• Save The Trees - Hillary Kaye
• Mr. Price has come to town - Jim Smith
• Will’s Crusade - Lily Tanner
• reflection- Rebecca M. Frey
• Mendocino Haiku - erica snowlake
• There is no sure protection from Poetry - John Thomas

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Are Cell Towers, Phones and Laptops Bad for Your Health?

By Stan Cox, AlterNet

In the wee hours of July 14, a 45-year-old Australian named John Patterson climbed into a tank and drove it through the streets of Sydney, knocking down six cell-phone towers and an electrical substation along the way. Patterson, a former telecommunications worker, reportedly had mapped out the locations of the towers, which he claimed were harming his health.

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Dolls for Tots

Eveline Popp, the Doll Lady of Venice, is conducting dollmaking workshops with children Sunday afternoons in Venice on Rose Avenue and the beach.

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