• TO AMERIKKKA - Tola Truth (aka Sherry Y. Chovan)
• CRYING WITH MY GUN - Sherry Y. Chovan


Sometimes I wish that I didn't know how to write
that I didn't want to make every wrong right
that I could run off into the blackness of rhe night
that I didn't see the lies in their eyes as I walked the street
that I didn't stay up all night to plot and scheme against a power I know has more ammo than me
and I don't have a military
and the thought of you destroying me isn't that scary
because my pain is real
my truth gives me the the will to move ahead
the proof that you can't touch a knot on the top of my nappy head
even if I am alone now looking like the last of my tribe
that's just for tonite I might be small but I know how to fight
so even if I stand here appearing to be the last with no gun just a knife that really is a pen
because after this book is closed it will be opened again
to ignite a fire in my people
there is no lie I won't see through
and no line I won't write to uprise my people
together a mighty force one day WE WILL DEFEAT YOU
and if I'm not alive this will be left here
holding up the beam of light forever these words will fight
for me and my people

Tola Truth
(aka Sherry Y. Chovan)



Sometimes I feel inadaqute.Sometimes I feel strong.Sometimes I feel all alone. What happened to the fine strong male.What happened to the kind gentle female.Why is everything beautiful really ugly.Why is everything ugly really beautiful.Every 6 a 9.Every quater a dime.If only every song was a hyme.Every poem had a rhyme.Every man was kind.I'd fell just fine.Not confined in my own mind.Traped in another time.Feeling all the worlds suffering inside of me.Crying everyday even when showing a smiling face.Because I know today 20 women where raped.Some of my brothers will be gunned down and killed.Imprisoned for speacking against the oppressors will.Turned away from treatment even though seriously ill.Mothers are struggling.Babies are suffering.And I'm crying 'cause many are dying without ever having the chance to live.And I don't want to be sad.But some families tonite will get there dinner from the trash.And no one seems to care that welfare is never enough cash.And some will say young one it's your dad that made you mad.But I never was a princess.Just a wretched black girl in pretty dress.

Sherry Y. Chovan, wretched #300,490,620,000


Posted: Thu - August 1, 2002 at 05:47 PM