Thu - February 1, 2007

Big Changes Planned for Rose and Lincoln Center

The Beachhead was able to confirm a persistent rumor that Whole Foods Markets will be taking over the shopping center and opening a store at Rose Ave. and Lincoln Blvd. A company official said the store would be 47,317 sq. ft. in a new building. An opening date has been set, optimistically, for Spring 2008.

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The Mistake of the Union

By Jim Smith

Last month I gleefully reported on George Bush’s comeuppance at the hands of the “Adults,” the people, like James Baker, who really rule this country (A Very American Coup - Jan. 2007 Beachhead).

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In Brief

Arnold to Venice: “Never heard of it”

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not very popular with Venetians. We gave him only 26 percent of the vote in the gubernatorial election in November.

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City of L.A. compensates Playa Vista for destroying Gabrielino-Tongva burial site

By Kathy Knight and Judith Davies

The Los Angeles City Council, on Jan. 16, unanimously approved the use of $11.4 million of Mello Roos Bonds to be used to reimburse Playa Capital for destroying the largest Native American burial site in California.

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Invasion of the Home Snatchers - (A True Story of Horror)

By Glenn Taranto

I am the last tenant in my apartment complex. There’s no one else here… I miss the human interaction. There was laughter, singing… There had been children here once. I think there were children. I’m not sure anymore. I’ve lived here for fourteen years.

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By C.V. Beck

Tent City is still on hiatus due to winter.... we intend to resume when it is warmer. In the meantime, my focus will be on LINCOLN PLACE.

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A Friend Remembers Molly Ivins

Molly Ivins began writing her syndicated column for Creators Syndicate in 1992. Anthony Zurcher is a Creators Syndicate Editor in Austin, Texas, and he has been Molly’s editor and friend for many years.

By Anthony Zurcher

Goodbye, Molly I.

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The Neighborhood Council Review Commission Comes to Venice

By Jim Smith

I got to the hearing at Mark Twain Middle School early on the evening of Jan. 11 in hopes of getting a good seat. As it turned out the Neighborhood Council Review Commission played to a mostly empty house, even though it was the only westside hearing that will be held by the Commission. Absentees included every elected Board member of the Venice Neighborhood Council, and 90 percent of those who used to flock to its meetings and elections during the past few years.

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Venetians in the Street - sound off on Iraq

This month’s question from the Beachhead’s Rex Butters:
What do you think of the proposed “Troop Surge” for Iraq?

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First Look at the Torso

The proposed statue to be erected in the Venice Circle has aroused passions in Venice for several years, sight unseen. Now it can be seen at 4 Yawl Street, at the end of the Peninsula.

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See Jane Run

After several months and hundreds of requests, CodePink was again denied a meeting with their westside Congressional representative. In hopes of finally securing a meeting with Congressmember Jane Harman, hundreds of CodePink activities have set up a “bike-path block” (AKA: roadblock).

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CHOCOLATE=CACAO: The Revolution Will Be Eaten

By Erica Snowlake

Americans have an unfortunate history of being kept in the Dark - though in one unique arena we have intentionally been kept out of the Dark for way too long. Which Dark Realm are we Forbidden Now and how do we breakthrough to join in it’s healing and beneficial revolution?

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Walking the boardwalk - Leah Rose
Circles - Jerry Harrison
Dogstar - Hal Bogotch
listening to a recording - shanna
Violence Just Ain't Right - Kids at Inside Out
Untitled - D.T. Jenkins
Flower Girl - Lynette
Bushmandias - Percy Bysshe Shelley (tweaked by Jim Smith)

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Astrological Cookery

General Forecast for February 2007

By Judith Martin Straw

February has two kinds of ‘new year” celebrations- Chinese new Year on the 17th ushers in the year of the pig, a time of feasting and merriment.

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