By C.V. Beck

Tent City is once weekly, Saturdays, 10 to 5, southwest corner of California/Frederick Streets, in Venice,

That would be east of the Ross/Ralphs parking lot in what we have been calling the free speech area or Squirrel Square (currently squirrel-free all summer long). Maybe we should start calling it Crows Corner instead? Anyway, we have snax and chat all day long about various and sundry.

On Sunday, August 5, the Lincoln Place Tenants Association will be having our 20th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION at Penmar Park Recreation Center, childcare room, potluck starting from 9:30 am til 11. BIRTHDAY PARTY FROM 11 TIL NOON! .Hope to see you there. (B there or B square, right?)

It's pretty quiet here at Lincoln Place this summer. In the case of Marlin v. AIMCO, the judge has reversed and the Marlins have won. We will not be returning to court in Malibu (Civic Center Way off of Cross Creek, Judge Sarmiento's courtroom W) until after the Labor Day weekend, that would be a status conference only --with an anticipated trial date to be set for sometime in November, 2007 (probably) in the CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) matter.

Well, it was quiet but now there are SCEP inspections for the remaining residents of Lincoln Place and we are in the midst of this event as I speak. More coinkidinks?

Posted: Wed - August 1, 2007 at 10:38 AM