Fri - July 1, 2005


By Marizsa Bravo-Casillas

Who is the most significant person in Venice History, you ask? This question is easy for me to answer. It would be my Great-Great Grandmother Secundina Roman Villa (my Nana), my Great-Grandmother Guadalupe Francisca Villa, and my Grandmother Irene Vasquez. The reason is simple, because they are the only women who are able to share the truth about how it was to live in Venice as Mexican women. A story that I can connect with.

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Those Wacky Venetians

By Jim Smith

The headline on the June 24 Los Angeles Times article (Venice Turns 100, but Not Without a Fight) should have been “Those Wacky Venetians are at it again!”

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Immigration or Integration

By John Davis

Language is holy. It conveys the stories of who we are and what we believe. Words hold longer than empires. They cross absorb and bind cultures. So what is an immigrant? Or is “Integrant” a better word.

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Venice Changed my Life

By Moe Stavnezer

On Venice’s 100th birthday I am responding to the Beachhead’s call for reminiscences about the community. It’s been 30+ years since I met Venice and my never good memory has not improved. I tend to remember the good stuff so this may seem a bit romanticized. But, what the hell, a little romance never hurt anyone.

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When Venice stopped a (police) riot by stopping a parade

By Carol Fondiller

The Establishment Parade vs. the “People’s Parade” but first, background. Background is all. I remember the parade that didn’t happen in Venice.

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Venice and the next 100 years

By Pano Douvos

The Golden Age of Venice for me was the late 60’s and through most of the 70’s. The highlight was the glorious Venice Canals Festival. The free-wheeling “open house” celebration captured the spirit of that special time. It epitomized the arts ferment and the counter-culture activism. Jim Morrison and the “Doors” set the tone playing on the boardwalk at the Cheetah, a large hall with a dramatic 20-30 foot high wine-colored curtain.

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from the Beachhead Archives: A TRIP THROUGH OAKWOOD

By Beth Miller
(exerted from Beachhead of July, 1988)

Last December I was put in touch with Regina Hyman by a long-time Venice resident and friend who inspired me to move here a couple of years ago. I wanted to get to know all parts of the community, the way I once knew Berkeley.

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celebrating Venice’s 100th Anniversary, 1905-2005, by Maryjane

Reviewed by Emily Winters

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• On Returning to Venice - Stuart Z. Perkoff
• From My Mouth (from a notebook, found in an alley) - Anonymous
• Clan Of Darkness - Validus Veritas
• Stripes - Hal Bogotch
• Here (for Venice) - Pam Emerson
• Reply to the California Coastal Commission Staff Report on #8 Brooks, Venice - Michel Evelyn

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High Noon at Lincoln Place

By Sheila Bernard

Landlord AIMCO is only accepting rent for the first 18 days in July, which means that come July 19th, AIMCO will file unlawful detainers against about 120 households. Those who will not get unlawful detainers are seniors and some disabled residents whom AIMCO acknowledges to be entitled to one year, rather than the usual 120 days.

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In Brief...

• The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners has approved rules for a Sept. 10-11 election. Venice Progressives say the rules discriminate against the homebound and allow candidates to help write the procedures.

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Cinema with Soul – Helping Human Evolution

By Theresa Hulme

The Institute for Spiritual Entertainment recently held an awards festival honoring supporters who have lead the group now recognized as a major presence in modern cinema. “Spiritual Cinema” is the best description of a film genre that promises to grace us with goodness in the decades to come.

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Good Bye to my favorite Hardware store

By C. V. Beck

As an apparent hardware groupie, I developed my list of favorites. In this order, Gerald's, B&B and Busy Bee and also the late, lamented and much missed Armstrong's, West LA, gone about 10 years now.

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