Sun - May 1, 2005

Beachhead urges votes for Villaraigosa and Rosendahl on May 17

Villaraigosa for Mayor
We shouldn’t have to spend time and money for a runoff election on May 17. The city of San Francisco has wisely converted to Instant Runoff Voting to ensure that the wishes of the majority are reflected in just one election, not two.

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Mystery at Venice Skills Center

By Majorie Hinds
Is the principal of Venice Skills Center, Dr. Fred Hermosillo, honoring a gag rule imposed by LAUSD?

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City Agency Rejects Decertification of Venice Neighborhood Council; Calls for New Election

By Jim Smith
During April, it became clear that the Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council (GRVNC) is not DONE. Instead, some of the major critics of GRVNC got BONC-ed when they least expected it.

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Statue of Imitation

By Carol Fondiller
It must have been a slow news day for the L.A. Times on Saturday, April 16th, when it ran one of it's boiler plate "oh those Wacky Venetians" stories on the front page. Below the fold, but definitely on the Front Page.

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A Little Bit of Amsterdam…For Now

By Bram Toker
“The other day, a headline in the L.A. Times caught my eye. ‘City to Limit Pot Clubs.’” said my recent acquaintance, “I didn’t even know there were any in SoCal! I thought only those lucky folks up north were civilized enough to have them. I read further into the article—no phone number, no address for any pot club.

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The Decline and Fall of Venice

By Ed Gibbon
Poor Venice, so far from the Goddess, so close to Los Angeles.
One hundred years ago Venice was built on wetlands with drug money. It’s been downhill ever since.

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Out of the Litter Box

By Ali Katz
This cat is not a happy cat. It seems the rip out the amenities crusade is going full tilt Boogy in Venice, what with doing away with benches pay phones etc.

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• Four eyes meet - Swami X
• Rumor - Gerard Kuc
• RISE Up Through The Storm - Johnny Papp

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GRVNC Bashing Built on a House of Cards

By John Davis
On April 5th a meeting of the Los Angeles Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (BONC) considered the fate of the Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council.

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Schwarzenegger “girly-mans” under pension attack

By Marjorie Hinds
Bashing teachers and nurses is now well within the confines of acceptable political conduct. Schwarzenegger will, however, have to pay the piper for mixing it up with police and firefighters.

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A Warm & Fuzzy Mothers Day

By Theresa Hulme
The U.S. Supreme Court presently hinges threadlike in a delicate balance of right, middle and barely left. Of the 9 justices on the bench today, 4 are over 70 years old. 2 are over 80. When one or more of these justices retires within the next four years, the already conservative majority that sometimes swings, will most definitely swing to the ultra- conservative right with a Bush appointee.

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