Astrological Cookery for September

By Judith Martin Straw

The forecast - This next month has a lot of emotion flowing, but Venus is in an unusual retrograde, so be aware of how it’s flowing for you- Maybe now is the perfect moment to write a love sonnet to an ocean, or pour out your anger in a poison pen letter to burn in a private ritual. Whatever emotion is calling you, return the call. You will get a surprisingly deep and satisfying response.

Aries - This is either the end of the chapter, or the end of the book. Only you will know how to tell. Perhaps this wasn’t the kind of reading you were in the mood for, anyway- what you pick up next will move you in a better direction.

Taurus - It’s not really your style, but giving yourself an actual break (day off, night out, that sort of thing) will be more helpful in getting you ahead than anything else you do.

Gemini - The pull of the material world may be getting to be stronger than gravity. Give yourself a chance to soak up a little spiritual refreshment, and you’ll benefit from a big change in perspective.

Cancer - It may feel as if you are surrounded, but there are ways to transcend. Some of these obnoxious barriers may turn into interesting lessons if you can see if from above, instead of inside.

Leo - Friends are helpful, and victory may be in sight. What ever challenges you’ve had to struggle with recently have reminded you that your winning charm is the way to get others to help you win. Thank you notes, congratulatory dinners, or just a big party are in order.

Virgo - A new job, an unexpected trip, or fresh friendly faces- something creative and unexpected is in the works, and it will change some of the things you have come to take for granted.

Libra - A big fresh breath of freedom. Now is the time to do something you have been looking forward to for a long time. Give yourself the green light, and take a chance.

Scorpio - The Universe is trying to be generous with you. Please take the time to notice these gifts and make it a point to accept them graciously. Handle this one right, and there’s lots more coming your way.

Sagittarius - It seems despite your many recent triumphs, strife and heartache are getting too much of your attention. Allow yourself to count your blessings, and let the sad feelings fade into the distance. You have too much good stuff going on to stay blue.

Capricorn - After what must feel like months of swimming through glue, there’s some easy forward motion in a major area. If it’s a career change or a new relationship, know that it’s time to watch those green shoots come into flower.

Aquarius - You can walk into the next month whistling. It’s a time of solid strength and easy advances. Just don’t let your idealism insist on perfection. Savor the moment, just as it is.

Pisces - There may be some major shake-ups in the works, just don’t let yourself get rattled. You may not land on your feet, but you will be able to pick yourself up again, and survey a new landscape. Whether it’s paradise or purgatory is your call.

Posted: Sat - September 1, 2007 at 06:13 AM