In Brief: Schwarzenegger Shows No Concern For the Homeless

Last week our movie-star governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has shown the power of his mean-spirited line-item veto on the California 2007-08 State Budget. It was a promise to his many Senate Republican allies to get the budget passed. Believe it or not, he has used his dictatorial authority to cut $55 million and thereby effectively destroy a highly acclaimed program called the “Integrated Services for Homeless Adults with Serious Mental Illness.”

Of course, he has generously given a $45 million tax break for people he can relate to--yacht and private plane owners.

Unfortunately, Arnold just can’t relate as well to people whom he has never met. These folks are the over 4500 homeless and mentally ill people who, up until now, were able to regularly receive psychiatric treatment, job counseling and permanent housing under this short-lived progressive program.

The Department of Mental Health is, understandably, outraged at this unconscionable cut. The program was one of their greatest success stories. Starting now, these defenseless people will lose everything.

–Karl Abrams

Posted: Sat - September 1, 2007 at 07:11 AM