Journey of the Ring

By Nancy McCulloch

I arrived in Venice in 1960 and found a three bedroom house on Rose Ave ($135/month), half a block from the beach.

Soon after, I met Stuart Perkoff and we became good friends. In the late 60s, I moved to the canals. Being a jeweler, I would show Stuart my latest creations. He fell in love with a ring band and I gave it to him. It was a torquoise ring with red matrixes (lines) running through it. From that point on he wore it.

One day he brought Philomene over and we connected immediately, sharing good times and wonderful conversations. I joined her Yoga class at Anita Alexander of the Temple of Man. Anita was a great teacher.

When Stuart got sick, while I was visiting him in the hospital, he said he needed me to make the ring smaller because he had lost too much weight. When I looked at it, the matrixes had turned to white. Not a good sign, but I fixed the ring and soon after, Stuart died. Philomene was with him and gave me a moment to moment experience of his passing, through our tears, as only she could.

Stuart gave the ring to Philomene. Within a month, the torquoise has turned green again and the matrices had gone from white to light green.

What incredible, magical, live energy our Philomene had.

Philomene’s son Patrick told me the ring has turned brown since she died.

We will miss her dearly. She wowed us. But I am comforted knowing she will be connecting with John and Stuart and Anita and Baza Alexander, and the list goes on and on.

Posted: Sat - September 1, 2007 at 02:53 PM