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Los Angeles, a besieged place with long, short, medium, multi-colored rats racing anytime-or-where, but especially when you’re out there, trying to cross the street.

Pretending the heavy trucks, bursting your ears open, roaring by alongside the rows of polluting robots, are not armored war tanks, the miles and miles of freeways just employed as temporary stopgaps are not really isolating us in this war city, each from the other to make General Motors and the oil and gas monopolies rich in the preparation for coming nuclear war!

-Jennie Katz


I don’t have too much money right now, but I figure I could help out with this small sum. If 100 people each have $5.00, you’d have the $500.00 for the printing bill. I want to be able to say that I contribute to free speech, the drive for peace, and the only real advocacy journalism (except for the S.M. Mirror) in L.A.

-Lynne Bronstein



The entire media, including the Internet, insists on convincing the American people that the attack on Iraq is necessary and must be fulfilled, because of the "evil plans of Sadam Hussein, a monster who wants to destroy the earth."   

More than 150 countries and more than five billion people around the world know that this is a blatant lie and reject this aggression. The members of the UN, like "Pilatus," wash their dirty hands, knowing that if they show any opposition, their respective governments which they represent will lose the economic aid from the USA and they will lose their luxuries, limousine service and diplomatic privileges in Washington.  

The real issue here is that the aggression toward Iraq and the ousting of Hussein, will restore the credibility to the Republican Supreme Court, showing to the Nation that they made the correct decision in the Florida Am-Bush election.

It is incredible how people lie and make up stories only to satisfy their greed and egos. Now the helpless people Iraq, who look up daily to the skies waiting for God to help their misery, will receive bombs instead, to add up to their disgrace.

I want to ask the Republicans: Would you be happy to kill or maim thousands of innocent human lives, in exchange for thousands of votes which will guarantee another term for the Bush-Cheney partnership? Why not, instead of bombs, we HELP them and each time they look up to the skies they see that USA and England are dropping food and medicines??? That way the people of Iraq will get rid of Hussein by themselves and the Bush-Cheney Family could continue in power for another term. Unluckily my peaceful ideas do not work with the interests of the arrogant and inhumane leaders of the world, who consider that oil, money, ego, greed and power…not human lives…are the main and only priority.

-Jose Crow Rodriguez


We get letters –
The Anti-War Poster Exhibit

A recent letter informs of the presence of an exhibit at Bergamont Station. The exhibit title is The Anti-War Show - The Price of Intervention from Korea to Iraq. We encourage you to attend.
If for no other reason than our letter states --As citizens, we are ultimately responsible for the actions that are taken by the Government in our name.
Does this say it all, or not? Anyway, while you mull that one over we refer you to Mary Sutton at 323-653-4662 or email: <cspg@politicalgraphics.org>. Or check out the Beachheads’ calendar section - for exhibit time and specific accessory goody details.

Posted: Wed - January 1, 2003 at 08:58 PM