• Venice Boot - John H.
• Beachhead Concert - Gonzalo Santos
• Good-bye Mona - Dewey
• Thanks - from the Collective

Venice Boot

Dear Beachhead

Just found you through the Beachhead newspaper. It's better than I could have hoped for. Now... I don't mean to sound facetious, honestly, but I wonder about the possibility of a discussion about where those of us who are getting the Venice Boot will go? I've been a tenant for over 4 years. I found affordable rent in Oakwood but now the pressure is on and we're anticipating a renovation eviction in the next few months. So as much as I'd like to stay and be a part of the fight for affordable housing and perhaps even Venice cityhood- it's too late for me! But where are people going? I was evicted out of Silverlake five years ago for the same reasons- the landlord wanted to maximize his profit and there was nothing except a few lies and a $2000 relocation fee to stop him from doing it. I can't go back to Silverlake. And I won't go back to Hollywood or N. Hollywood. I hate to leave Venice, but as long as I have to, it would be nice to recognize a few faces when I get there. Any ideas? Long Beach? Torrance? San Pedro? Is there a vibe starting up anywhere? Is affordable housing just OVER?

(Well now I am being a little facetious, but... ) What about getting a bunch of artists and musicians and various Bohemians together and incorporating as an art squad urban blight hit team. We get some Venture Capital to buy up about a block of old factory/storefront, then we move in and do our thing for about 4 years, and when the retailers come clambering for our space and the yuppies (no offense, but you know who I mean) come looking to rent, we sell it off, split the dough and move on to the next art colony challenged part of LA. Sound like a plan? Right- Know any Venture Capitalists? I got all the artists we'll need.



Beachhead Concert

Dear Beachhead,

The July 19 Benefit Concert was truly beautiful in conception, collective execution, and artistic delivery! (& successful, too!) Congratulations to the “People of the Beachhead.”

Gonzalo Santos

Good-bye Mona

Dear Beachhead,

I’m an old time resident of Venice. Man is it good to have you back in action. I’m writing you to let you know that an old school gal from Venice has passed away. Her name was Mona P. She would have liked to remain anonymous. The disease of addiction has taken her life, and my heart is broken. I loved her but not the disease. Good-bye Mona. You are in your maker’s hands now and I know you are at ease, babe.



From the Beachhead Collective:

Thank you Reverend Ziegert of the Venice United Methodist Church for the use of the church and grounds for our Beachhead benefit concert. It was a grand success.

A Big Chee Wah Wah for the reverend from the Beachhead Collective.

Posted: Thu - August 1, 2002 at 05:50 PM