Sun - July 1, 2007

THE CITY OF VENICE: Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Los Angeles

By Jim Smith

On July 4, people across the country remember and celebrate those heady days of the late 18th Century when our rich white men with wigs defeated the despotic rich white men with wigs in England. Plantation owners, shipping company magnates and crooked land surveyors in the colonies believed that they should be allowed to run their own affairs, and not be ruled from afar.

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In Brief:

A Plan for Lincoln Blvd.
• Tsunamis trump High Water
• Hope for Venice Bus Riders
• How much will it take for you to sell out your community?

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Report from the (Ocean) Front: CHANGE IS ON THE WAY

By Della Franco

The change is coming. That is for sure. Is it all good? For the City, probably. For some artists on the Front, maybe. For the activists who are trying to save the Free Speech Zone they helped create, definitely NOT. So here is what has been going on. In a nutshell, or should I say, a bombshell.

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One-Way Streets Get a Hearing

By C.V. Beck

On June 20, there was a hearing at Penmar Park Gym in the matter of one way streets being proposed for eastbound on Olympic and westbound on Pico Boulevards. This hearing was presented by the Westside Democratic Club and sparsely attended with about 30 persons in attendance. Len Nguyen was present from the councilman's office and Allyn Rifkin, Transportation Planner/ Engineer presented the concepts which seemed to me like a good idea except for the “contraflow lane proposals”, which I felt were sort of tricky.

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One More Report Card

Last month the Beachhead collected report cards on Councilmember Bill Rosendahl and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa from readers. Bill got an aggerate grade of B+, while Antonio only got D+.

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Venice Unchained

By Dawn Hollier and Melissa Bechtel

There is a more vibrant and visible street scene on Abbot Kinney than ever before, and increased parking coming soon. Unfortunately, these conditions are ideal for the chains to pounce. The first chain store on Abbot Kinney is already open. Pinkberry’s backlit corporate logo and scripted service are already poisoning the street's authentic look and feel. Left unchecked, the chains will also hurt the community by squeezing out small businesses, exporting profits, and killing the neighborhood’s identity. We believe that the fun and funky nature of our community is worth saving. Will you help us?

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By C.V. Beck

Tent City is taking place weekly, on Saturdays, from 10 to 5 pm, located at the southeast corner of California/Frederick Streets, to the rear of Ralphs and the Ross stores parking lot.

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A Soldier's Lament

By Don Geagan

As an former solider I know that nothing is more important to military success than the moral and cohesiveness of our fighting forces. From the company level, to the brigade, to the division, this "esprit-de-corps" is the very glue that holds the military together and determines victory or defeat.

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Venetians in the Street

This month’s question from the Beachhead:

Is Venice better off as part of L.A., or would it be better off independent?

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New City Statue in the Circle Sparks Controversy

After more than two years of dispute over a statue, created by Robert Graham, bought by Roy Doumani, and donated to the city, it has been planted in the Venice traffic circle.

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A warning to all ye throughout the domain of Venice

- The Wrath of Sir Robert G. -

It was on the second day of the celebration of the summer solstice that we peasants and craftspeople gathered at the place that we in the shire of Venice call the Circle.

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By Margot Pepper

The cities of Berkeley and Oakland have adopted immigrant sanctuary measures disallowing the use of city funds and staff time in aiding Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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• the breeze - By Rex Butters
• CONSIDERING GRACE - By John David West
• Still Near - By Hillary Kaye
• IN LIEU - Hal Bogotch
• Requiem for Stuart Perkoff - Philomene Long

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Venice Fest

The band Venice performed at Venice Fest on June 24 at Windward Plaza. Venice is made up of cousins Pat Lennon, Kip Lennon, Mark Lennon, Michael Lennon and some others not named Lennon.

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Astrological Cookery

• General Forecast for July
• Cancer in the kitchen - Home is where the Crab is.

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THEY’RE HERE! Interview with a Verifiable UFO Lady

Don't Drive Any Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly!
- sign on Linda Lu's front gate

by Erica Snowlake

This past little while's gone supernova. Has it for you?

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